Harajuku street style


Today's post will be full of pictures!! :D

And I love the topic because it is about Japanese fashion, which I ADORE!! ♥♥

In recent years I've found my fashion calling and Japanese trends have affected the way I dress and style... My favourite of all the Japanese brands is Liz Lisa of course...

Me in a Liz Lisa shop - heaven!

The Japanese are crazy about their styles. If you ever go to Tokyo you'd understand how much time and effort they put into dolling themselves up. From immaculate hair to nails to shoes to headgear... They all look effortlessly stylish! Not an inch of sloppiness.

And one of these fashion forward places in Tokyo is the famous Harajuku!

Taken when I was in Harajuku

Ok fine the people in this photo are not that stylish but it was 40 degrees out and still the Japanese do their layering thing! Madness.

Not to lose out, Cheesie and I also did our best to blend in:

Enjoying a harajuku crepe. :D

But the sad thing is, most of these awesome Japanese labels are only available in Japan, not Singapore.


Tangs is bringing Harajuku to Singapore!!

Harajuku Street Style Pop-up Store is gonna be launching on our sunny island, bringing not one but FIFTEEN most fashion forward Japanese brands to Singapore! :D Excited!

And I get to play dress up! Qiuqiu, Cheesie, Typical ben and I were invited to pick from a range of clothes those we like for a photoshoot! Cheesie came over to my place for the photo-taking so here are my pictures (some with her).

Style 1:

Floaty ruffled floral blue top with ruffled high waisted shorts. Very comfortable!

My favourite part of the outfit is the BOOTS... 
Thigh high suede boots with a ribbon at the back... 
Wedged for maximum comfort. OMG I love them!

Pic stolen from Cheesie's blog. She is wearing my socks and shoes lol

Cheesie is in what she calls an Otona style, meaning adult. The look is usually preppy and vintage-looking, if I'm not wrong.

Style 2:

Autumn tube outfit that can be worn as a dress or as a skirt (if you are tall enough - I am not). 
Love the wedges! :)

With Cheesie working an eclectic style

Hope you like these pictures!!

If you want the clothes, be sure to make a trip down to Tangs Orchard!

Mark these dates down:

Level 3 at Playlab: 1st Oct'11 - 2nd Jan'12
Level 4: 1st Oct'11 - 30 Oct'11

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Be a fan of the Harajuku Street Style facebook page HERE.

You will soon see they have two contests for you to join (not on the page yet - like the page to be the first to be updated! *kiasu*). One of them is a style-naming contest and the other is a fashionista contest!

Attractive prizes will be given out...

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