I don't do student interviews

Blah blah blah

Because that day totally exists


I don't do student interviews. I know I've mentioned this many times before.

Firstly, there is no positive upside to me giving an interview. My answers get published in some paper nobody will ever see except an uninterested lecturer. What a waste of my time.

Secondly, I HATE being typecast as just another person who had plastic surgery. I geddit that I'm one of the few who are open about it, but MY DEFINING THINGY is my blogging, not the surgery, ok??!

If they ask me to give an interview about blogging I won't be so pissed off but it's ALWAYS about fucking plastic surgery and DUMBSHIT questions nothing gives two flying fucks about.

Like "do you regret it?" "do you think you are addicted?" "Do you think our youths are addicted?" "How do your parents react?" "Why did you think you have to do it, is it because society is increasingly obsessed with beauty?"

What fucking era already? All these questions have been asked over and over and over again!

If one more person asks me another stupid boring politically correct question like that I'm gonna HURL!

Can't people ask more interesting questions like "How do you dig your nose after a nose job?" "When you can smell your nose's blood while it was cut, did it smell like bacon?" ETC??

Why can't they ask me how is blogging as a career? Or whether blondes really have more fun? But EVERYONE keeps asking me about CB plastic surgery! GO DISTURB PLASTICZILLA CAN???

I ignore people who email me politely to help them with an interivew. If they are being really nice, sometimes I reply that that I don't do student interviews. See, I can be nice to people who are nice!

But it absolutely makes me BOIL when I get the following:

1) This tone that suggests I am OBLIGATED to do their interview for them. Like they are paying me to do this or something.

"Come down to Ion to meet us at 12pm next Saturday, thanks." Yeah I WILL. To burn your face so YOU can get plastic surgery and answer your own damn questions.

"Please kindly revert by 4pm tomorrow." YOUR DEADLINE NOT MINE. Guess who doesn't give a fuck if you fail your module? ME.

People have even asked me to put on make up and go down to their schools for a "tv" interview. Why should I waste cab fare to do anything for you?? You wanna film me you come over lah!

2) People who obviously don't read my blog and still dare to ask for a favour!!!!!!! FFFUUUUUUUUUUU

If you read my blog or followed me on twitter you'd know I don't entertain student interviews! So if you are still gonna use a tone that suggests you take it for granted I'd agree, then fuck you!

I know I know... Why am I so mad just because people are asking me to do interviews?

I DON'T KNOW OK! It just infuriates me so bad! Especially when I already said I won't do it and people are damn buay paiseh! ESPECIALLY IF ITS AN INTERVIEW ON PLASTIC SURGERY!

Before my 30th of Feb trick (clearly, some people are too moronic for that to work) I was replying to people that I'd do their interviews in exchange for their first-born. So far nobody agreed.

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