Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vote Wisely

NOT an advertorial

So here's another post about the General Elections with a generic title coz I have no idea what to title it.

All I know is that as the 7th of May draws closer I wish to blog about some of the stuff that I feel strongly about. I know that a lot of you (will, if not already) disagree with me and think that I'm stupid, ignorant, and most ridiculous of all, paid by the PAP. All I can say is... You don't have to read this!

And it's super long-winded.

1) Everybody's ANGRY

Watching the rallies of the opposition really annoys me. Hearing people cheer as the PAP are being blamed from the flash floods to Mat Selamat to housing prices to foreign talents in Singapore...

Seriously, people are so full of anger and indignance that I'm sure if someone yelled "KILL THE PAP!!!111" the crowd will respond with a loud cheer.

It is ridiculous. People are all angry over SOMETHING in their lives. Be it that buying a HDB used up all their savings or that they are losing hair... It is so convenient please, to vent all that frustration of your unhappiness on your government - the PAP!


Suddenly it's not your own fault that driving a taxi is not enough to feed your 6 children. It is the PAP's. What an awesome liberating feeling! Yeah PAP ask you to keep fucking without contraception so it is their responsibility to give you welfare!

Yeah the PAP caused floods and inconvenience coz they don't know how to predict the weather.

People always yakking about how PAP doesn't help the poor... Nicole Seah even said her stupid inspiration for dabbling in politics is because she saw an old lady with a roof over her head but no food...

EXCUSE ME? THE ROOF FLY TO ABOVE HER HEAD BY ITSELF AH? Must give her roof must provide food everyday... Must help her wipe her ass or not?

I'm not saying we shouldn't help the poor. We should. But everything needs to be in balance. To say that the rich and able should constantly be giving to the poor, needy or lazy is a childish idealistic notion that simply won't work. We must simply accept that some people suffer in life - we can try to limit it, but we cannot eradicate it.


Excuse me? WHY? Who is stopping you from being a hardworking student, getting a scholarship, and becoming minister yourself? Who is stopping you from setting up your own business after saving up money from doing several jobs? YOU THINK ALL THESE PEOPLE DIDN'T WORK HARD?

You want to blame, you blame yourself. Don't think just because you are faring worse than others everyone else has to contribute to a better livelihood for you? FUCK THAT. You know what is COMMUNISM not?

You want cheapo HDB flats... Singapore's land is so limited, HOW CHEAP YOU WANT? You think what? HDB grow like mushroom? All you need is soil, sunshine, water and some love? NO LEH A LOT OF BANGALA NEEDED TO BUILD THEM!

I'm not rich myself ok? Mike and I barely have enough to pay the downpayment for a HDB. But I don't expect the government to give me money or lower the prices leh... Why should they? I refuse to take any blogshop ads. I lazy to blog more. I can't be bothered to source out more advertisers. I spend my money on shoes and bags. SO LIKE THAT LAH! Either be contented or blame yourself!

I don't like the prices here... Move out lor!

And if the government should help you because you can't help being sickly or disabled - it is a PRIVILEGE. NOT A GIVEN.

Watch this. It's a guy who has been helped by his MP (from PAP) and yet he doesn't blame the government for his hard life.

Nobody owes you a living!!

I'm not saying don't blame the PAP for anything that has gone wrong. Sure, they make mistakes. Big mistakes that may have cost our country billions. I also don't like all the foreign construction workers in SG. Don't like it that my future HDB so puny and still must ballot. And maybe..... a change will do us good.

But will it? Why are people making their choices only focusing on the mistakes that were made, the limitations that the PAP has? I'm focusing on the good work the PAP did.

Am I willing to sacrifice our safety, our political stablity, our ultra low unemployment rate, our high standard of living... all to try out some new Ah mao Ah kow leaders? (No offence to Chen Show Mao) I don't want leh!

CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE. Thanks to Obama "CHANGE" is the new buzzword of the year. You want change?

Change from what to what? If our bar is at "GOOD" now, you want to change it to "EXCELLENT"? You think opposition can do it? What if they change from "GOOD" to "FUCKED"? There is no perfect system. "GOOD" is good enough for me.

And I trust. I believe PAP is listening. I trust that they will strive to improve our lives, and I believe they will do a good job because they have proven they can do a good job.

p/s: For the above I'm addressing people who are 100% against PAP, not those who just wish to have some opposition voices in the government.


2) Marine Parade GRC

I'm freaking angry over the comparisons between Nicole Seah and Tin Pei Ling. Why is it that when I hear people sing praises of Nicole, it is always coupled with a "She is so much better than Tin Pei Ling!"

Is it because Nicole Seah is just mediocre standing alone without Tin Pei Ling to act as a joke next to her?

(I agree Tin Pei Ling seems to be an airhead with really shitty public speaking skills but that's not the point)

And then never mind... I've heard sentiments from people saying they don't know who to vote for in Marine Parade because they don't want Tin Pei Ling as their MP.


You don't want Tin Pei Ling as your MP, but you want ABDUL SALIM HARUN??

THIS dude

Why am I suddenly talking about him?

Because he is in Marine Parade NSP. Just that nobody talks about him.

Why are people comparing Tin Pei Ling to Nicole Seah? Just coz they are both young women? Please leh, Nicole Seah is clearly the strongest contender in her team, whereas Tin Pei Ling is the weakest.

You want to compare team to team then you compare strongest to strongest, weakest to weakest lah!

So... Tin Pei Ling vs Abdul Harun.

Tin Pei Ling - Education: Crescent Girls' School, Hwa Chong JC, NUS Bachelor in Social science.

