Reebonz Spring Clean Blogger Contest


Hey girls!!

Wanna win some pretty (and expensive) bags?? Here's an awesome contest:

In case you can't be bothered to read the print, all you have to do is to create a spring outfit/look to match the bag of your choice among the six ultra cute bags above!

Easy peasy - AND fun!!

Spring has always been my favourite season. 

I know Singapore doesn't have four seasons but if you go to a seasonal country, Spring is when the weather is perfect... Sunshiny and not too warm. People are having picnics and rainbows are in the sky and the flowers are all blooming with roaring colours everywhere.

Just describing it makes me feel like donning on a chiffony, floaty sundress and sandals, flying a kite and falling in love!!!!


So in order to entice you to join the competition I am also gonna participate and come up with 3 spring outfits!!

But first, the difficult task... Choosing the bag!!

And... *drumroll* I choose the green Prada!!!

Love that shade, super got Spring ambience ok!!

(Please note my "outfits" are all, erm, modelled by myself. Apparently everyone else just did a polyvore sorta thing... You can choose either!)


Spaghetti strapped top with a playful pink chiffon skirt. The skirt has dusty blue bunnies all over it!

Coz spring is when bunnies have the most fun (ie fornicating LOLOLOL)!!

Make up is an essential part of the look!

Green contacts, green eyeshadow, pale rosebud lips and pink blusher for that flushed I-just-ran-about-in-the-sunflower-field look.

And not to forget, of course, romantic soft curls on the hair. :D

Posing with my bag of choice!

Haha the bag looks a bit crumpled coz it's actually empty.

Sorry all photos got no footwear coz my camera lighting cannot snap from far away wtf... Just imagine gladiator sandals or espradrilles with everything thanks.


My staple can't-live-without clothing item is the white wifebeater tank top!! Matches everything and is (to me lah) super sexy!! Ok I'm not sexy in it but imagine Megan Fox wearing it!

Actually don't need to imagine, she's wearing it in the Love the Way You Lie mtv.

I might have gone off tangent a bit. Back to the outfit!

Floral skirt. Predictable? I don't care! I love florals and I wanna wear them!

Garland of flowers on hair - it's fake but if people ask why I have flowers on hair I'm gonna say I gathered them while prancing around the lake.

And a little knitted fingerless glove which I kinda regret putting on coz it looks weird on only one hand and I lost the other side.

Camwhoring with the bag!


Lightweight perforated stripey red and white dress!!

Perfect for Valentine's day with a heart-shaped belt. Or on a yacht!

Wait, got surprise one!!

It's backless!

Chose this dress because I always loved the combination of chilli red and green. Matches so nicely AND is super attention grabbing! Love it.

If you wanna see the bags in closer detail, or participate, click HERE!!

If you are not a blogger, you can still shop on Reebonz! Your invite code is HERE, just click!! Warning though... It's pretty darn addictive.

AND GUESS WHAT?? I'd also be giving away one of the bags in this advert to a blog reader!!

So tell me which is your favourite of the bags? I actually like the blue Marc Jacob more but the green Prada, I thought, is the most "Spring", which is why I chose it for the pics.

Go join, and I hope you win!!!!!


OMG! Sorry!! Had a miscommunication and as it turns out the bag I can give to a reader is not one of the bags given away in the contest but this one:

Classic sling bag that looks like what our SIA girls carry!

Leave a comment with your email and you stand a chance to win it!

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