Improve your Aura


I was invited to the grand opening of the first Aura Jewellers store here in Singapore!!

What IS Aura Jewelry?

They are a new brand in town that focuses on wellness jewellery; the market leader in precious gemstones that are said to promote a healthy mind and body when you wear them!

We've all heard before the powers of different crystals and how they affect you. I don't know that much about gemstones but if you wish to read up more on them you can click HERE. I know a lot of people believe in them!

And even if you don't, they look super pretty anyway!

Aura's rare and precious gemstones are available for prices as low as $100, so you don't have to be a millionaire to own rubies or sapphires!

Gorgeous roses

Here's the store with rows upon rows of colourful sparkly things.

One of the diamond necklaces for sale there... I just had to try it on!


Closer shot... Too bad not for my keeping!

One of the best things about Aura is... THEY HAVE AN IN-STORE DESIGNER!!

While you are there you can consult her and customise your own jewellery! Nobody will have the same design as you! (Unless you somehow customise a very common design wtf -_-)

In-store designer Karen hard at work!

Her creations!



A picture with fellow blogger Beatrice while the designing goes on...

Jewellery designer's tools



Here it is with colour!!

I'm gonna be getting a ring with a main pink sapphire gemstone and two diamonds!

Simple and classic design that can go with any outfit. So excited coz I've been wanting a pink sapphire ring for some time now.

Soon to be mine!

Ready to see it?


Here's my other attempt at photographing the ring. It's actually very difficult to do justice to the sparkle and charity of the gems!

New bling... So of course must camwhore!!

Here I am trying to go for the boho look. It's totally the trend now and it matches wellness jewellery! :D

Aura Jewellers are on Facebook HERE!! Visit their fanpage and "like" to receive special privileges when you visit the store and to get collection updates!!

Not only that, once you "like" Aura Jewellers on FB, you get a $30 voucher to spend in the store! Go click for more details!

There is a video of me on the website so go have a look!

If you are looking for wellness jewellery you should visit Aura NOW!! Coz with every purchase you are entitled a chance to win a 3 day 2 night stay in Bangkok for 2, worth $2,000! GOGOGO!

Their store is at #01-43 Century Square Mall, Tampines. Call 62602480 if you wish to know more! A new outlet will be in Katong soon too.

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