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Living your dream

Hello from Dallas, Texas! I actually brought the photos taken during Napbas over here to edit so that I can blog something out while I'm on my annual trip to America to visit Mike's family but... I know you are sick of hearing this... My neck and right arm is hurting me more than ever. :( I did acupotomy (it's like acupuncture but sorta different, google it) with Cheesie in KL because she had the same pains as me and swore it worked for her. The doctor was very confident that she could cure my pains and I expressed my doubts, saying "It has been hurting for a long time now." She asked how long and I said erm... like 4 months? She scoffed and said she just cured someone who has been in pain for 40 years . On a side note I wonder why anyone who is in pain for 40 years would even be aware that he is in pain. I mean, after such a long time won't you just forget how being NORMAL feels like? Anyway yes so after the acupotomy the pain in my neck went away bu

So many angry Australians

DENG DENG DENG! HEYA EVERYONE!! So last weekend was the Biannual Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011 and if you follow my tweets you'd already know I won for the Most Influential Blog and Region's Best Blog (again :p). But before I blog about that event, today I received a barrage of intense hate tweets from a bunch of Australian bloggers, some of which (or is it whom?) seem to be genial mummy bloggers wtf and they all seem to be for some reason talking about herpes and kangaroos. -_- I had no idea what the hell was going on until someone linked me to a blog entry by some Australian blogger who apparently dedicated a hate post towards me. Normally I wouldn't really give a shit because it's just another typical blog post about someone who doesn't understand that most of my blog entries are not serious and takes every little single detail out of context to dislike me. But judging from the response it appears that most Australians who read her blog and

Igloo's diary

14/12/2011 - Mood: Confused Dear diary, Today was an eventful day. In the morning my human rushed into the room yelling "Oh my god I'm late for my hair dyeing dammit." and applied some sort of black ink to her eyes real quick. She then noticed me and I stood up. We have come to an understanding that when I stand, it means she ought to give me a treat. I am particularly partial to the apple ones. Delicious. However, she simply said " Awww... You cute, Igloolooloo " in a baby voice and went about trying to find what she called "panties" in her pile of fabrics on the bed. Why are humans so furless? It could have kept them warm and covered their shame. My fur is luscious and fuzzy - and mind you I lick it clean all the time - but I guess sometimes it makes me too warm and I wish I could get naked like my human does. Little did I know that later in the day... Sigh. Anyway so my human left me alone again. Later when she came back home she was not al

The Nokia Lumia 800

Advertorial Last week I had a lot of fun coz I attended three Nokia events!! It is for the launch of the new Nokia Lumia 800 and I can tell that the peeps from Nokia are really excited about this phone because it is the first Nokia Windows phone! They really went all out! There were 2 roadshows last Saturday and Sunday along Orchard Road, and a big launch last Wednesday. Rozz and Paul Foster were the emcees. From fashion shows to DJ showdowns to, well, me, they really spared no expense to introduce the new Lumia to Singapore! I even saw the ads for the Lumia on my google adsense at the sidebar wtf. I was damn shocked like HOW DID GOOGLE KNOW? Here are some pictures: Rozz and I chatting Models! And check out the pink style cube at the back! Three local designers were asked to showcase clothes themed to the Lumia. The winning team is Feist and Heist ! That's the designer, Min, on the right. She's super talented or what? I love how she took the Nokia Lumia &

Igloo's Video + My Sims Social house!

Don't know if you guys noticed the change in the "Latest Video" tab up on top there but I have a new Youtube video ! As promised I edited the Igloo video and I must say I really love this one! She's super cute! The peeps from Clicknetwork also shot a video with Igloo and it's gonna be more informative and detailed than mine. I think it'd be out next week. They also managed to capture shots of Igloo doing happy binkies (that's when bunnies hop and twist in midair to show joyfulness, it's awesome to behold) so I can't wait till it comes out! Here are some of the photos my DSLR takes at the start of each video. I apologize for the same stoic expression throughout, that's my face as I press the record button.     Also, as the title suggested, I decided to  show y'all my Sims Social house! Click to enlarge I know barely anyone can be bothered about Sims Social (it's a game on facebook!) but I spent quite a lot of

Make a Special Change for a Special Day!

Advertorial The holidays are coming up!! This is the time of the year when we get invited to loads of parties and everyone is trying to look their best. Us girls always want to doll up for Xmas/NYE and thus we put on new clothes and shows and put on extra makeup... But it is true that most of us cannot be bothered to do much to our hair ! This was how my hair looked like last Xmas... I just curled it and let it be. And that's what I do most of the time anyway. It's nice... but so boring! It's time to... "What should I do with you for Xmas this year?" If you are thinking of a new hairstyle for the holidays, fret not! Liese just came up with a new Lookbook filled with easy-to-do hairstyles just for Xmas! Liese teamed with Tokyo's top hair designer Takahisa Okamura to come up with a series of hairstyles for the Xmas season. Check out the "Making of" video here with the chio Japanese models! And this is the style I chose: It l