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What a good DEAL!

Advertorial One thing Singaporeans love complaining about is that Singapore is BORING. Well Singapore is actually not boring but loads of activities cost money and we are not known to be particularly generous when it comes to parting with our cash!! And that's why if you are looking for some awesome fun that delivers more than what you paid for, you can check out ! Gotta love coz they give such crazy good discounts!! I think I will never ever book holidays/facials/you-name-it-services any other way again. One of the best things about the site is when you are surfing it, even if you don't spend any money, just looking at the deals gives you so many ideas on what you can do with your free time. For example... How about going on a first date at Sentosa with the birds, dolphins, butterflies and fishes? $35 very affordable leh can spend one whole day there!! Or be kiasu and make sure your Halloween is going to be fantastic and way above ot

Perfect teeth!

I've been home these few days but I haven't been blogging coz for the past few days my arm have been painful with what I presume to be carpal tunnel from excessive mouse use? (Thank god I'm not a man or I will be accused of excessive masturbation right now) I've been trying to avoid using photoshop. :( I have salon-pas on my wrist and lower arm now. I've never had carpal tunnel pains that lasted for more than a day so I'm a little worried! Nonetheless I thought it was time to show off my perfect smile now because FINALLY, my dental journey is DONE!! As I mentioned before I've gotten Invisalign and about 1 month back it was finally finished! Watch the Guide to Life on Invisalign: (" What is invisalign? I don't want to watch that video ." Well then click here for my first blog entry on it) Well actually it was finished about say, 4 months back. I started somewhere in October '10 after about 6 months, I was DONE! I had perfec

Otaru, Hokkaido - Part 3

Woooot I'm blogging about my holiday with Cheesie in Hong Kong and Otaru again!! This is my fourth blog post about this so here is... Number 1 - In Hongkong Number 2 - In Otaru Number 3 - Also in Otaru The last time I left off saying we went to the Otaru Aquarium !! I was super excited to go because they have dolphins and seals and cutesy animals! Plus, the weather was JUST PERFECT. :D Cheesie took this for me and made my leg look so long and chio lol Instead of the saying "The grass is greener on the other side" Singaporeans should say "The sky is bluer on the other side". Someone told me it is true that colder countries (during their fine weather) have skies more intense and vibrant. Perhaps it is the lack of clouds or smog? Love this photo!! I love the fat starfish, they are so cute, like the stars in carebears. AND I look like I have a glorious tan. :D WTF I don't know how the hell they managed to even know that seals are capable o