Monday, June 13, 2011

Help Carl Jones find his luggage!


Guess what I've got here with me!

It's shiny, it's a bright, gorgeous red and it's called the Cube Alfa!

Yes it's my all new AMERICAN TOURISTER luggage! :D :D

I've been wanting a new luggage for ages. Wanted a big one to share with Mike when we go on holidays and the only big one I have is pink, which is too embarrassing for him to wheel around.

In case you haven't heard of the brand before, the brand American Tourister has been around since 1933. They are a trusted household brand for luggage thanks to their high quality and durable products. They are even the first brand to offer luggage tags! And amazingly enough, Mike's dad gave him one of those luggage tags. It has been in use in their family since Mike was 8 years old!

That's 21 years ago and it lasted till today. Seriously. It's currently hanging on our wardrobe knob. Don't ask me why, it just ended up there.

I had a hard time picking the colour for my Cube Alfa:

It comes in super cute colours! I wanted the orange and the blue-green. Didn't care about the black and green.

It also comes in 3 different sizes and the best thing about it is that it comes with a TSA approved lock:

Did you know that the TSA sometimes opens up luggage to check on their contents? 

If you lock your luggage, they will cut your lock open! So horrible! But with a TSA approved lock, the authorities will have a special key to open the lock so your luggage is safe from potential thieves yet won't be ruined by security checks.

Another thing I love about the Cube Alfa? Most hard shell luggage comes with clip fasteners but this is zipped! The flap around the zip is soft rubber so it won't hurt your hands while zipping.

I don't like the clips on hard luggage coz they sometimes are not properly secured. They just trick you into thinking they are, then spill your contents everywhere!! GRRRR

The rest of the luggage is made of 100% polycarbonate. No idea what that is but I suppose it's strong and everything! And best of all, super lightweight! :D

And I love 4 wheeled luggage. Seriously, 2 wheels should be obselete by now!

Here's the inside

With me beside it for size comparison. Just kidding. I'm posting this up coz my legs look fab in the picture. TYTYTY

(Also don't need to keep looking if I zao geng ok I went to darken the area so it looks like a shadow lol)

If you are thinking "I can't believe this bitch is blabbering on about luggage wtf. I'm gonna stop reading now" you are gonna regret it because HERE IS AN AWESOME CONTEST!

So the story goes like this. Carl Jones, a small town American boy, comes to Asia for the first time and he keeps losing his luggage in different locations!

If you can help him find his luggage you can win a holiday to the said location!!


The contest has been going on for a while now and already people have won trips to...




You can check out American Tourister's facebook page where you can see pictures of past winners and even photos from their holiday!

You don't even need to purchase any luggage to take part. Just join and hope your entry is creative enough to win!

But of course, if you do win...

It would be a bit ungrateful and assholey to go to your holiday with anything but an American Tourister luggage, correct or not? LOLOL

As for me, I'm going on my holiday to Hongkong and Otaru (on the 14th till 20th) with my brand new luggage!

I'd be sad if it gets scratched. :( It's so pretty and shiny now.