Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tokyo Part 3

Part 3 of my Tokyo trip has significantly less selfshots coz Cheesie left already and I didn't have a mate to be ultra vain with me. Nonetheless, there are ultra cute puppies so you should read on! Who am I kidding, my content is so good you'd probably read this twice anyway LOL

Here's Mike posing with a Dr Pepper can, his favourite drink. That's something I cannot understand coz it tastes like cough syrup.

He's happy coz it's hard to find Dr. P in Singapore!

As you can see it is full out raining that day, which explains my face:

Yes that's my NABEHCHEEBYE t-shirt. Love it!! LOL

Here's, erm, "our" brolly.

Ok fine we stole it. No lah coz I realised that all the apartments in the building had umbrellas hanging outside their units. The unit below ours had two umbrellas and both are SUPER RUSTY AND DUSTY, which made me presume there is either no one living there or the owners have better umbrellas inside.

So I borrowed it with full intention of returning (we had to walk to the train station in the rain otherwise). Erm but Mike accidentally left it in Daiso so I guess we stole it. :P

We walked around in Harajuku...

Lunch was pasta in mentaiko sauce! It was ok only... Japanese pasta not my favourite thing.

After that we went to Takashimaya to look at crazy expensive fruits...

Giant oranges bigger than my boobs!

All the fruits there look so... plump, well groomed and pristine.

Bunches of grapes so fat and juicy you can't see any stalks in between each grape.

The one on the top left costs about 4,000 yen = $62 SGD = $49 USD

Even their garlic look so damn pretty.

What is this freaky fruit?? Seems to be popular over there. 
The buggers pricked me!!

I'm officially a moron when it comes to touching pricky things. I got pricked by a hedgehog and numerous cactuses and yet I still went to touch this stupid fruit. It is really needle sharp!

Bakery with pink baby crossiants. Trust the Japanese to do everything cuter, more delicious, and better. And more expensive too.

They also had chocolate crossiants in brown and Matcha crossiants in green!

Mike insisted I snap a photo of this sign coz it's funny. Translation of the words anyone?

Walking along Shinjuku

Baby-sized ciggies in vending machines. Even has a pink one!! They have no laws against kids buying cigarettes?

Sorry I must add this: Don't start smoking coz it'd make you ugly. That's all.

Took this picture for Gillian coz she likes alpacas! That's if she even reads my blog anymore boohoohoo I'm very insecure of her love for me nowadays wtf.

I didn't try to catch coz I really, really suck at claw machines!

Ming treated us to freaking FREE FLOW SUKIYAKI:

Just look at the gorgeous marbled beef yummiest shitz in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And very expensive :X

The soup was so thick!! Om nom nom

The beef just kept coming and coming until we were about to die of ... methane poisoning or something.

Did I already mention that the Japanese are freaking geniuses?? Everytime I see an awesome idea from them I get more and more convinced that the rest of us are cavemen.

Here's one of their brilliant inventions. A toilet bowl with a tap on top of it. And this is in the apartment we thieved stayed at.

At first I thought nothing of it, thinking it's just some OCD Japanese who put a tap on top of the toilet bowl flushing system. But then I realised that the tap only flows water whenever I flush, and it automatically does that.

You know how flushes work right? If you lift up the lid of the flush tank, you'd see that inside the tank there is a pipe which supplies water to refill the tank whenever you flush it.

So instead of having an internal flush, the japanese built the pipe externally!! As a tap! So you can wash your hands after doing your business!!

Since the lid of the tank has a hole to flow the used water back into the tank, NO EXTRA WATER IS WASTED.

(I presume this water is clean which is why your shower's flow gets less when you flush and shower at the same time)

Freaking clever! Imagine the amount of water saved if this is built everywhere!!

Ok this is not ingenious but our bathtub was super small and deep. LOL

Japanese graffiti.

It was our last day and Mike really wanted to go to the *AHEM* National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation -_- so we forsaked the rest who were going to DisneySea.

But first, lunch. Once again at Harajuku. Since I was not going to DisneySea for him, he agreed to patiently wait as I went into the Tamagotchi shop:

Cute to the max and sells doughnuts!

Succumbed and spent $80 on a colour screen tamagotchi!! I LOVE IT!!!

Even though I couldn't read Japanese it was easy enough to guess and my tama accompanied me back home on my flight :)

But after getting almost all of the characters I got bored of it. Still, fun!

Goggie on the street. With a heart on its back.

And another heart on the side of its ass. Surprisingly enough owned by a guy in his 40s.

Walked into a shop and had ramen again.

So delicious it breaks my heart I can't get it here. And this is just some random shop!!

