Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to get dramatic bottom lashes

Without even sticking on falsies!!

Did a video tutorial.

Have fun watching!!!

Here's the before:

Super demure wtf

And here's the after:

Crazy huge eyes in 4 easy steps!! 

Which look do you prefer?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love More


So excited!!! Received a giant box of many masks from Love More. They are actually one of the best selling mask brands in Taiwan!

Their packaging are all very pretty with girly cute graphics!! Irresistable!

I love masks!! It's hard not to - put it on, go about doing your usual pottering around the house, then after removing the mask your skin will be super soft and thankful!!

Among the masks here are 2 of my favourites:

Love More New Zealand Kiwi Acnes All Out Set

As you can see it's a really "special" mask coz it comes in a set of 3!

It is specially for both women and men who have troubled acne skin in Singapore's hot and humid weather.

With the strong adhesive ability, acne can be removed completely, turning your skin smooth immediately.

After the removal of acne, the skin won't be dry but with moisture retained. Natural kiwi fruit extract prevents further proliferation of acne.

The kiwi extract removes dead skin cells too, causing fairer skin with smaller pores.

I'm gonna try it out!

Here's the steps:

Apply the softener on your desired skin area (for me, nose and area around nose. blackheads!) and give it a good massage for 2-3 mins. This opens up pores for easier acne/blackhead removal!

The softener feels just like water.

This is the fun part!

Apply the Purifying Mask all over your desired areas! The mask is very gooey and smells super nice, really like kiwi! It is white with little beads of green. :D

Wait for 10-15 minutes till the mask is dry, and remove the mask! If there is excess mask left, wash off with warm or cold water.

You can see some of the blackheads and whiteheads on the mask!

Lastly apply the Purifying Astringent Essence!

The consistency is kinda like a toner. This works to contract acne prone pores. Pores will become smaller and less noticeable! :D

Super QQ, clean and smooth skin

I love how the essence makes my skin feel EXTRA clean!!


If you don't have acne and just want a mask to hydrate, lift, whiten or firm your skin, you can also try some of Love More's famous 3D masks!

What is a 3D mask?

It is just like your usual paper mask but it comes with ear hooks to lift and firm skin from your neck, cheeks, eyes and mouth areas - because neck care is just as important as face care!

There are many different masks to choose from depending on your desire.

I chose the Rose Crystal and Tourmeline Peptide Duo Lifting mask.

Coz I love rose-scented things and it's the prettiest lol!

See? Super cute packaging!! Haven't use already happy!

I love love love how there are not one but TWO pairs of ear hooks (meaning 4 in total) coz it makes the mask extra tight on my face!

And the neck portion is just ingenious!

While wearing the mask it is adviceable to massage your face a little too to let the awesomeness absorb more. :D

In case you are wondering why the box says "Scotland", it is because Love More uses imported ingredients "Sealed and Sent with Love" from respective countries. It's pretty fun trivia!

If you'd notice the mask also has a "Hives" pattern. This ensures the mask fits better on your skin and will not absorb the moisture from your skin when it is dry.


Can't decide which is the mask for you?

For April and May 2011, there are 2 special "suitcases" of a mixture of all of Love More's maskes!

The Love More Purple Series and The Love More Pink Series

Masks inside the pink series. 

I love love love the colours!

Masks inside the Purple Series

Both contain 7 masks in total and retails at only $9.90! 


Of all these masks, these four are my favourite:

Love More maskes are available exclusively at selected Watsons stores. You can also visit for more product information!

P/s: Please join Lush Beauty's Facebook page and Love More Singapore's Facebook page to stand a chance to win a box of their masks!

Let's Play Love

Was invited to cameo in one of xinmsn's new shows called Let's Play Love - as myself! It's a romantic comedy and it's kinda interesting coz voters get to have a choice in what happens next in the show!

My first time being an actress wtf... My role is the lead actress' best friend.

Anyway I was supposed to play a bigger role but in the end I couldn't start earlier coz it clashed with my nose job. But even with a few lines I was so stressed out! Blessing in disguise that I didn't get the heavier role then. :p

Filming location is at Klapsons hotel.

