Show your love for your mom with YOU.C1000


Super fizzy and refreshing!

Don't know if you guys have seen my previous post on YOU.C1000 but they are the ones who sponsored the CamQueen of the Year contest!

And this time round the lemony drink with 1000mg of Vitamin C is back with a super awesome prize to be won!!

As you all know, it is MOTHER'S DAY soon!

Love your mom and wish to bring her on a trip for 2 to Taiwan because she slogged all those years to bring you up? A vacation will definitely make moms very happy!

Really easy - from 1st May to 30th June, all you have to do is to send in a picture of yourself drinking YOU.C1000 (See above on how the expert, moi, does it) and attach a message of WHY YOU LOVE YOUR MOM!

I love my mom because no matter how much the world hates me, and trust me sometimes it seems like it is the whole world, she still loves me and supports me.

Because she is always, reliable as the sun will rise, there for me when I need her.

Because as far as moms go she is an awesome shopping buddy! Super love my momo :D

So if you want win this trip for your mom, go get your YOU.C1000 and snap away!

Even if you don't win, YOU.C1000 still tastes awesome and the 1000mg of Vitamin C ensures a healthy body and glowy complexion! :D

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