Pros: Seems motherly. Volunteered for last 7 years at YoungPAP.

Cons: Likes Kates Spade, act cute, airheaded.

Abdul Harun - Education: Woodlands Secondary School, ITE, Part-time Diploma in RETAIL MANAGEMENT. Works as a warehouse assistant.

Pros: ???? Represents blue-collared workers - quoted from NSP's page.

Cons: Cannot even lead in a warehouse want to lead the country. Education unimpressive. Blog shows he cannot write proper English and uses words like "our belove Singapore".

And Nicole Seah vs SM Goh Chok Tong...

SM Goh - Education: Raffles Institute, First class honours in NUS, Master of Arts in Econs in Williams College, USA.

Pros: Lead the country as Prime Minister, served Marine Parade GRC since goodness knows when, implemented numerous policies which are quite boring to talk about.

Cons: Has Tin Pei Ling in his GRC

Nicole Seah - Education: CHIJ Katong, VJC, Bachelor of Social Science in NUS.

Pros: Knows how to insult PAP to ginormous cheers

Cons: Attention-seeking whore with grumpy face

Can't be bothered to talk about the rest of the team members coz I'd sound very biased but let's just say that the PAP team is more impressive.

So yeah in conclusion. Wanna compare must compare to the right person ok?


3) Aljunied GRC

Aljunied is most strongly contested GRC. I know a lot of Aljunied residents are planning to vote for the Workers' Party. I have nothing to say about or against the WP. But I do want to say my piece for Minister George Yeo.

It is not everyday that we get a minister who is as good as him. Even online where the sentiment against PAP is very strong, most of the comments about Minister George Yeo (hereby known as GY) are all pretty positive.

I've met him on 3 occasions. The first two were just lunch where he wanted to meet up with "young influencers" to just generally chit chat about what the younger generation think about politics, among other topics. Third was the filming of the Election Special.

Whenever I spoke, I could see him listening intently. Even when I was talking nonsense. When he replies (in his trademark slow voice haha) he is never patronising and full of shit but is genuinely interested and would always ask for more information. Trust me I rarely like people and I can always tell when people are being pretentious. GY is not.

When I was first asked if I would like to meet the minister, I was like WTF... Why he want to meet me? WANT TO ASK ME TO BLOG FOR HIM RIGHT? SORRY PLEASE NOT INTERESTED.

At that time I only knew he was a minister, but I was superbly uninterested in politics. But as the GE grew closer I started to hear more things about him and the more I hear the more impressed I am. And I am writing this not because he in any way asked me to.

He is extremely intelligent, topping his year as the top student in the O Levels. Went to Harvard and graduated with the highest honour. Came back, joined the army, became Brigadier-General. Quit the army to stand for Parliament.

When he was Minister of Information and the Arts, he liberalised the use of dialect in local movies, which resulted in his strong friendship with Jack Neo then after.

GY then got into a lot of controversy over his "support" of Jack Neo during the extramarital affair issue (not that he agrees with cheating, just that he supports Jack Neo during the difficult time). Surprisingly enough when I met him, he wasn't afraid to speak about this issue and even asked us whether he did the right thing.

To elaborate on this... Nobody hates cheating more than me. But if you are a public figure and your (also public figure friend) made a mistake, what do you do? Do you choose your public image over friendship?

This seriously puzzled me for a bit. What if tomorrow Rozz or Kaykay like commits fraud or something? Would I still publicly support them if it harms my career?

GY made a decision to stand loyally by his friend, despite the impact it had on his career. And that took real bravery and selflessness. For that, I respect him.

Besides successfully negotiating the Free Trade Agreement for SG and proposing the idea of having IRs, he is also tirelessly doing his duties for Aljunied GRC to jog with the residents or listen to their woes and help them.

Seriously. Because I follow his (relatively boring lol) twitter account, I always see him tweet stuff like "Visiting the Block xxxx residents today" while I'm chillaxing at home. He IS paid a high salary - but no one can doubt how hard he works. And not to mention a lot of his salary he donates to good causes like the Viva foundation for children with cancer. Ministers are often painted as greedy assholes and I can't speak for the rest but I'm certain GY is one of those who gives more than he takes.

He also said in a rally that his team has delivered and fulfilled every election promise that was made in 2006.

And not to mention if you watched the video above, you can see that he is one of the few ministers who are extremely humble and willing to listen. You can even contact him through facebook!

We are very, very lucky to have him as one of Singapore's ministers.

The reason I am writing all these is because...

For those of you in Aljunied GRC - please consider this before voting: If Workers' Party wins, we, as a nation, loses George Yeo as a minister.

He can no longer be part of parliament OR cabinet. As for the opposition supporters saying he should run for Presidency... Don't get taken in. Being President holds very different duties from what GY is accustomed to doing and is doing well.

If you say you want a voice for the people, then think about this:

Is it better to have 5 Workers' Party members merely in parliament or is it better to have a Minister representing your voice up in the cabinet?

You want to be heard - George Yeo is listening.

So think carefully before you vote! The elections are happening not for you to stamp your feet like a child and vent your frustrations on that piece of paper. Vote the party that will move our nation forward, and not the one that tempts you with unrealistic ideologies that might ruin everything we have built for years.

I'm not trying to tell you who to vote for. Ok I kinda am. But I fear a bleak future for our nation should the PAP topple. And don't say it won't! My god the day we have a coalition government our country will go to the dogs.

p/s: Still deleting rude comments at my own whim. Pro opposition? Post your drivel elsewhere.