Thursday, October 27, 2011

What a good DEAL!


One thing Singaporeans love complaining about is that Singapore is BORING.

Well Singapore is actually not boring but loads of activities cost money and we are not known to be particularly generous when it comes to parting with our cash!!

And that's why if you are looking for some awesome fun that delivers more than what you paid for, you can check out!

Gotta love coz they give such crazy good discounts!! I think I will never ever book holidays/facials/you-name-it-services any other way again.

One of the best things about the site is when you are surfing it, even if you don't spend any money, just looking at the deals gives you so many ideas on what you can do with your free time.

For example...

How about going on a first date at Sentosa with the birds, dolphins, butterflies and fishes? $35 very affordable leh can spend one whole day there!!

Or be kiasu and make sure your Halloween is going to be fantastic and way above others? (Geddit? Coz it's on the flyer?)

Bored moms can bring their kids to bake and decorate cupcakes... This looks so fun!

Bored of how your cat looks? Why not shave him into a lion?


Anyway from I bought a deal for a spa treatment at Eden Spa with my mom.

Here's what my deal says:

87% off 100 Minutes Clarins Slimming and Contouring Treatment + HerbalDetox Footbath + Lymphatic Drainage Head and Face Detox Massage @ Eden Spa at Purvis. Only $48 instead of $360

$48 is so worth it!! :D

On the cab on the way there. Eden Spa is at Purvis street, super convenient.

Just being in the clean, relaxed atmosphere of the spa made me happy already!

All sorts of aromatic scents

Mummy and I

Momo happily choosing her preferred treatment. She gets to choose between:

  • Triplex BodySculpt: 3-in-1 therapy that uses slimming massage techniques on the waist, hip and thigh; Stress-relieving and pampering massage on the rest of the body.
  • Waist-Shaper + Hip and Thigh Lift Combi: Best selling intensive treatments that target the waist, tummy, hip and thigh; Releases excess fats, & reduces stubborn cellulite.
  • Swedish Destress Massage: Improves blood circulation, increase flexibility, reduces muscle tension and aches; Deeply relaxing and pampering experience.

I chose the Swedish destressing massage and she chose the waist-shaper!

And check this out:

Soooooooooo many Clarins products!

The reason why I like Eden Spa is because they are the first and only spa in Singapore to exclusively use Clarins products in their massages and therapies!

Clarins products are quite expensive so it's super worth the $48 especially when I got my body oiled in Clarins' natural plant goodness. :D

As promised my spa treatment started with a relaxing footbath. Had a fun time doing this next to my mom as we gossiped away. :)

After this was the actual massage which was fantastic although I have no pictures of it...

My favourite part of the massage was when I had the 20 minute Lymphatic Drainage Head and Face Detox Massage - OMG I LOVE HEAD MASSAGES!!

So freaking awesome!!

After the massage I took a nice shower at their pretty toilet.

So happy I could spend time with Momo and also treat her to something she really enjoyed. :D

Want to get this deal?? Click HERE!!

If you noticed the rest of the deals I highlighted have a time constraint on them so if you missed them don't worry!! has new deals every SINGLE DAY!!

So if you subscribe to them you will be sure to not miss any.

Have fun!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Perfect teeth!

I've been home these few days but I haven't been blogging coz for the past few days my arm have been painful with what I presume to be carpal tunnel from excessive mouse use? (Thank god I'm not a man or I will be accused of excessive masturbation right now)

I've been trying to avoid using photoshop. :( I have salon-pas on my wrist and lower arm now. I've never had carpal tunnel pains that lasted for more than a day so I'm a little worried!

Nonetheless I thought it was time to show off my perfect smile now because FINALLY, my dental journey is DONE!!

As I mentioned before I've gotten Invisalign and about 1 month back it was finally finished!

Watch the Guide to Life on Invisalign:

("What is invisalign? I don't want to watch that video." Well then click here for my first blog entry on it)

Well actually it was finished about say, 4 months back. I started somewhere in October '10 after about 6 months, I was DONE!

I had perfectly straight teeth.

(Please see part 2 of my invisalign journey HERE where I straightened out my bottom row after a remarkable 3 months.)

Now if I were presented with that set of teeth at the beginning of my treatment the past me would have said HELL YEAH THAT'S AWESOME but at the end of my invisalign treatment my dentist asked me if I was 100% happy because Invisalign clients were allowed FREE REFINEMENT!!

That means that if you are not happy with what Invisalign did for you, they can further rectify whatever you need done.

At that point I had tasted glory and I wanted MORE!! Why stop at perfectly straight teeth? I told my dentist I wanted my mouth area to be pushed in even more (it's jutting out kinda like a horse I suppose) so he said ok and Invisalign sent me another 10 aligners!

So those 10 aligners took another 3 months.

My aligners at the beginning of invisalign and after:

Top row. Note how much the teeth got pushed inwards! :D

Bottom row. Crooked no more!

