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Dallas 2010

Finally got down to editing my pictures from my trip to Dallas, Texas last December! Wow, my average wait time for a blog entry is about 2.5 months. And to think they say one of the things blogs beat traditional media at is their speed to publish. Hmmm... Anyway mostly pictures coz I finished editing at freaking 5.26am! Say whattttttttt? Snow-filled landing strips in Minnesota where we transitted. THANK GOD Dallas winters are not so crazy cold!! Say hi to my new camera pouch! :D It costs only $3 from one of those vending egg machines!! Cannot choose the colour though. Got pink, purple, blue, white and yellow (listed in my order of preference) and my first try I got a damn yellow (ugly!) and second I got the blue. Ok lah I'm growing to like it. I should go try for a few more! His and her footwear at Mike's uncle's lakehouse. Fun place! Enjoying the sunset even at sub-zero temperature. Rainbow sky... Can't get over how gorgeous it is! And that's the

Me... and a bird

Hi y'all!! I'm gonna go to Kukup for the weekend (it's a kelong thingy near JB) so I thought I should blog before leaving! However, I have to wake up at 630am tomorrow and it's already 1am now so I don't really have time to do a good long entry. So erm, another patronising entry?? Okok you all confirm won't be angry one you know WHY??? Coz the picture is not only an act chio photo of me but also contains a super cute something: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Yup, as the title suggests... Me and a bird! Yes yes it should be 'a bird and I'. Shutup. Anyway that's my friend's baby parrotlet and it is so effing cute!!!!!! If you are angry just go look at His Puffiness over there. It would hop on anyone's fingers and keep chirruping. And here it is, forced to camwhore with me while it has fun playing with my hair. And thus ends today's entry. Moral of the story? Always exploit the cute things around you for blog entries. **Fo

Outlet Shopping

Advertorial If there is something in common about us Singaporeans, it's our love for DISCOUNTS!! And one of the best places to get a discount?! HOW DOES IT WORK? Really simple. Once you click on the page you'd realise that there is Today's Deal! If you don't like it, don't worry, very soon there will be a new one! If you DO like it, click to buy it! After that, either print the voucher or display it on your phone to businesses to get your deal! Super simple! Their deals range from top fine restaurants to spas to hot products to... my favourite: Cheapass holidays!! Villa Indonesia. $590, usual price $1,100 3D/2N getaway for 2-3 pax for super cheap! At a villa in Bali with your private pool and all!! Even dinner in Jimbaran Bay... Pic of me gnawing on a corn during my Holiday Inn Bali trip . I wanna go back! Batam View Villa. $250 for a couple, usual price $503. 50% off!! Villa? Fluffy pillows? Balcony overlooking the