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I'm Stripping!

p/s: One longass new post below this advert Advertorial And it's not what you think it is! I'm stripping off my falsies! For the past week I've been going out with only mascara for a change. Now, falsies have always been a must have for me because they give great impact, are fuss-free, and lasts. And now we have mascara that will do just all that! People prefer mascara for loads of reasons. The most common one is that they don't know how to apply falsies. Another is that mascara is not as "exaggerated" a look - perhaps falsies are too dramatic for everyday wear. If you are a big fan of mascara, now you can try the new mascaras from ZA!! The Impact Lash Mascara comes in 4 different types to suit all your needs! Wide Eyes This is my favourite! This mascara contains glossy oil, which gives a lustrous effect to your lashes. The brush is super unique and comes with a extra small jaggy coil with an extrafine pitch comb on the other side, ensuring

Pixar for Cars 2!

OMG I'm so backdated with my photos... Anyway photos from my trip to San Francisco again, this time to visit Pixar for the second time for Cars 2 ! (For my first trip to Pixar you can click HERE ) Stayed at Four Seasons again, along imho the best street in SF - Market Street! Huge 4 storey Juicy store, ginormous flagship F21 store, H&M, Abercrombie etc all within walking distance. :D Didn't really feel like snapping a lot of pictures coz I was there alone and seriously, I get enough weird looks without taking out a blinged out camera... First thing I did was to order food! The kid's menu is so cute with food related jokes! I'm sorry I forgot the answers to those joke questions wtf. I ordered Halibut coz the last time I had it it was so freaking delicious, but I think Four Seasons changed their menu/chef and this time round it's only mediocre. :( Still, truffle fries are always good! Emergency sign I saw along the corridor... I found it so fu