Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Peter Coffin is a loser

I think today's blog post is gonna be interesting!!

It's all about this guy called Peter Coffin:

A little background. He is an American douchebag dude doing Youtube videos and the videos are like mostly lame parodies or something (I don't know, I can't finish watching even one). Link here. Warning, douchebaggery ahead.

Anyway, I wouldn't give two fucks about this dude if not for the fact that he consistently undermines me and insults me on twitter.

He seems to have a problem with girls who photoshop their pics, put on make up, had plastic surgery (his views on Kim Kardashian) or are just vain in general. I mean I understand most, if not all men, prefer natural beauty, but it's not like I'm freaking pushing my face into his view, am I? I'm so far away from him physically, why can't he just unfollow me instead of attacking me all the time??

He actually reminds me of those crazy homophobes who like have an abnormal hatred for girly boys and have to beat them up - except he does that with vapid females. I'm guessing he has been picked on by them in high school.

I couldn't find his older hate comments on me but here's the latest, after I announced I had a nose job revision:

So I replied:

Speechless, here's what he tweeted:

What in fuckery's sake is this rubbish? Don't pretend you give a shit about me being a role model. Really? If you cared so much about being the perfect role model, then why are your own tweets and videos so vulgar?

And since my nose job is sponsored, it is not relevant me buying yachts (??) at all.

I do find it however pretty revealing that he mentioned being not good enough. See above High School theory.

OKOK I'm long-winded but I swear I haven't got to the interesting parts yet.

So I blocked that moron, and guess what?

Along comes a chick called "Kimi Kobayashi" who also starts insulting me.

She is Peter's girlfriend, and she looks like this:

Like super pretty!

She is Japanese. Also, her twitter had 17k followers so she's actually pretty popular.

So I tweeted some nasty reply to her and blocked her. So annoying that she's so hot wtf.

And things started getting suspicious...

2 days later, Kimi not only locked up her twitter and stopped tweeting, she deleted her Tumblr too.

I started thinking something isn't right so I went to see Peter's twitter:

So apparently Kimi was sick of being a Twitter comedian!


Some of her tweets cached

No personal tweets. No talking about girly issues like hair or shopping or boyfriends. And girls who look like Kimi (and snaps photos of themselves to post online) will NEVER be so other-centered, ok?

Just crude, lame jokes.

The jokes sound familiar? YES. THEY SOUND LIKE PETER.

I suppose you can guess where I'm heading to... So to further confirm my suspicions, I looked at Kimi's twitpic stream (Worth a click!), and here are some of the pictures:

This one really got me... 

Would ANY girl take a photo with her friends and write a nasty caption like that???

A penis? That is realistic how?

Kimi is made up to be a nubile 18 year old girl (who doesn't wear make up, according to the captions), and she is JAPANESE living in New York.

How come there are Korean words on the pictures then?

And more importantly, where is PETER in all these photos???

So I asked on twitter - Does anyone recognise the girl in the photos??

Two of my awesome readers helped me check it out and guess what???


Her name is Lee Na Young. She is not Japanese, probably not 18, not Kimi Kobayashi, and most definitely not dating Peter Coffin!

Her pics, available here and here, were stolen from her website by a complete loser and used as a pawn for his own validation and popularity!!!!!!!!

(In other words Peter stole her photos and created a fake profile to be his girlfriend!!)

So here begs the question... WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HIM???

I printscreened some of the funnier stuff:

HAHAHAHA! Can you imagine that fucker flirting to and fro with himself and thinking he found his soulmate??

It's so ridiculous that people would believe that that's two different people tweeting each other. The writing style is exact the same.

LOL... I'm sorry but even if Kimi is real, which she isn't, the term "power couple" are reserved strictly for good-looking or famous people. You are fugly and not famous. And she doesn't exist, so neither of you qualify.

Aww so sweet

Think someone was feeling unloved...

I wish Mike was so passionate...

I'm glad she likes the carbs idea coz it's crap. It doesn't symbolize the love for bread at all coz many other things are "carbs". Like pasta. Or rice. Or potatoes. But that's me being "endlessly contemplative" isn't it? LOL

Vomit.(More about the racism thing later)

Are you wondering why Peter wrote this?

It is because he also created a "Kimi" youtube account to....... COMMENT ON HIS OWN VIDEOS!


I can't believe he wrote about the loser who can't find a REAL woman part... With the REAL in caps! Is he trying to hint to us the obvious??

Anyway there are a lot of more of these, you can see 'em HERE!! Only one friend in her youtube account. Guess who? LOL

Besides tweeting, youtube trolling, twitpic-ing, would you believe "Kimi" also blogs?

Gotta love Peter for his creativity... Randomly finding some Korean kids and wondering if they are ok in the Japanese disaster, all to boost his righteousness.

I think they are coz they are in KOREA!


And I love how he is like psycho enough to come up with all these crazy details about "Kimi", like she really exists!!


Also gotta love how he slanders Lee Na Young's name with his childish commentary.

And cleavage is funny because...?

Anyway... After looking through "Kimi's" stuff, I realised that Peter loves to use her to talk about the Asian race A LOT. It's like he is fucking obsessed with Asians or something!!

Here are some (Text in black are captions by Peter):

Mocking the way Asians take photos

Coz we only eat rice

Is it really?

I don't usually play the race card. I don't give a shit whatever insults people hurl at my race. Call me a chink it's fine. But there is something just really cringe-worthy about a NON-ASIAN making all these Asian jokes!!

And seriously, he seems to be only capable of making racist jokes!

What the fuck is wrong with this guy?

Ladies and gentlemen,

Here's his twitter page if you feel like insulting someone today.

p/s: He was in a relationship with himself for 8 whole months. How tragic.

Really gotta love it when I find out these dark secrets about my haters. You picked on the wrong bitch, motherfucker. ;)