With Teresa Tseng, my "bff" of the day!

She's super nice, I really like her. Hardworking with her lines and she and Huang Jing Lun (Singaporean dude who took part in 超級星光大道 in Taiwan. And he is really funny) sang together on the bus on the way to Klapsons.

They sound super nice wtf. Why can't I be talented like that?? I also wanna sing on buses to impress random bloggers.

We had a "prop" cake and it was really super duper nice wtf. Best strawberry shortcake EVER!!!

And our drink of some sort of tea (passionfruit?) with ice cubes/spheres of the same drink. So much effort to make the drink not taste watered down!

Here's the script. I'm ashamed to say I barely could read it. Can't believe I got A2 for my Chinese, C5 for my higher Chinese and was from a Chinese school. So diu lian!!! I blame it on my angmoh husband who makes me watch angmoh shows.

One more with Teresa! Didn't bother to PS her coz she's already so pretty. *grumbles*

With Star Search finalist James Seah. He so poor thing lor he had to sit there for hours with us and he was only supposed to walk handsomely past us and not even say a line. FHL. Or it could be an awesome thing depending on whether he likes wasting time doing nothing.

With Huang Jing Lun

Ok that's it with the photos... I'm on episode 6 so you can watch me here:

<br/><a href="" target="_new"title="Episode 6">Video: Episode 6</a>

Here's a link to the rest of the episodes if you wish to watch


Hey guys, check me out in my "new job"! So excited to share it with you! Click here to watch it on The GMP Group Facebook page. Don’t forget to ‘Like’ the page first if you haven’t done so yet!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

New videos: Answering FAQs about plastic surgery!

Part 1

Part 2

Hope you guys enjoy watching!! Just a warning... Part 2 contains a picture of my booger. HAHAHA!!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Some people have asked me to write an entry about my feelings now that the elections are over so here it is.

I am sad, obviously. Sad that Singapore lost an amazing Minister who has done so much for us. Disappointed that the outcome wasn't what I hoped it would be.

But I find that what's even more tragic was the fact that after the results were announced, dozens of people all wrote me very nasty @replies on twitter. Right, I write nasty shit all the time to people too. But I'd NEVER, NEVER attack someone when they are already feeling utterly depressed. That's just low. You got your favourable outcome. I didn't. There is no need to gloat.

Just like even though I support PAP, I'd never smirk and say HEY! CHIAM LOST POTONG PASIR WOOHOO SUCK ON THAT BYATCHES! No way! Coz I can see that Mr Chiam has dedicated his whole life to Singapore and I admire that. He is a great MP. I geddit that some people don't like me, but do you really hate me enough to feel happy that GY is gone? Really???? Look at the bigger picture please?

And of course, some of the haters started to say that I, humble Wendy Cheng, inadvertibly caused PAP to lose Aljunied just coz I endorsed it.

This really pissed me off. I mean of course these people MEANT to piss me off. But it was successful.

THEN... Amazingly enough, when I was feeling so down, I actually started thinking... IS IT TRUE? Did I really cause Singapore to lose our Foreign Minister?

But that was like 2 days ago. I can't believe it! They got to me!

After years and years of blogging and dealing with haters, something finally got to me! The last time I felt so upset with comments was probably when I gave Pumpkin away. I now have a morbid fear of dog-lovers.

So anyway, after I snapped out of it, I realised that these people are fucking full of shit.

On May 3rd when I wrote my first GE related blog entry, I had 75,922 unique visitors. Readers agreed with my entry and made MM Lee's fb fan page gain from 57,087 fb likes to over 72,000 fb likes overnight, exceeding Nicole Seah's by over 4000.

Did my "endorsement" fail? No it didn't.

(Yes I'm aware Ms Seah's likes have once again exceeded that of MM Lee's but I don't care anymore coz she can't be the most popular politician if she is no longer a politician. I will resist the urge to gloat.)

On May 4th, I had 110,723 unique visitors for the "Vote Wisely" entry. By May 5th, the same people who said I caused PAP's loss were screaming and yelling online, saying how they CANNOT believe that people are taken in by my blog entries and how naive these people are. They felt threatened.

