Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm exclusive

Today's blog entry is very stupid. You have been forewarned.

So anyway I saw a website a few days ago and it is called

Saw I had to use twitter to sign into it so I didn't bother. Today a follower on twitter linked me an article and apparently, the website only allows people who have verified accounts on twitter to enter!!

HELLO? What is the use of having a verified twitter account if not to enter dark elitist internet nightclubs??

This is how the first door looks like!

With a verified twitter account you can enter the second room:

Click to enlarge

And this is how it looks like. Meh. Kinda dirty. But what's cool is you can see the other verified peeps who have entered, and if they are still IN the room (aka on the website) you can also see that!

If are sick of mingling with the people who have a mere 5,000 twitter followers, you can proceed to the next door - that is, provided you have more than 5,000 followers.

Click to enlarge

OK this looks like a nicer room. But it still looks boring.

With 25,000 followers, you can go into an even more exclusive room. And I try to open the door to go beyond that:

And... Apparently I'm not popular enough.

Kua kua...

The moment I hit 100,000 followers, if ever, I'd be staying in that room all day, soaking in my own awesomeness!! LOLOL

But room 3 is not bad ok? Apparently Ryan Higa, Dr Pepper, Harvard University, Ryan Seacrest and Christian Siriano was in that rubbing shoulders with me!! HAHAHA!!

Ok that's the end of this entry. A stupid internet website made me feel good about myself today.

If you want to see how the other even more exclusive rooms look like you can click on this link. Ryan Seacrest posted more pictures but even he can't get into the 5,000,000 followers room!

p/s: Obviously follow me on twitter if you haven't already.