Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pixar for Cars 2!

OMG I'm so backdated with my photos... Anyway photos from my trip to San Francisco again, this time to visit Pixar for the second time for Cars 2!

(For my first trip to Pixar you can click HERE)

Stayed at Four Seasons again, along imho the best street in SF - Market Street!

Huge 4 storey Juicy store, ginormous flagship F21 store, H&M, Abercrombie etc all within walking distance. :D

Didn't really feel like snapping a lot of pictures coz I was there alone and seriously, I get enough weird looks without taking out a blinged out camera...

First thing I did was to order food!

The kid's menu is so cute with food related jokes! I'm sorry I forgot the answers to those joke questions wtf.

I ordered Halibut coz the last time I had it it was so freaking delicious, but I think Four Seasons changed their menu/chef and this time round it's only mediocre. :(

Still, truffle fries are always good!

Emergency sign I saw along the corridor... I found it so funny that they had to make an onomatopoeia of the alarm I had to take a picture!! Seriously? Alarms never sound like "whoop whoop whoop", right? LOL woop woop woop is the sound Zoidberg makes!

Lonely lunch looking out of the window the next day.

This is my lunch set and it was quite horrible. :(

And I got ready for my Pixar 25th anniversary party!

On the bus there. Seriously, I must have at least a dozen of pictures of myself with someone staring at me with intense hatred at the background while I camwhore. I must appear very unlikeable. :( I blame the blonde hair.

What were you doing on April Fools' Day?

I was trying to spot secret hidden Pixar related emblems embedded in the new HUGE Pixar building.

In case you don't already know, Pixar is expanding their office space and it used to be this one hugeass airy, clean, steel sorta building but they built a new separate building next to it and it has a homey, country, cozy feel with red bricks, wood everywhere and even a fireplace!

The steel one reflects the taste of Steve Jobs (largest shareholder of Pixar) and the country one reflects the taste of John Lasseter, Pixar's Chief Creative Officer!

Heya Lotso!

I was not supposed to snap photos of these but talent needs to be shared!

Pixar store. Merchandise here strictly not sold anywhere else. :D

Last time I came the posters were all of Toy Story 3 but now it's all Cars 2!

Giant sofa!

I feel dwarfed!

No flash = no need for photoshop. The thighs a bit fat but I can deal with that.

In case you are wondering why I said I was attending a party and yet am shooting all these Forever Alone pictures, it is because, as you can see in the background, everyone is mingling up there.

I didn't know anybody so I felt terribly out of place. :(

And the worst thing is everybody there who is not from Pixar knows Pixar inside out so they can chat with the Pixar staff knowing their job scopes and names but I don't know most of them so I was really afraid it would be insulting them if I chat to them and ask them who they are!!

Plus small talk is soooooo awkward!

So I escaped downstairs to randomly snap pictures.

And yes this is an Acadamy Award!!

I felt so awed when I saw it coz Oscars are so freaking RARE and there were a few right there before my eyes in the Pixar display cabinet.

To Finding Nemo for Best Animated Film

Giant painting at the main hall changed too, from Buzz and Woody to Lightning Mcqueen and his friends.

I had one day off on my 4 day Cars 2 trip so as I mentioned before I flew to LA to meet Michelle Phan!

I bought the "to" ticket for March 31st. Naturally when I tried to buy the "fro" ticket the automatic system brought up the calender for April. Instead of clicking backwards to March 31st, I went to click forward and brought a ticket for May 31st.

Mar 31st and May 31st looks the same ok!


Thank god Delta is freaking awesome and had a flight back for me. I had to top up $100.

Michelle picked me up from the airport and brought me to Santa Monica!! Gorgeous

Californian weather is so perfect!

She's looking perfect as usual. What's new?

We bought Wetzel Pretzels to eat!! What do you mean I look like I have a penis?

Michelle insisted on cheese dips for the hot dogs. YUM

After shopping we spent some time just chilling at her place while the telly is on. This was the first time I watched LOTR in startlingly clear HD and we kept making bimbo comments on the characters' clothes, skin and hair etc. It was crazy silly fun.

Michelle setting up her camera to film our haul video. She has makeup books and makeup scattered everywhere! LOL

There she is updating the video. She even started to do editing on the spot. -_- 
talk about workaholic.

Michelle and Carl treating me to an awesome seafood dinner! 
LA traffic is horrible, took us an hour to get there.

Me! With my crab chowder and bits of parsley picked off something...

Carl and Michelle

My super yummy scallops!

In love with my Toki doki makeup from Sephora ♥

Bought a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick from Sephora coz Michelle recommended it. Accidentally stole hers coz I thought the one on the couch was the one I bought. :(

And that's it! Flew back to SF. Concussed.

Final day at Pixar:

Should I bring a strawberry smelling Lotso home?

Ready for an awesome picture?


Me with John Lasseter after my interview with him!!

He is super nice and funny!

And I now can haz a Toy Story 3 poster with his signature on it :)

If you are wondering where the interview is, here it is, my Guide to Life on Cars 2!

And I got to watch 20 mins of footage from Cars 2 (yet to be completed then). It was so awesome!! Spy thriller style and super fast paced with heart warming friendship all put in of course. :D

Spot the little caterpillar

Real Ken and Barbie dolls, inspiration for their characters on Toy Story 3.

Oooooo... The Claw.....

Last pic in Pixar

Was so happy to find "roast duck rice" in the airport I paid $9usd for this or something. I expected SG portions but the duck is GINORMOUS and super delicious. Worth the money!

Ending this blog post with a picture of a man walking in front of me with an SQ sticker on his butt. I don't know why but maybe it's after 20 hours of flying, I found this hilarious.