Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New video!

I don't believe myself!!!

During my 4 day work trip for a Pixar Car 2 press junket in San Francisco, I actually had 1 whole free day so guess what I did?

I took a 1 hour plane ride to LA to meet Michelle (Phan)!

It may not sound like much but it is actually really out of character of me to be so spontaneous and adventurous! What? It's scary to go to airports alone! What if Michelle plays me out? What if I get lost? It's much easier to just lie around in a comfy hotel bed!

But as it turns out she didn't play me out and in fact woke up at like 7am to bring me shopping and dining!! She's awesome.

And we filmed a little haul video which she super efficiently put on her youtube page wtf... Talk about workaholic...

Just one photo coz I'm gonna be blogging about my SF trip soon and will post more then!

Oh btw I don't know if you can tell from the photo but Michelle has like BROWN eyes. I know it sounds creepy like wtf am I doing looking into her eyes but seriously they are not the darkish brown sort but really light brown! Very chio lah!! She says she's the only one among her siblings (or family, I forgot what she said) who got it. (I asked coz I thought maybe it's a common thing for Viets to have brown eyes??) So lucky!! Bitch doesn't need coloured lens!!

Oh and this video is probably the first video posted post nose job. I love it so much!!! Too bad I could never kiss my own nose, haha!

Ok blog more soon, toodles!