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Off to SFO

Flying off at 9am tomorrow to San Francisco for another press junket!! And since I have a free day on the 31st I'm gonna take another flight to LA to meet Michelle (Phan) and jet back!! So exciting! Flight within a flight - INCEPTION!! I know the Peter Coffin topic is getting stale and blah blah lay off him in case he commits suicide but I'm still gonna blog a final conclusion post! And I'm not gonna try to hate on him more, but instead trying to, erm, clear his name. Afterall, people who are following the saga would have known that since his name got villified everywhere, Peter has not being hiding. No sire! He took to twitter and reddit to change public opinion and even gave a phone interview ! His official stance (I think) is that Kimi is not created by him and somehow duped him into the saddest internet love story ever seen. But he seems to... waver a little in his statements so for those of you interested, here they are, chronologically: First things first. L

Peter Coffin is his own legal team

Hello! The story unfolds! Received an email from Peter Coffin!! Lawyerly disclaimer time: The reproduction of this letter and the contents therein shall not be construed as any admission of liability on my part and without prejudice to my rights, defences and remedies under any applicable laws. The above is written by a real lawyer (I'm sure older readers can guess who) because I have real friends :D Lawyer friend: "Censor the firm's name if you are going to post." Me: "There is no firm, it's sent under his own email." Lawyer friend: "Ew gross." And guess what??????? "Chapter 21 section 7 Singapore law" is....... THE BETTING ACT Section 7 reads: Money paid recoverable. 7. —(1) Any money or valuable thing received by any person convicted under section 5 (3) as a deposit on or in settlement of any bet or wager shall be deemed to have been received to or for the use of the person from whom it was received. (2) Su

Peter Coffin is a loser

I think today's blog post is gonna be interesting!! It's all about this guy called Peter Coffin: A little background. He is an American douchebag dude doing Youtube videos and the videos are like mostly lame parodies or something (I don't know, I can't finish watching even one). Link here . Warning, douchebaggery ahead. Anyway, I wouldn't give two fucks about this dude if not for the fact that he consistently undermines me and insults me on twitter. He seems to have a problem with girls who photoshop their pics , put on make up, had plastic surgery (his views on Kim Kardashian ) or are just vain in general. I mean I understand most, if not all men, prefer natural beauty, but it's not like I'm freaking pushing my face into his view, am I? I'm so far away from him physically, why can't he just unfollow me instead of attacking me all the time?? He actually reminds me of those crazy homophobes who like have an abnormal hatred for girly boys