Monday, February 28, 2011

Dallas 2010

Finally got down to editing my pictures from my trip to Dallas, Texas last December!

Wow, my average wait time for a blog entry is about 2.5 months. And to think they say one of the things blogs beat traditional media at is their speed to publish. Hmmm...

Anyway mostly pictures coz I finished editing at freaking 5.26am! Say whattttttttt?

Snow-filled landing strips in Minnesota where we transitted. THANK GOD Dallas winters are not so crazy cold!!

Say hi to my new camera pouch! :D It costs only $3 from one of those vending egg machines!! Cannot choose the colour though. Got pink, purple, blue, white and yellow (listed in my order of preference) and my first try I got a damn yellow (ugly!) and second I got the blue.

Ok lah I'm growing to like it. I should go try for a few more!

His and her footwear at Mike's uncle's lakehouse. Fun place!

Enjoying the sunset even at sub-zero temperature.

Rainbow sky... Can't get over how gorgeous it is! And that's the moon!

Tried to take a photo with the sky but unfortunately blocked by my big head/hat. Not a bad thing. LOL!

Artsy shot

In case you ever wondered "How would Xiaxue look like with puffy white cheeks?". 
Your question answered.

Mustang with reindeer ears. Love the Americans' Xmas spirit!

Camwhoring in the car

Burger from Steak n' Shake. Freaking awesome skinny fries! 

Guess what the patty is made of?


No wonder Voldemort's such a fan

Found my brown wedged oxfords at F21 - was so mad happy! 

These kinda shoes were all over Vivi then but unfortunately are now 
phased now before I even managed to blog about them fml.

Romantic drive to the lake that Mike loves

Watching seagulls and ducks. Too cold to walk outta the car though.

Cooked dinner for his family... LOBSTER TAIL!!

Pack of 2 tails only $7usd, but frozen ones lah. And so easy to cook - dig out the meat, stuff cheese in between meat and shell, sprinkle garlic and put some butter then pop into the oven.

It was not bad but my first attempt was quite raw!! Had to put it back in for another 10 mins. That's the shit thing about oven-cooking!

And that CORN.

You may think it is a insignificant side dish but my GOD the corn in the states is so freaking yummilicious!!!!!!!!!

Freaking sweet and the kernels are firm and crunchy and bursting with juice when you bite into them. Nothing like the mushy and lou feng variety you get in Singapore!! I can eat 4 in a row I swear!

I miss you V Coke!

Kitty thinks he is the king of the world sprawled all over the floor

This photo looks like an ad for fabric softener. I'm showing some love to my Uniqlo pink fur coat!! It is so nice and snug for winter and not to mention CHIO :p

Mike's mom specially cooking creamy pasta for me!! Love

There she is constantly fussing over how comfortable we are and how filled our stomachs are.

Doggie in da house

The house decorated for Xmas

 With a real fire! Careful of falling into the cinders Santa!

Pardon this ghost-like photo. I curled my hair and thought it was gorgeous that day...

Did I already mention gorgeous? I did...

Watching a movie together

Our first Xmas together married! :D

Xmas pressie to myself: Juicy Couture knitted earphones with mouse ears!! TOO CUTE

Yes I'm a bit too old for them but WHATEVER! Blondes get away with anything.


Playing with FIREWORKS!!!

Illegal in Singapore but legal in the states:

I have a feeling I posted a photo of this place before. Or is it a Deja vu?

BOOMBOOMBOOM! I will resist posting Katy Perry lyrics.

Had a hard time choosing our stash! Also I learnt the names of the different kinds of fireworks! "Artillery Shells" are those that we see at our NDPs. And the only sort I find are worth the money.

Roman Candles are lame!

LOL Mike's dad's gonna kill me for posting this up. We went to a field to set off the fireworks and it was super cold and he was underdressed so he took a blanket that was in the car to wrap himself in!!

We forced him to take a photo and it's so cute!! LOL

I will NOT post boring badly taken shots of the fireworks to torture you. You are welcome.

Hey this photo is not photoshopped!! Rare!!!

Dinner at a vintage burger joint with Mike's brothers... Erm just this photo I got distracted by my meal after that.

Wah lau... Coz the weather is so dry over there, my wedding ring finger acted up and had this.... What's this thing called?

Like a dry patch that's super itchy!!

Had to wear my ring on my right hand -_- Thank god it's ok now!! THANK YOU 100% HUMIDITY!