On May 6th, Cooling Off Day, the hashtag #RidingWithTheLightning trended on twitter for almost 24 hours thanks to me, with Singaporeans pledging to give their vote to PAP.

How can it be that my blog entries could cause someone who is neutral to vote for WP? I merely wrote about what a good minister GY is. If someone hates me enough to forsake all other reasons to vote for the opposite of what I urge people to, then he is extremely stupid. I can't believe that anyone would even dare to admit that.

To suggest that I caused PAP's downfall in Aljunied is just ABSURD. Singaporeans don't care about me that much. (*fake blush*)

PAP lost because Workers' Party sent their strongest team ever to fight in Aljunied. PAP lost because last year, even without an "A" team, Aljunied was a very close fight anyway.

PAP lost because citizens didn't like MM Lee's comments about repentance.

PAP lost because of the voices of thousands of Singaporeans all screaming, "HEY! The country is progressing too fast and leaving me behind. Slow down! If you don't I'd have to stop you by voting you out."

But I don't blame these people for trying to hurt me by saying I caused the the minister I loved and supported to exit politics. That's because I rarely lose, and it's a great time to trample all over my huge ego. LOL. Do it!! Your next chance might take a long time to come!!

But may I state formally... that I didn't lose? In writing these blog entries, I had 3 objectives.

1) For PAP to win Aljunied GRC. I clearly lost this.

2) For a PAP ruling party.

I concede that my articles were VERY biased. I wrote nothing good about the opposition and chose to delete any comments Pro-Opposition/Anti-PAP, even if they were well-reasoned.

Why? Because Pro-Opposition sentiment is already very strong everywhere. I mean look at the opposition rallies' crowd! Everywhere I looked, people were coming up with more and more anti-PAP articles, and yet nobody was speaking up for them. That's not because nobody believes in them - it's because it is such a given that they will dominate the parliament that there was NO NEED to defend them. People only liked to give support to the underdog.

Besides, the anti-PAPs are so fierce that nobody dares to say anything Pro-PAP! You'd be immediately called a dog, brainwashed, ignorant, stupid etc.

I feared for Singapore's future. I think that with the strong anti-PAP sentiment going on online, PAP might not get majority seats and we might have a complete change in government. No matter what PAP's mistakes are, I didn't want that. Especially not some inexperienced ah bengs with left wing commies giving away citizens' money and undoing all we have achieved over the years.

Why didn't I trust Singaporeans to make their own judgement by providing a neutral, objective article? There wasn't a need to. Anti-PAP articles are everywhere. I was trying to provide a balance.

I agree we needed more opposition voices in parliament. But I didn't want to lost George Yeo. And I didn't want it to go overboard and topple PAP.

And true enough in many areas the PAP win was only a very close one. What's going to happen in 5 years' time when many of the old folks loyal to PAP are dead and the impressionable youths have only read about what an evil dictator PAP is? I didn't want that. I didn't think it was fair.

So yes. Objective achieved. Still the ruling party.

3) Nicole Seah to NOT be in parliament.

You may say I'm jealous of her or whatever, but she just REALLY rubs me off the wrong way. Seriously? All those crocodile tears? Save it.

Objective achieved!

I lost? No... 2 out of 3 isn't bad.

I'd end this off with an awesome letter I received from a blog reader:

And to those who have sent me comforting words, thank you. At times like this I feel that blogging is always worth it. :')

All the best to BG George Yeo and his endeavours from here on. Many Singaporeans, me included, will never forget you for the 23 years you have dedicated to our country, making it a much better place to stay in.

Lunch with the minister a few months ago with his team and the BonitoChico team.

Here's a piece of trivia nobody probably would have ever bothered to ask him during interviews: His favourite food is vongole pasta in white wine sauce.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Show your love for your mom with YOU.C1000


Super fizzy and refreshing!

Don't know if you guys have seen my previous post on YOU.C1000 but they are the ones who sponsored the CamQueen of the Year contest!

And this time round the lemony drink with 1000mg of Vitamin C is back with a super awesome prize to be won!!

As you all know, it is MOTHER'S DAY soon!

