Let's Play Love

Was invited to cameo in one of xinmsn's new shows called Let's Play Love - as myself! It's a romantic comedy and it's kinda interesting coz voters get to have a choice in what happens next in the show!

My first time being an actress wtf... My role is the lead actress' best friend.

Anyway I was supposed to play a bigger role but in the end I couldn't start earlier coz it clashed with my nose job. But even with a few lines I was so stressed out! Blessing in disguise that I didn't get the heavier role then. :p

Filming location is at Klapsons hotel.

With Teresa Tseng, my "bff" of the day!

She's super nice, I really like her. Hardworking with her lines and she and Huang Jing Lun (Singaporean dude who took part in 超級星光大道 in Taiwan. And he is really funny) sang together on the bus on the way to Klapsons.

They sound super nice wtf. Why can't I be talented like that?? I also wanna sing on buses to impress random bloggers.

We had a "prop" cake and it was really super duper nice wtf. Best strawberry shortcake EVER!!!

And our drink of some sort of tea (passionfruit?) with ice cubes/spheres of the same drink. So much effort to make the drink not taste watered down!

Here's the script. I'm ashamed to say I barely could read it. Can't believe I got A2 for my Chinese, C5 for my higher Chinese and was from a Chinese school. So diu lian!!! I blame it on my angmoh husband who makes me watch angmoh shows.

One more with Teresa! Didn't bother to PS her coz she's already so pretty. *grumbles*

With Star Search finalist James Seah. He so poor thing lor he had to sit there for hours with us and he was only supposed to walk handsomely past us and not even say a line. FHL. Or it could be an awesome thing depending on whether he likes wasting time doing nothing.

With Huang Jing Lun

Ok that's it with the photos... I'm on episode 6 so you can watch me here:

<br/><a href="http://video.xin.msn.com/browse/xinfirst?videoId=35d3bfd5-8f32-4860-94db-ff96774a3a61&src=v5:embed::&fg=sharenoembed" target="_new"title="Episode 6">Video: Episode 6</a>

Here's a link to the rest of the episodes if you wish to watch


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