Took a picture of our subway adventure in case we got lost. Mike performed admirably and got us there, but going back was another story.

Beautiful ferris wheel. The weather was nice that day too!

This was a little way from town so it was more spaced out. 
A lot of museums around too so there were many futuristic things to see!

First thing I could relate to in the museum: Cup noodles...

... That are shrinking in space pressure.

If you want to sound smart, just quote the above passage. 

No one will doubt you, coz everyone would have fallen asleep.

Look at how happy he is with some sciency nonsense behind him.

Entire ginormous globe covered in LCD screens? 
And they show animated clouds etc too so it really looks like a real globe.

Mike really likes Buzz Aldrin. 

He (Buzz not Mike) appeared on 30 Rock as a guest star wtf. 
I didn't know astronauts do TV shows.

Askimo or whatever its name is. So it can run and kick a ball. I don't care!! 

I could have been in Mermaid Lagoon in Disneysea!!! #Mikeowesmeone

He wanted to go to the Toyota Museum and that was the last straw for me (really? CARS??? At least space was somehow mystically beautiful) so I went to wait for him at Mcdees.

Japanese Iced Lemon Tee has NO LEMON AND NO SUGAR. Must add yourself!

After this we tried to walk through a mall as a shortcut back to the subway station but failed. The walk back took like 45 minutes. I was sooooooo pissed off and grumpy. FUCK WALKING LONG DISTANCES!

BUT!!! The mall had a pet shop!!!!!!!!!

I SWEAR I ALMOST DIED WHEN I WENT IN. Their puppies are all PERFECTLY CUTE and it was so clean it smelled like PINE.

I've never seen another pet shop even close to rivalling this crazy standard:

Check it out even the pup's asshole is so clean.

Puppies flopping around in fluff... They all cannot be more than 3 months old.

One of the customers' dog.

Ridiculous. Like a freaking cartoon

It is so small it can fit into your two palms together.

O hai! We don't pee or shit or drool or bark. Just look at you with doe eyes.

This puppy barely longer than your palm

Ok that's the last of the puppy pics.

I saw one of the puppies pooped and within seconds it was cleaned and the assistant even wiped its asshole with a wet wipe!!

Mike and I were wondering why all the puppies look so freaking perfect. He said jokingly that maybe they drown all the uncute ones. But seriously - where do all the uncute ones go to?

The whole place only had super tiny and fluffy and bouncy pups. No ugly ones and no old ones! Who buys the old puppies in perfectionist Japan? Food for thought.

Just a girl we saw on the streets

Ming Elaine and Maylene before our CRAB DINNER!!

Mike and I

Oh yeah by crab dinner I mean...








It's damn yummy especially the crab porridge (last pic)!

I feared crab dessert too but dessert was just normal stuff.

Anyway... Ming invited his Japanese friends to dine with us and surprisingly enough all of us Singaporeans ordered Sorbet.

His 3 Japanese friends ordered two sweet potato desserts (the yellow and purple cubes) and one ordered mochi.

When dessert arrived, I looked at their dessert and just jokingly said "Wow yours looks so good I wish I didn't order sorbet now!!" Erm just to make conversation.

But to my utter embarrassment the Japanese peeps all shoved their desserts to me and REFUSED TO TAKE BACK!!! I asked them three four times and they said "Have it! It's ok!" And they never order new dessert for themselves somemore. Mad paiseh!!!!!!!!

I guess their culture is just that they are SUPER polite???? Most Singaporeans will just say "U wanna try mine?" and that's it, right??

So that's how I robbed their dessert and had 3 in front of me. :(

Back to the airport -

Samantha Thavasa sells the freaking nicest things and guess what? A new Samantha Thavasa outlet is gonna open in Singapore soon!! Exciting :D

Erm this is me at the airport taking a picture with the Narita mascot, Kutan.

I know I look ridiculous with the usagi leopard headband and the furry strawberry jacket.

And the giant My Melody bag containing newly bought stuffed toys.

But I was in Tokyo!! People dress like that in Tokyo all the time and nobody bats an eyelid!

But once I entered Narita Airport it was like a different world - EVERYONE STARED. It got so ridiculous that I went into a toilet and an angmoh lady said loudly to her friend "Oh she's so cute!!" and made a "so tiny!" gesture with her hands. -_- Like I was... some toy.

Mike said he was embarrassed to be seen with me coz he said everyone will think he's a paedophile.

Got TWO three-row seats all to ourselves on the way back. Awesome flight!

And there, buckled, is my new favourite stuffed toy FlopCheeks. :D

Isn't she the cutest?