Friday, June 10, 2011

Iron Make your hair


In case you are wondering why the title of the blog entry is so weird sounding, it's because today I'm going to be trying out Liese's Iron Make Collection!! More about that in a bit.


Are you bored of your flimsy, flat, shapeless hair like me?

You want to style your hair with hair irons. But what's the point when your hair reverts back to normal within a few minutes and half your curls are gone by the time you are done curling?

And also... you have a love-hate relationship with your curling iron or flat iron:

Because hair irons can go up to temperatures of 210 freaking degrees! Boiling water is just 100 degree Celsius and I can't imagine boiling my hair! Really, that crazy temperature is enough to make your hair curl - literally. (HAHA PUN)

Needless to say, using a curling/flat iron damages your hair if you don't use the necessary protection before styling.

Liese's Iron Make Collection to the rescue! 

Comes in 2 cute bottles: Rich Straight and Rich Curl

What are they?

The Iron Make Collection contains heat-activated polymer.

This magic polymer thingy is softened by heat - it spreads and stretches well on your hair, forming a barrier between your hair and the evil iron. This helps to minimize the heat damage on your hair.

As it cools, polymer becomes a solid again and keeps your hairstyle firm for you. There is also the "heat spring" ingredient that enables bouncy curls to be created with a "bending ability" - meaning your curls/ramrod straight hair will not feel stiff, hard or sticky!

So not only do you get hair that holds its style and shape all day, it's also soft to touch and not damaged! So amazing one wtf

I'm excited to give it a try!!!

Gonna curl my hair so I'm spritzing some Liese Iron Make Collection Rich Curl on my hair...

Psst psst

For more even coverage it's better to put the nozzle about 15cm from your hair. 

Make sure all parts of your hair that will come in contact with the hair iron is well covered.

Pinned up my hair, put in a flower, and curling tongs heated up. I am ready to start!

I definitely feel safer with Rich Curl in between my hair and the hot rod!

And done!!!! Love the gyaru curls! :D

I love it! To be honest I was a little skeptical at first about the product. I hate putting styling products on my hair coz I wash my hair about once every 4 days. Yeah it's gross and whatever - but my hair is super long so it's a major hassle to wash!

So yes I don't like products that make my hair stiff or hard. I like to run my fingers through my hair! And I suspected that the Liese Iron Make Collection might be, but it really isn't!! After this shooting this advertorial I actually went to bed with the product on my hair :D It's not sticky at all!

And the curls definitely lasted longer than usual. For even longer-lasting curls, you can try to use some of Liese's Wax and Foam to hold the curls into place.

Another thing I liked: I felt my hair looks shinier after I applied Rich Curl!! :D :D :D

So of course, it's time to camwhore! Afterall, a good hair day is not that easy to come by!

Thank you Iron Make Collection for my awesome camwhoring session! :P

I didn't use the Rich Straight but it works the same way as the Rich Curl - just that it contains "heat stretch" ingredients to straighten frizz and unwanted wavy hair.

And after application, just flat iron your hair till you get that perfect salon rebonded look!


It's giveaway time!!

Want to win this awesome Two-in-one styler for straightening AND curling?

The reason why it looks so different is because it is a curling tong and also flat iron!! Super convenient! I also love how the tong has a thick barrel which gives you big gentle curls.

To win this...

Purchase any Liese Iron Make Collection from Watsons in the month of June. Snap a picture of the receipt with your name, IC and contact number and email it to - easy right? Closing date 30th June. 5 sets to be won!!

Winners will be notified by email.

Do check out LieseSG's facebook page for more of Liese's awesome products. Toodles and good luck styling your locks!

Questions about hair styling? Just ask away and I will be picking 3 questions to answer daily from 9th to 10th June on my blog!


p/s: Thank you to everyone who’s viewed the video of me in my new job.Your support has been amazing! For those of you who haven’t seen it, click here now to check it out.