Saturday, January 15, 2011


Ohayo gozaimasu! Konnichiwa! Konbanwa!

Ok that's good morning and good afternoon and good evening for anyone who doesn't know those Japanese words!!

I just did an interview for NHK (which is Japan's national boardcasting network) and it's all about Gyaru fashion!

According to Cheesie "gyaru" simply means "gal" and all the trendy fashionable girls in Japan are called gyaru. (Wrong scold her not me lol) There are other branches of gyaru like hime (meaning princess, so they wear frilly stuff) and like yamanba (super tanned faces and white lips, which, for the life of me I cannot understand how it is the least bit attractive), etc.

I felt quite bad coz although I do love Japanese make up and Japanese fashion, I'm not hardcore like some other girls are. Like 7 layers of hair and eyelashes wtf. I feel like I'm cheating the Japanese audience!

But anyway the filming team came over to my place and they all kept saying I'm like 100% a real gyaru! I dunno whether they really think so or it's just the typical Japanese politeness!!

The show has two hosts - Maiko and Lai.

They are super cute and painfully enthusiastic about everything. Everything they also say "KAWAII!!!!!". LOL! And fucking chio max!!! What's with Japanese girls and their crazy small noses and ginormous eyes and perfect skin??!!!

Part of the show consists of us camwhoring on my daybed so here are the pics!!

Numbered for your commenting convenience!!

Two real Japanese girls and one fake

That's Maiko with the blue ribbon and Lai with the pink. Both hairbands are mine! They ransacked my accessories drawer and put them on. LOL

They are actually both magazine models FML I look so ugly next to them but nvm lao niang got PHOTOSHOP! :D

With Lai... I realised the girls love taking photos of faces being squashed together. It's great in theory for making your face look skinnier but horrid for photoshop coz cannot liquify!! Which explains why my face so fat in this pic.

And they were so in love with my camera set up they started to camwhore...

Check out Lai's boobs!

Why so chio! Jealous! Btw I never photoshop her nose in any picture
it's really this size wtf how is that humanly possible? And it's real!

"My eyes are up here"

Free boobage! Thank you come again.

Ok finish! 

Last photo is my favourite coz they said "let's make monkey faces" 
and we did and everyone burst out laughing!!

It was a fun filming session!

No individual photos of me coz very buay paiseh if I have guests over and sit down to snap my own photos wtf.

Sigh. I wonder why people always say I am trying to be Caucasian. Please, can't you tell I'm trying to be Japanese??? LOL... Want to say I'm ashamed of my race at least accurately accuse me of the race I'm trying to be.

Ok feel free to pile praises/criticise our faces.

UPDATE: Oh great now I'm receiving comments that Japanese girls are trying to look white so in wanting to look Japanese I am trying to look white. What's wrong with you? Why can't you enjoy pictures without making a race issue? I cannot be bothered to argue about this, so be warned - if you leave a comment that I (or Japanese girls in general) are self-hating bitches then your comment WILL be changed to "I am the chimpanzee that raped that frog in the mouth".