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Two new videos!!

Watch me put on my usual routine of makeup with a bare-faced me on the side for comparison! Haul video of my purchases from F21 and Topshop. I've been a hardworking youtuber LOL!! Please support by subscribing ok!! CLICK THAT BUTTON!!! DO IT! It's my freaking birthday today and I demand it!! I think I'd have an awesome birthday weekend (it has already started yesterday :D). I'd blog about it soon with peektures!

Pizza Hut's 30th Anniversary

Advertorial Woohoo!!! Was invited to Pizza Hut's 30th anniversary food tasting session where some bloggers and I had a first chance to try out their new menu which includes 25 new recipes! (My first session with Pizza hut HERE ) 6 new appertizers, 3 new pastas, 6 new Western favourites, 1 new baked rice, 2 new pizzas, 5 new beverages and 2 new desserts! So exciting. I went there a very hungry girl and came out with my stomach almost exploding. Here are pics of some of my favourites: Had an Emerald Sparkle which is just a creative name for my apple soda. Coz I was craving green apple that day! Refreshing and fizzy with little cubes of apple in it. :D Stupid Huiwen snapped a pic of me as I was taking off my invisalign. LOL After an unglam photo must post a pretty photo We were all treated to the Pizza Hut staff dancing - then finally... FOOD! Bruschetta with tomatoes and bruschetta with mushrooms .  Crispy garlicky butter toast is the way to start!!  Esp

Video tutorial + Camwhoring pictures!

Angelababy inspired make up!! Numbered for your easy commenting. I am so considerate. I look so different with brown hair wtf... I've been blonde too long to get used to this. Love the quality of the photos and the video (In HD omg professional much?)! Taken with my new Panasonic GH1 camera! If you recall in THIS entry it was the camera I wanted to buy long ago but decided not to coz I didn't do videos then. I was like PAH! HD VIDEOS WHO NEEDS THEM? And now I do... Moron. And now I have a hugeass DSLR sitting around unused and unloved. Guess I'd sell it whenever I can be bothered to. Thanks for the support on the subscriptions and nice comments left! I freaking love you guys!

Adventures with Za in Bangkok!

Advertorial Gotta love the peeps from ZA! They were launching a few exciting new products and unveiling their new ZA ambassador and she is Thai, so I got to tag along with other reporters to go to Bangkok for the regional press conference to meet her! ZA also launched two new products - the True White Plus foundation (revamped from their best-selling foundation) and True White Plus Instant Brightener (totally new product)! As an, ahem, backstage beauty reporter, I got to try out both products before they are even launched! Excitedness. I'm super obsessed with any product that makes my skin more gorgeous! Got flown first class! Ok just kidding. Not quite there yet. But my friend from SQ somehow had a colleague on that flight and she gave me that! You get to go to a special line during immigrations but I was a moron and mistook the first class line for the family line (where they do families with kids) and still waited a long time while confused parents and grannies sta