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2010 in a nutshell

Got a new DSLR camera and a ring light , which every other female blogger is using now too. Gave Pumpkin away . Had my biggest advertorial client of a total of 7 posts from Essential . Got married . Wedding day Went to London , where I watched Wicked and ate at a 1 Michelin Star restaurant . Removed my tongue stud. Did plastic surgery on my eye s - made no difference so I started wearing eyelid tape. Newly cut eyes Gave a presentation to over 300 people in the Canon Symposium . Went to Bintan for Gillian's birthday . Flew to Dallas, Texas in May , and in December again where I blew up fireworks for the first time. When to Kuala Lumpur in May for a press conference, and again in August for a shopping advert . With my favourite KL girls Cheesie and Audrey Got on Shin min , Cleo , Style Weddings etc. Nanolove passed away . Started to be a skincare freak. Started on invisalign to get straight teeth. Wearing my aligners for the first time Went to Tokyo where I had

Santa baby

It's kinda difficult to blog over here in Dallas with my super laggy old laptop... Each step of photoshopping takes a few seconds! So I'm gonna just do a patronizing entry with one camwhoring shot done in the car: On Xmas day it's gonna be -2 degree Celsius! But with no chance of snow. Oh well! Still, over here in USA got a lot of Xmas ambiance!! Hope you guys have a M e r r y C h r i s t m a s with your family and friends! Except for haters. Hope haters all choke on a turkey bone. Tata~~

Female blogger dilemma

If you are anonymous - you must be a fat ugly loser in real life. If you show your identity and you look ugly - You should do plastic surgery. If you show your identity and you already did plastic surgery - you are fake and disgusting. If you are au-natural and pretty - you are still fake coz you put make-up, or must photoshop your pictures. If you are pretty and don't put make up - it's because you don't know how. Also, you look boring and pale. If you are pretty and put make up - you are superficial, insecure and shallow. Go save a whale. If you get popular - you are a famewhore. If you don't get popular - you are a nobody. If you get popular and earn money from being popular - you are a sell-out. If you get popular but don't earn money - you are stupid, and also, who you think you are, so bloody high and mighty? If you are single and not dating - something's wrong with you. If you are single and dating - you are a slut. If you are atta

Another way of curling your hair

Ok I just impromptu-ly did a shittyass hair tutorial. For the first time since like a year ago, I'm using a less-than-semi-pro camera's photos on this blog wtf. That's coz it is super difficult to snap photos of yourself doing your own hair!! Especially at 2am. So I had to use my shit webcam!! Ok lah better than nothing right? Anyway, by the end of this entry you'd learn how to (attempt to) get hair curls like these: Toldya my webcam's quality is shit. Anyway in case you are thinking - the answer is so easy... Just tong lah! You are wrong!! Tonging gives THIS effect and not the gentle wavy curls like the above photo. Ok a little back story about how this entry came about. Some time ago I received an email on my blackberry from this girl who was urging me to tell her how I did curls in some photos she attached. I sighed and thought it was all the photos with tonged hair (which are a lot more common on this blog that the aforementioned style), thereby r

You famous meh?

Just a scattering of random thoughts I've been having... Mostly I wanna push the ah beng entry down coz the first pic in that post is mad fugly. So. I went to this event where I was invited as a... star. Aka a celebrity. Digressing before I hit the issue I wanna talk about, I'd never call myself a celebrity/star/ming xing etc, ok? Except maybe in a joking manner. Just hearing it makes me cringe. Maybe because I'm not known in the traditional ways like being a singer or an actress, so even if I'm famous I'm a writer, and writers never call themselves celebrities. Plus I'm not trying to be humble, it is true that whilst I get some recognition from the public here and there, there are still shitloads of people who don't know me - and if you ownself call yourself famous and people go like "Who are you again?" it's wildly embarrassing. But I won't deny that I get recognised in Singapore almost everytime I go out, and I even got recognis

Kua simi lan jiao???

Ok the title is horribly vulgar if you can understand it and this is because I'm blogging about the gang issue in Singapore recently!! (Although it's kinda a little over already) So foreigners will probably not understand this colloquial entry. For those of you who don't know yet, Singapore, typically a very safe country, have had a couple of slashings lately. There was a fatality. And embarrassingly enough, it's done by teenaged gangsters, aka "Ah Bengs" . And they look like that: Random image I found via google images FTLs if they grew up already and stopped being Bengs. I can't believe gangs are making a comeback. I remember back in like 1997 or something when it was popular to be an Ah lian or Ah beng with our bleached Wella creme hair ($5.90 or something from Guardian, cheapest hair bleach ever and got 6% or 9% - gives you a tamarin monkey orange like the dude above), MCM bags, pointy combs, neon shirts, giordano yellow windbreakers, cross-ba