Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm Stripping!

p/s: One longass new post below this advert


And it's not what you think it is!

I'm stripping off my falsies!

For the past week I've been going out with only mascara for a change.

Now, falsies have always been a must have for me because they give great impact, are fuss-free, and lasts.

And now we have mascara that will do just all that!

People prefer mascara for loads of reasons. The most common one is that they don't know how to apply falsies. Another is that mascara is not as "exaggerated" a look - perhaps falsies are too dramatic for everyday wear.

If you are a big fan of mascara, now you can try the new mascaras from ZA!! The Impact Lash Mascara comes in 4 different types to suit all your needs!

Wide Eyes

This is my favourite! This mascara contains glossy oil, which gives a lustrous effect to your lashes. The brush is super unique and comes with a extra small jaggy coil with an extrafine pitch comb on the other side, ensuring every single lash gets fanned out and coated, giving you that dolly gyaru innocent look!

The end result is even and beautifully fanned out lashes that is non-clumpy.


If you have long lashes but too little of them, Volume is the way to go. The Volume-up Wax thickens and defines each and every lash. The brush holds the mascara evenly and is specially designed to fit Asian eyelids perfectly.


And of course everyone wants longer lashes! See the little fibres in the mascara? This helps you to make your lashes become whatever length you want!

Last but not least, Mascara Base.

You can see me applying it here. Prime lashes for maximum volume, length and separating effects while enhancing curl power and the adherence of your mascaras.

I love this base coz not only does it care for our fragile lashes with treatment complex, it has fibres in it to lengthen! :D

I was presented with a "Go Go Kit" by the awesomesauce Za girls with all these new products:

Inside contains all these pretty stuff like Za products, hair accessories, a mirror, and even *gasp* a spanking new Panasonic Lumix GF3 camera for me!! :') Why they so nice one!! ♥♥♥

The girls also told me the secret to achieving gyaru eyes is "layering". The correct order is to apply the base first, wait a while for it to dry, Wide Eyes, Volume, then Long, so here goes:

Applying Wide Eyes. Fanned out lashes!

Look how super long and kawaii!! No photoshop on the lashes at all!

And the end result after I apply a coat of Volume and Long:

TADAH!! I'm loving how my lashes really open up my eyes!

And in case you are wondering, I am using only Za products on my eye make up!
No falsies for me.

Their Ever brows eyebrow pencils have always been a best seller because not only is it rotatable so there is no need to sharpen, the end has a brush so you can even out harshness after defining your brows!

Perfect brows

They come in a variety of colours too to suit all skin tones and hair colours, and my favourite is Honey Brown, which is a light ashy brown colour. Suitable even for people with very light hair.

And my eyeliner? It's the new Liquid Eyeliner from ZA!

Deep jet black colour and it's super long lasting. 
No smudging or fading. Waterproof.

The tip is so fine it's ridiculous!

Check out the minute imprint of my Chinese name drawn by the Liquid Eyeliner. LOL

Interested to buy ZA's smashing new products yet? 


Show you the prize first to entice you:

It is a gorgeous PINK Panasonic Lumix FX 78 camera! The camera even has a cosmetics and touch up function so I'm sure you girls will look gorgeous with it.

And the best part? This is not a lucky draw so whoever takes part and meets the requirement will win prizes!!


First, you purchase any of Za's new products (Za Impact Lash Mascaras, Ever Brows, Everliners, and Liquid eyeliner) and keep the receipt.

See the poses these ZA ambassadors are in?

Have fun with your friends and snap snap snap away!

Upload 20 photos: Win a $50 goodie bag

Upload 50 photos: Win $200 goodie bag

Upload 100 photos: Win $1,000 goodie bag, including the LX 78!

Awesome prizes or what? The camera is limited to the first 5 snap shotters only so HURRY UP!!

Here's a picture of me with Qiuqiu wearing mascara only!! Ok sorry I forgot to ask her to pose with me in the picture so here is my Forever Alone version of the ambassadors' poses:

FML I cannot wink. When I tried I looked like I had a toothache and I was pulling out a tooth. This pose is difficulty level 28 or something.

And double FML all the pictures I took turned out mirror imaged. *bimbo

Impact Lash Mascaras all at $17.50 each, with the except of Mascara Base at $15.90! Available at Watsons or any other cosmetic shops.

Have fun joining ok?

Last gratuitous photo of myself