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Harajuku street style

Advertorial Today's post will be full of pictures!! :D And I love the topic because it is about Japanese fashion, which I ADORE!! ♥♥ In recent years I've found my fashion calling and Japanese trends have affected the way I dress and style... My favourite of all the Japanese brands is Liz Lisa of course... Me in a Liz Lisa shop - heaven! The Japanese are crazy about their styles. If you ever go to Tokyo you'd understand how much time and effort they put into dolling themselves up. From immaculate hair to nails to shoes to headgear... They all look effortlessly stylish! Not an inch of sloppiness. And one of these fashion forward places in Tokyo is the famous Harajuku! Taken when I was in Harajuku Ok fine the people in this photo are not that stylish but it was 40 degrees out and still the Japanese do their layering thing! Madness. Not to lose out, Cheesie and I also did our best to blend in: Enjoying a harajuku crepe. :D But the sad thing is, most of th

Everyday on my Youtube channel...

BLONDE ASIANS WITH COLOURED EYES Albinos: Certain tribes in Mongolia: . . . . . . . . . . . (This is a Pokemon meme in case you are confused) Speaking of blonde hair, I am dyeing my hair PINK TODAY! I am uber excited!! Will of course take pictures so remember to check out POTM! :D Oh yeah... Also forgot to mention I have a new video on youtube . Remember to subscribe! :)

Fruity Fruity Lite X 2

Advertorial Hello! The reason why this entry is titled "Fruity fruity lite x 2" is coz this is my second advertorial for Fruity Lite! My first one can be found HERE . This time I am introducing you guys to Fruity Lite Extra ! So what IS Fruity Lite? It is the no. 1 digestive and oil cleansing drink sold in Watsons! The healthy, refreshing plum-like all natural digestive drink is specially manufactured through advanced scientific methods from high grade hawthorn fruit. Let me quote my old blog post on what the drink does: It can help digestion, reduce lipid levels in the body, reduce bad breath and improve blood circulation! It also exhibits potent antioxidant properties. Not only that, the best thing I like about it is that it cleanses your body of excess oil and encourages bowel movements! Food is very convenient and delicious is Singapore... But... They are also often chockful of oil!! After a rich (albeit yummy) meal, we often end up feeling bloate


Advertorial p/s: This advert is for girls only, and I'd be talking about our monthly woes. Men and boys, you have been warned! Familiar? Periods are such a pain, pun intended! On average, a woman can lose up to 50% of their daily requirement of iron during each menstrual cycle, and 80% of women suffer from period discomfort every month! It makes us lethargic and tired, and not to mention when we get cramps, it can get really painful and uncomfortable! When it is that time of the month, you just want to huddle up in bed with soft covers and do nothing else. Preferably with our favourite soft toy! But of course, life goes on even as our periods come. We still need to work or study and do our daily things! We cannot afford to lie in bed all day! So if you want to huddle, you can huddle up with some ChocoMarvel! What is ChocoMarvel? It is a delicious chocolatey drink made with plant extracts and 100% natural ingredients which helps us girls to reduce the discomf