Ann and Paul waiting for a table for our dinner...

My, ahem, husband posing like a model. Unbeknownst to him, a mouthless cat at the background threatens his masculinity...

Sayre family

Girl in green is Daniel's fiancee!

My doodle on the table's paper!

Ok finish!!! I have relieved the guilt I've been having the past few days over not properly blogging. Phew!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Me... and a bird

Hi y'all!!

I'm gonna go to Kukup for the weekend (it's a kelong thingy near JB) so I thought I should blog before leaving!

However, I have to wake up at 630am tomorrow and it's already 1am now so I don't really have time to do a good long entry.

So erm, another patronising entry??

Okok you all confirm won't be angry one you know WHY??? Coz the picture is not only an act chio photo of me but also contains a super cute something:


Yup, as the title suggests... Me and a bird! Yes yes it should be 'a bird and I'. Shutup.

Anyway that's my friend's baby parrotlet and it is so effing cute!!!!!! If you are angry just go look at His Puffiness over there.

It would hop on anyone's fingers and keep chirruping. And here it is, forced to camwhore with me while it has fun playing with my hair.

And thus ends today's entry. Moral of the story? Always exploit the cute things around you for blog entries.

**For evidence see few entries below, 'Mike's baby photos'.

p/s: There is a star on  my face coz they were giving out free stickers during the Samantha Thavasa store opening and I stuck one there to camwhore for a bit and promptly forgot about it. ~★

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Outlet Shopping


If there is something in common about us Singaporeans, it's our love for DISCOUNTS!!

And one of the best places to get a discount?


Really simple. Once you click on the page you'd realise that there is Today's Deal! If you don't like it, don't worry, very soon there will be a new one!

If you DO like it, click to buy it! After that, either print the voucher or display it on your phone to businesses to get your deal! Super simple!

Their deals range from top fine restaurants to spas to hot products to... my favourite: Cheapass holidays!!

Villa Indonesia. $590, usual price $1,100

3D/2N getaway for 2-3 pax for super cheap! At a villa in Bali with your private pool and all!!

Even dinner in Jimbaran Bay...

Pic of me gnawing on a corn during my Holiday Inn Bali trip. I wanna go back!

Batam View Villa. $250 for a couple, usual price $503. 50% off!!


Fluffy pillows?

Balcony overlooking the horizon and indoor jacuzzi?

The beach and a fabulous tan?

Ok, I'm sold. I need one of these too.

AND IT'S SO CHEAP AT $250 WTF!! Includes ferry fare too!

Brazilian waxing at Face Bistro, $28 instead of $52. 46% off!

Being fuzz-free should not cost you $52!!! I seriously think waxing is one of the most overpriced services there is!! If you find one at $28, must GRAB!!

RFVac Tummy at Prive Clinic, $120 for 3 months, usual price $500. 76% off!

Using some radio frequency and integrated vacuum to reduce stubborn fat and improve skin tone! God knows I need it.

Body Contours' Nano Gold Lift Face Spa and Repair Eye Masque w/ Body Contours at $58. Usual price $660. 91% off!

A 90 min long facial that uses pure gold concentrate to plump up wrinkles and tighten elasicity of skin! Sounds good!

Random pic of me to remind myself:


Facial IPL at Prive Clinic, $99. Usual price $200, 50% off!

IPL is not just for hair removal! It's also to make your skin radiant and free from sun spots and wrinkles etc! Good stuff.

Soy ice-cream from Soyato. 50% off for 2 scoops for regular size + 1 topping. Usual price $4.20.

For those of you who wants to try a different type of ice cream made from soy milk. No eggs, cream or milk!


iPad 16gb 3G+wifi..... $0 instead of $928! 
100freakingpercent off!

Angry birds! Plants vs Zombies! No start-up time required! A superiority complex on the plane!! All could be yours for only $0... -_-

Now I'm feeling tragic I bought mine for like $1k. I'm a sucker.


1) "Like" Outlet on facebook. Click here!

2) Register your email address with Outlet. Click here!

3) "Buy" the iPad! Eh... I don't know how to make a transaction with $0 but apparently 710 people (as I write this) already "bought" it so it can't be hard.

If you wish to read more about the details, click HERE.

Outlet's deals are as transparent as it can get, and there are no hidden terms or conditions, don't worry!!

Hope the winner of the iPad is a XX reader!! Good luck!!

p/s: Some of the deals in purple are upcoming deals! Sign up to get notified of them. :)