Tuesday, June 7, 2011

KL + Samantha Vega

OMG I'm super backdated on photos so here are some from my trip to KL and also the launch party of Samantha Vega in Singapore!

KL first... 

It was one of those weekends where I decided to be adventurous so Mike and I drove to KL in Laopokasaurus! For those of you who don't already know, it is a 20+ year old mercs and it is... kinda unreliable. LOL.

If we got stranded on the way we would have been fucked but I really wanted a road trip so we just took the risk! I LOVE road trips!! I love buying shitloads of snacks for the trip plus I can't drive so I can just sleep in the car with a blanket. I feel extra secure and snuggly in a car with Mike driving :D

Stayed at Tim's place. His guest room is constantly utilized by his SG friends wtf. I hope none of them had sex on the guest bed.

Left the house at about 730am. Arrived on the dot at 12pm!! Very proud of the GPS. Brought us all the way to KL and we only got lost once while in KL city.

Tim drove us all to Klang for bak ku teh lunch:

Here's Tim and Mike discussing politics and war (literally) while Audrey and I...

Do womenly duties wtf

Hahaha actually only Aud did it.

Here's 2 more useless pics of Audrey pouring tea:

Her looking a little crazy

And her looking pretty lol


After lunch we adjoin to Aud's friend Eric's place. He modifies blackberries!!

Crazy amount of casings!

Here's my new (at that point) white torch queuing up for its turn to get the casing changed to pink and keyboard lights changed to RAINBOW!!

And done!!

Ok the front casing cannot be changed coz it's stuck to the LCD screen. So only the back casing is changed to pink. And oh yes he gave me a hello kitty screen protector but I decided I don't really like it so I changed it.

The fully blinged blackberry I'd show you guys in the next post!! With the rainbow keyboard!

Day 2: Camwhoring while waiting for Aud to get ready!

Treating Tim's guest room like a hotel lol. (We cleaned it up later ok)

With Aud... It's shopping day!

But first... Lunch:

Hawker making egg tarts. First time I've seen it being made!

OMG fucking yummy roasted pork

Love this awesome Malaysian tea. We don't we have it here?? 
Much better than plain ol' teh peng.

Camwhoring with Cheesie and Aud at the M.A.C counter 
coz we thought the lighting there was good. #shameless

Aud and I switching sides coz we have the same good angle. LOL!

Erm no photos of us shopping like mad at Sungei Wang coz I was too freaking busy buying this and that. But coincidentally enough, we all walked into this shop and saw this tee that says...


It's like it was MEANT TO BE. Like the boss could tell the future and he knew the 3 of us would walk in... I mean, there were only 3 of those tees there and who else would... or could... ever buy those?

Problem was the tees had 3 colours: White, beige, and grey - only one of each.

Since the 3 of us had similar tastes we decided the aforementioned order was the order of the likeablity of the tees' colours. We oh-ah-peh-ah-som-ed for it.

I lost so I was supposed to take grey. Aud won so she got the white. Cheesie got the beige.

The Cheesie said she really doesn't care whether beige or grey so she swapped with me coz I didn't like the grey.

Then Aud tried the white and didn't like the cut (which surprisingly differed from the grey and beige) so she said she'd swap with me.

That's how I climbed to the top of the food chain and got the tee colour of my choice MUAHAHAHA

Here's a picture of all of us wearing our tees :D

You know why??


Ok joking joking I hope no crazy blog queen is reading this sentence and scoffing at me.

After dinner it was time to go home!!

Alas, there was some problem with Laopokasaurus. Mike managed to get the car from outside Tim's condo into Tim's condo... And then it wouldn't start.

We wrote a note and wanted to paste it on the car coz it was another resident's lot we were parked at.

It was 10pm on a Sunday night. :(

But after a lot of tweaking, Mike managed to get the car to start again and MIRACULOUSLY we managed to drive all the way back to Singapore without any problems!! :D

It was 3am by the time we reached home wtf.

Samantha Vega event at Zouk

After the super successful launch of Samantha Thavasa in Ion, sister brand Samantha Vega is also in town!!

Met Sophie and Qiu to eat before we go for the launch party:

Here's a blurry but chio photo of them

Haha look at Qiu's ridiculous green hair wtf. Quite funny

With Shuyin too

Gillian in a demure dress! Brains explode

With Kaykay too

With all the other pretty girls there.

Ok abrupt end of entry!