Love your mom and wish to bring her on a trip for 2 to Taiwan because she slogged all those years to bring you up? A vacation will definitely make moms very happy!

Really easy - from 1st May to 30th June, all you have to do is to send in a picture of yourself drinking YOU.C1000 (See above on how the expert, moi, does it) and attach a message of WHY YOU LOVE YOUR MOM!

I love my mom because no matter how much the world hates me, and trust me sometimes it seems like it is the whole world, she still loves me and supports me.

Because she is always, reliable as the sun will rise, there for me when I need her.

Because as far as moms go she is an awesome shopping buddy! Super love my momo :D

So if you want win this trip for your mom, go get your YOU.C1000 and snap away!

Even if you don't win, YOU.C1000 still tastes awesome and the 1000mg of Vitamin C ensures a healthy body and glowy complexion! :D

Friday, May 6, 2011

Cooling Off Day

Phew it's finally almost over!!

Since today is "Cooling off day" (whatever that means in the internet world) I thought I'd write a light post and put up some pictures of the PAP rally I attended a few hours ago! HOW? Hardworking not?

It's really funny coz Straits Times' twitter account tweeted a picture of Qiuqiu, Sophie and me at the rally and almost everyone who replied said we were "bimbos". I felt sorry for the two girls especially Sophie since she is actually more pro-opposition than pro-PAP (although she's not anti PAP either) so she didn't deserve all that hate, but I'm secretly happy coz "bimbo" means an attractive but stupid girl.

I am 100% confident I am smart (action: whipping out Mensa and PSLE thingy) so I don't care whether stupid people (or even smart but obtuse people) think I'm stupid. But I'm not 100% confident I'm attractive so thanks for the affirmation! :D :D :D

Here's more proof that I'm at least half a bimbo:

Drawing my face and hand before going to the rally!

Love Qiuqiu's expression at the back looking a bit crazy. LOL

Love this slogan?

Credit to Rozz who coined it on her facebook (I think). She's super creative!!

Next time people ask you... WHO YOU VOTING?

What do you answer?

Give a cool smile and say...


Qiuqiu said since I'm also a Harry Potter fan I should draw the lightning on my forehead.

But but... That's so ugly!

Sophie, bored while waiting for Gillian to finish work and drive there with us, decided to draw something on her face too. Since she is pro-opp/somewhat neutral (Boooo!) and cannot draw a hammer or she will get hamtum-ed at the rally, she drew cat whiskers.

Which probably contributed to us being called bimbos.

Here's Qiuqiu's war paint.

She said "How do I look?" after I took the pic and I said "Not good, look like one of the angry opposition uncles."

So she re-posed:


One more pic of my artwork :D

Reached the rally. 
We were so lucky to get a good carpark slot coz someone pulled out when we went in!!

Love the PAP truck got rainbow one!!!! I believe they are trying to win the gay vote.

With Gillian too. And check out my cool badges!! Cute max

Minister George Yeo's supporters' creative use of the leaflets and flags!

PAP's Ong Ye Kung speaking

Happy PAP supporters who came early and got front row seats. Seeing them smile somehow warms my heart. I love my fellow Singaporeans!!!! (When they are not being excessively whiney, nitpicky and negative. Ahem)

Qiuqiu very seriously listening to the speech coz she takes pride in being the first to yell a cheer. -_-

Got more siao not

I super love this signboard!!!!!!! The lightning bolt will flash somemore!!!

George Yeo: "When we asked the WP where is their 5-year plan, they said no plans... They will use PAP's plans." *Shakes brainy head*



One more camwhoring shot

PM Lee speaking.

I know a lot of you are complaining about his apology. Frankly, I don't think he should have apologized for things that are not his fault. But you people wanted PAP to eat humble pie. Be less arrogant. Not do just what they want. Listen to the people.

He listened and he got slammed for it.

When are you going to forgive? Give him and PAP a second chance? Why everything they do you must twist to become something evil. They want the best for Singapore too.

Don't let your anger put the rest of your countrymen at stake.

Crowd photo

And finally....

BG George Yeo speaks:

Whilst other MPs used speeches that were more charged, GY put forth a speech that was more sincere, heart-felt and touching. Of course, my own opinion. I'm sure those heartily anti-PAP will say he is putting on a show.

