Another way of curling your hair

Ok I just impromptu-ly did a shittyass hair tutorial. For the first time since like a year ago, I'm using a less-than-semi-pro camera's photos on this blog wtf.

That's coz it is super difficult to snap photos of yourself doing your own hair!! Especially at 2am. So I had to use my shit webcam!!

Ok lah better than nothing right?

Anyway, by the end of this entry you'd learn how to (attempt to) get hair curls like these:

Toldya my webcam's quality is shit.

Anyway in case you are thinking - the answer is so easy... Just tong lah! You are wrong!! Tonging gives THIS effect and not the gentle wavy curls like the above photo.

Ok a little back story about how this entry came about.

Some time ago I received an email on my blackberry from this girl who was urging me to tell her how I did curls in some photos she attached. I sighed and thought it was all the photos with tonged hair (which are a lot more common on this blog that the aforementioned style), thereby rendering her question rather stupid. But to my surprise she actually attached like 5 or 6 pictures all taken from different blog entries with these gentle waves. She even said she tried tonging and it doesn't give her that effect!

I'm just trying to establish that the poor girl REALLY REALLY wanted to know. Plus she did her homework before asking and is not just some lazy fuck.

I blogged about how I curled my hair using this method before but as I went to find the 2003 entry I realised that it's so freaking old that it was from the era where I uploaded blog photos onto some website that actually shut down already. So with no pictures the entry didn't make sense at all.

And it's too long and too hard to explain everything again so I didn't reply her. I felt quite bad.

Afterwards, my new Guide to Life video came out and it's the Invisalign one!

Just so coincidentally my hair was curled like the girl was asking about. And surprisingly enough I look chio in that video! Well chioer than usual anyway!!

And people were saying my hair is pretty!!

So I thought I'd blog about it!!

So long my back story. Here goes:

Oh first you need two comfy scrunchies sorry forgot to say. This cannot be substituted with rubber bands or clips.

1) Wash hair and let hair completely dry. This is important, it has to be COMPLETELY dry!! I don't know why but if it's damp it'd turn out super frizzy.

2) Apply your haircare products if u use them ie lotions or serums etc. No need for gel or spray.

3) Comb through hair to remove tangles.

4) Part hair into two equal parts.

5) Holding up one part of hair like you wanna tie a really high ponytail (it has to be high or the top will be flat, very ugly one), twist the hair. Twist it super duper tight and don't let go.

If your hair has kinks in it while you are twisting remember to use your fingers to comb through.

Since I'm right-handed I like to twist anti-clockwise.

Yes I know the roots and what looks like bald spots look terrible but it's just coz I didn't comb from the roots properly lah. It's not extensions.

6) If you keep twisting tight your hair should try to curl up into a bun like that. Let it do that and keep twisting, keeping that bun flat on your head.

7) After one loop it is no longer convenient to twist with the same hand so switch the hair to the other hand, loop it around, and continue twisting. I sound really confusing wtf... Anyway just twist and twist it lah!

8) My hair is long so I twist it to about 4 "levels" like this.

When you reach your hair ends, really to keep twisting and fingercombing tangles. Tuck the hair ends in under the lowest twist, but make sure it's tucked in smoothly.

9) Holding it securely, tie your scrunchie around the whole bun:

Like this!! It doesn't have to be super tight but needs to be secure at least. And apparently if you couldn't care less like me, the scrunchies don't even have to be the same color HAHAHA!

(Sidenote: Mystery explained - why Mike's love letter for me describes my hair as being in two tight balls)

Now with the scrunchie buns on your head you should feel quite comfy. Next challenge is to sleep with the scrunchie buns still on!!

And then this by next morning:

Really nice cascading curls!!!


I invented this method of curling my hair like this when I was 18 wtf. Wonder if anybody else also did the same thing?

Give it a try and let me know!!

p/s: If the curls don't stay for you, you can try using hair spray. Mine stays on for until the next time I wash my hair!

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