Friday, January 21, 2011

Invisalign Update!

Short post today! I wanna show you all my TEETH!!!!!!!

As you guys should know I started on invisalign a few months ago! (Link here)

Invisalign works just like braces but I've heard many people say they don't think it works as well as traditional braces would. Well, who better to show you than me!!!

My lower teeth are pretty crooked and my upper teeth are already straight. However, the upper row forms an overbite and protudes out too much.

Here are some photos of my lower teeth I took over the past few months!

First pic is the original state of my teeth:


Just looking at this makes me want to cry!!!!!! My bottom row is so super PERFECTLY straight!!!!

And the best part??

Wait for it...


No kidding!

If you don't believe me you can go check my twitter timeline coz I recorded everything down there!

I used to think that the best thing about invisalign is that it is transparent.

But that's not the best thing! The best thing is that YOU can control how fast you want your teeth-moving to be!

Ok I'm sure my dentist is shaking his head now at this but I read on the internet that some other invisalign clients, instead of changing their aligners every 14 days, they changed it after 10 days.


So I got clever and started to change it after 10 days. In fact, for one of the aligners I changed it after 7 days!

Erm I felt that I could be a smartass because for day 1, 2 and perhaps 3 the aligners feel tight, but after that it becomes almost loose! Not moving I keep the aligner there for what??

But I admitted it to my dentist and he said I shouldn't do that because you must give proper time to the teeth to move and if you move it too fast it will DIE or something and will forever not be able to be moved -_- stupid teeth so dramatic for what... must die meh?

However, he also said that 10 days is fine if you are very compliant (ie wearing the aligners for more than 22 hours a day, which I do). He said 10 days is bare minimum so ok lor I change once every 10 days. *grumble*

But I think invisalign and my dentist bluff one!!! Coz they scared your teeth die/don't get straight and they get into trouble LOL

Of course if you see that your teeth hurts a lot or is not moving correctly you should do it for 14 days lah please don't sue me if all your teeth die wtf.

SO YES! I am done with my lower teeth's aligners!!!!!

Happy max! I am so much more confident now while speaking during filming and doing camwhoring poses that show the lower teeth! NO NEED TO PHOTOSHOP!!

Invisalign has been a breeze for me so far. Yes, it does hurt during day 1 of aligner-changing but I like that kinda pain leh!! It means my teeth are moving so that's fine by me! :D

And also if you realised from the timeline, my teeth are now A LOT whiter! My oral hygiene has never been very bad (brush twice, maybe thrice a day, rarely ever floss) but it has never been particularly good either.

Now with invisalign I feel super icky if I don't brush and floss after every meal. And I've become a regular flosser coz I realised that there are A LOT of food stuck in between teeth! And when you floss they all fly out and hit the mirror wtf super gross -_- I can't believe I used to not floss regularly.

So flossing maybe twice a day and brushing AT LEAST 5 times a day. How to not have super clean and sparkling teeth??

Ugly photo of me showing off my newly straight teeth:

Wearing aligners. It looks the same without aligners

Now I just have another perhaps 3 or 4 months to go with my upper row's aligners!!

I am hoping it will expand my smile to show 8 teeth (now shows 6) and stop my ape-like mouth!!!

After that I am gonna try to convince my dentist to do a gum reduction surgery for me!! It is apparently very easily done with laser and he said it's not painful.

I can't wait!!! I want fucking PERFECT teeth! Like Katy Perry's!!

Shift quickly stupid teeth!!

Want Invisalign too?? 

My dentist is from Orchard Scotts Dental

Give them a call at 67329939 if you have any questions. Don't ask me, ask them please!


Oh I remembered something I wanted to blog about regarding teeth!!!!!!!

It's a horrible conspiracy theory!!

I know at least like 10 people (and these are personal friends ok) who have done braces before and now their teeth are still horribly crooked. How can it be? Coz they stopped wearing their retainers!

And some of them even did braces a second time to fix the problem again. Wtf... Already braces are so expensive and to do it again is another few thousand dollars.

I asked them why they stopped wearing the retainers. Most of them is due to laziness but also a lot of people have stated that their dentist told them they only have to wear retainers for - I heard a variety of answers - 1 year, 5 years, till they hit 26 etc.

Why their dentists lie like this?

Thus, nobody knows that even after you fix your teeth, YOUR TEETH WILL SHIFT BACK TO ITS ORIGINAL CROOKED WAYS. They can't wait to waste your hard-earned money, those nasty things! Even after 10 years of wearing your retainers!

And the correct answer for maintaining straight teeth? You have to wear retainers for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Not in the day but at night when you sleep you have to keep them in!

Gillian is the only person I know who still wears her retainers after she did her teeth in her teens (she is now 30). She told me that sometimes she stops wearing her retainers for a few days and when she puts them back in they are super tight! Then she gets mad pissed off coz she has been wearing retainers for so many years and the teeth are still not staying put. Haha I think she should be happy that she doesn't have to spend another few thousand dollars to straighten again lor.

Back to the conspiracy theory. I think the dentists all bluff you don't have to wear retainers for life because they are hoping you become a return client!!! Correct or not??

What did YOUR dentist say regarding how long you have to wear your retainers for? Are your teeth crooked again after you did braces? Tell me!! I wanna know how many of you got cheated!!!!!!

UPDATE: Regarding retainers for Invisalign clients. After my Invisalign treatment is done, I have to wear the last aligner tray for another 6 months (they hardly inconvenience me and are invisible so that's ok.) Then thereafter I have to wear retainers every night for the rest of my life, just like how people with braces have to! It's just a sacrifice you have to make for straight teeth!