But I could feel how sad he is that he might stop being the MP in Aljunied after 23 years.

23 LONG years where he has done his best for the residents and ate, jogged, chatted with them. He even knows a lot of them by name. I can only imagine how that must feel like and pray that Aljunied GRC familes feel the same way about GY the way he feels about them.

And don't just take my word about what a fantastic minister George Yeo is.

Please, take a moment to watch the following videos from Aljunied residents.

Even if you are pro-opposition and hate me, just watch these.

Don't say PAP doesn't care about their people.

Picking up rubbish after a rally can be faked.
Tears about $80 that deserved to be confiscated can be faked.



But because it isn't before an audience, because it isn't done during election, people don't talk about it or realise it.

If Singaporeans wish to lose such a good Minister to "give the other side a chance", then think about all these people and whether you are gambling away their chance at a better life with such a good MP. They don't wish that Aljunied be used as a gambling chip for the Workers' Party's grand plans.

Please remember GY is Singapore's Minister of Foreign Affairs so he flies around meeting dignitaries, diplomats, kings and presidents from all around the world.

Yet as he makes his way back into Singapore, he doesn't get consort with the elite and bathe in caviar (as I would) but visits Singapore's heartlanders to hear about their problems and try his best to help them. If he is a woman you can describe him as 进得了厨房,出得了厅堂, correct not?

Yet not a day passes where people yell at him (whether via fb, letters or IRL) expecting him to solve every minute issue of theirs. Some people are still ungrateful, unseeing to his goodness. SHIOK HOR? Not everyday Harvard Scholar will sit there let you yell leh.

Such a fucking thankless job. Yet people are thinking of kicking him out. It is OUR HONOUR, OUR BLESSING to have him on our side, building Singapore. A man with a big brain and an even bigger heart. We are so lucky.

As for the rest of us not staying in Aljunied...

In GY's final speech he mentioned how Singaporeans find that the government are no longer listening to them; too arrogant; out of touch with the citizens.

He said he will listen to us, learn from us, and fight for us. He will fight for a better, changed, improved PAP. And this he promised this in front of thousands of citizens who are all pining our hopes on him.

And I believe him. Because he is a man who ALWAYS delivers.

If you say you wish to vote opposition in to get more "voices" into the parliament, fine.

But just remember you are playing a very dangerous game here. 82 out of 87 seats are contested. Nobody can tell how many seats the PAP will win tomorrow. But judging from the overall sentiment, I'd say about 50% of people are strongly pro-opposition.

Because they are very unhappy with PAP. Because they want a change. And they don't really know what they will get with the opposition but they feel that their lives are so bad now that ANYTHING will be better than this. Let me tell you these people just don't know how good they've got it.

Another 30% perhaps want more voices in the parliament. Or among these are people who take voting lightly, thinking they'd support the underdog just because "Hiyah other people will still vote for PAP one lah".

If tomorrow PAP is, god forbid, a minority... And we form a coalition government (which has proven to almost never work), our country is doomed. And I know deep down, most Singaporeans still want PAP governing us.

You want more voices in the government?

But we also need more voices to say 'Hey, I still want PAP to rule leh. I vote them'. And right now that voice is SMALL.

So please, just remember your vote counts!!

How many of you are RIDING WITH THE LIGHTNING with me?? I wish I was at a rally so I can hear cheers. LOL

- Sorry I said this will be a light entry. It turned out not to be hahaha!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I AM NOT BEING PAID BY THE PAP IN ANY WAY. If you think I can write blog entries like this without real conviction and passion, you must think very very highly of my blogging skills. And no amount of money can convince me to do harm for my own country which I love to death and intend to stay in till I DIE.


Hey hardcore ANTI PAP people... Can't you tell this blog belongs to ME by mere merit that I have so many photos of myself on it? I am therefore MODERATING and deleting any comments that do not suit my interest. Tyrannic? A little, but nobody is stopping you from setting up your own award-winning blog, innit?

So don't blame me when you 1,500 word essay gets deleted before anyone can even see it.

As seen on my fb posted by a reader.