p/s: This advert is for girls only, and I'd be talking about our monthly woes. Men and boys, you have been warned!

Familiar? Periods are such a pain, pun intended!

On average, a woman can lose up to 50% of their daily requirement of iron during each menstrual cycle, and 80% of women suffer from period discomfort every month!

It makes us lethargic and tired, and not to mention when we get cramps, it can get really painful and uncomfortable!

When it is that time of the month, you just want to huddle up in bed with soft covers and do nothing else.

Preferably with our favourite soft toy!

But of course, life goes on even as our periods come. We still need to work or study and do our daily things! We cannot afford to lie in bed all day!

So if you want to huddle, you can huddle up with some ChocoMarvel!

What is ChocoMarvel?

It is a delicious chocolatey drink made with plant extracts and 100% natural ingredients which helps us girls to reduce the discomfort during menstruation and stay energetic and fresh through the day!

This is the first natural menstrual care drink in the market!


- replenishes iron loss
- helps reduce bloating and tension
- helps improve facial complexion
- if you have bad cases of PMS, it can also help maintain hormone levels, thus reducing irritability and depression!

And on top of all that, it has a rich chocolate taste. Not to worry, it is low fat!

Inside the box is 8 convenient sachets. Can be brought to work, school, or even for travel. You can even leave a box in the office!

So whenever you need relief for period pain or just simply perk-me-up drink, here's what you do:

Prepare a mug with 150ml of hot water.

One sachet of ChocoMarvel

And here's how it looks like before stirring! Looks so yummy!

Here's after stirring!

Just holding a warm mug and feeling the velvety hot chocolate slip down your throat is already somehow comforting. :D

Drinking up because ChocoMarvel can help relieve discomfort within 1-2 hours!

The taste is almost exactly like hot chocolate except a little less thick/sweet and with a wee bit of herbal undertones. I actually think it would also taste very nice if mixed with a bit of milk or with whipped cream!

Get ChocoMarvel for a better time during your next period! Afterall we spend almost 6 years of our lives menstruating! Might as well do it enjoyably, right?

Wish I had ChocoMarvel when I was younger! I used to have really, really bad cramps every single month that really rendered me almost immobile and none of the old wives' tales like rubbing your tummy clockwise (I can't believe I fell for that) worked!

Go to ChocoMarvel's website now HERE, and their facebook fanpage HERE!

ChocoMarvel is available at Guardian, Unity, and Watsons for $19.90 (8 sachets). Twin packs are also available at John Little, OG and Robinsons for $36.90.

Want to win some ChocoMarvel?

Just tell me how you cope with your period cramps and how you want to try our ChocoMarvel!

Send your answers in no more than 100 words with your IC, phone number, and blog url (if any) to 10 winners will be selected to win! Good luck. :D

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