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Do you prefer length or thickness?

Advertorial Hahaha! When it comes to this all-important question, us girls always reply... Why can't I have both? Anyway, I have neither in this photo!!: Yes, I am talking about lashes!! If you think I look weird here it's coz I don't have my usual lash enhancements on! Look super different right? And if you are a fan of, you'd perhaps have seen the latest Chick Vs Chick challenge where Kaykay and I compete to see who can get more people to try on Maybelline's new Long Extreme Stiletto mascara! ( I won btw muahahaha )  Why stiletto? Coz just like what stilettos can do for your legs, Maybelline's Long Extreme Stiletto mascara can do for your lashes! Your end effect is long, tapered and pointy lashes, just like a stiletto heel! When I heard that I had to do a mascara challenge, I was a little worried coz if the product is not very good then I'd look so super ugly with stumpy little lashes!! But I had nothing to worry a

Invisalign Update!

Short post today! I wanna show you all my TEETH!!!!!!! As you guys should know I started on invisalign a few months ago! ( Link here ) Invisalign works just like braces but I've heard many people say they don't think it works as well as traditional braces would. Well, who better to show you than me!!! My lower teeth are pretty crooked and my upper teeth are already straight. However, the upper row forms an overbite and protudes out too much. Here are some photos of my lower teeth I took over the past few months! First pic is the original state of my teeth: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Just looking at this makes me want to cry!!!!!! My bottom row is so super PERFECTLY straight!!!! And the best part?? Wait for it... THE TREATMENT TOOK ONLY  2 MONTHS AND 25 DAYS. No kidding! If you don't believe me you can go check my twitter timeline coz I recorded everything down there! I used to think that the best thing about invisalign is that it


Ohayo gozaimasu! Konnichiwa! Konbanwa! Ok that's good morning and good afternoon and good evening for anyone who doesn't know those Japanese words!! I just did an interview for NHK (which is Japan's national boardcasting network) and it's all about Gyaru fashion! According to Cheesie " gyaru " simply means " gal " and all the trendy fashionable girls in Japan are called gyaru. (Wrong scold her not me lol) There are other branches of gyaru like hime (meaning princess, so they wear frilly stuff) and like yamanba (super tanned faces and white lips, which, for the life of me I cannot understand how it is the least bit attractive), etc. I felt quite bad coz although I do love Japanese make up and Japanese fashion, I'm not hardcore like some other girls are. Like 7 layers of hair and eyelashes wtf. I feel like I'm cheating the Japanese audience! But anyway the filming team came over to my place and they all kept saying I'm like 100

I don't like sex scenes

Ok I'm gonna do a patronising blog post because although I'm super sleepy, I refuse to sleep yet! I must fight my jet lag! So erm I shall blog about how I don't like sex scenes in movies or tv shows. And "sex scene" includes the prelude to sex ie passionate kissing and the hasty removal of clothes etc. I used to like them. Sex scenes I mean... When I was a kid my mom or grandma would hastily cover my eyes whenever the actors on Channel 8 dramas would kiss or do naughty stuff. So whenever I was free to watch them sucking each others' mouths while grandma's back's turned to the dishes, it was a little treat for me... Oh... so that's how she got pregnant. Coz he kissed her and they fell into the bed together! And then when I was 19 or so I thought hey! I could try sneaking into the R rated movies! It'd be sooooooo cool! Wow! Naked people on the big screen!! So exciting! And somewhere in between 19 to 26 it changed to " meh... &quo