And at the end of it I had super gorgeous teeth but for ONE thing:

I have a very gummy smile and very small, short teeth!! When I smile a lot of gum can be seen.

So my dentists from Orchard Scotts Dental said I could do GUM RECONTOURING SURGERY!!

Well it sounds very scary with the word surgery and all but it's actually a very simple procedure!!

My dentist used this amazing laser machine that somehow just burns off excess gum. Dude... It's not even painful. I actually fell asleep. And it took only about 1 hour plus!

Surprisingly enough when I posted on twitter that I did this gum surgery I got a lot of hate for it. o_o

Wow seriously? It's GUM surgery yo. How intolerant can people get? What others do to their bodies, be it plastic surgery, tattoos or excessive makeup, that's THEIR business and none of yours. As long as they not not hurting others, let them be!

I better not go off on a tangent here. Anyway, I am really, really impressed and happy with the gum reduction!! The difference is DRASTIC. The recovery was about 1 day of mildly sore gums. And it's not even that expensive at about $1,000 to $2,000++! If I knew I would have done this LONG ago.

Watch the surgery done here:

So yes now that my gummy smile is gone, the last step is... Teeth whitening!!

The process itself was not that bad but man, I realllllllllly hated the feeling after the whitening when my teeth got all sensitive! That uncomfortable feeling lasted for 1 day. :(

However, after the whitening my dentists all came into the room to look at the results and they all smiled at me and said my teeth were SUPERRR white and the results were even better than they expected!

The colour match was off the charts for normal teeth and went into veneer white. :D

My F4 Hair dentist even said my teeth were whiter than his now LOL... So it's all worth it!

Ready to see?

Awesome right? NO PHOTOSHOP!!

I am so loving my smile now!

Awwww would you look at that?? I can see 10 teeth now when I smile! I used to be able to see only 6! ♥

I'd also like to end this blog entry by saying how much I LOVE my dentists from Orchard Scotts Dental, Dr Ronnie Yap and Dr Jerry Lim!! They are both such nice guys (and cute too wtf) and very patient and professional!!

And they are always smiling so much. Now that I think about it I think it's because they are showing off their awesome teeth. It's a walking ad for them correct or not? LOL

I've looked forward to every dental visit with them and I'm even a bit sad now that it all ended. I introduced Cheesie to them too so she is also getting invisalign with Orchard Scotts Dental! :D

And a few other personal friends are also getting invisalign there! :D

If you want to improve your smile, be it straightening or gum recontouring or whitening or even just a simple cleaning, you can call go to their website HERE or call them at +6567329939.

Please don't direct your questions at me. I'm not a dentist afterall so I'm not qualified to answer. And I don't know the costs, please just call them!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Otaru, Hokkaido - Part 3

Woooot I'm blogging about my holiday with Cheesie in Hong Kong and Otaru again!! This is my fourth blog post about this so here is...

Number 1 - In Hongkong

Number 2 - In Otaru

Number 3 - Also in Otaru

The last time I left off saying we went to the Otaru Aquarium!!

I was super excited to go because they have dolphins and seals and cutesy animals! Plus, the weather was JUST PERFECT. :D

Cheesie took this for me and made my leg look so long and chio lol

Instead of the saying "The grass is greener on the other side" Singaporeans should say "The sky is bluer on the other side". Someone told me it is true that colder countries (during their fine weather) have skies more intense and vibrant. Perhaps it is the lack of clouds or smog?

Love this photo!! I love the fat starfish, they are so cute, like the stars in carebears. AND I look like I have a glorious tan. :D

WTF I don't know how the hell they managed to even know that seals are capable of doing this before they can even commence with the training. It's just like how did the first person know he is capable of a back flip before trying? Certainly the first 100 tries he would be unsuccessful, right? Why did he persist instead of giving up??

Dolphins jumping up to the platform super close to the audience. ♥

Honestly I was a little distracted watching the show, you know why?


Freaking Japanese babies everywhere and they are CUTE BEYOND WORDS. Like are you even serious?!

You see? A little boy that is polite, quiet, super stylish, and is not sticky or sweaty!!
Ok I didn't touch him but he doesn't look sticky!

And their parents... All so young and stylish and good looking! HOW? Sometimes I really feel like it's so unfair, we (Chinese) are Asian, they are also Asian... Why are they so much better looking and advanced wtf.

Walking down the steep slope to see the penguin show. Cheesie almost died in her wedges (by hers I mean mine, explanation later) and had to hold on to me. *hero

Look at this happy seal. Just look at him. HE IS SMILING.

This is the life, lolling on a rock with sunshine bathed over you and fish thrown at you. Hell yeah.

Oh god the penguin show was freaking hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

There were about 30 penguins there and they refused to do 80% of the trainer's commands. I could see that the trainer was itching to give them a kick into the water HAHAHAHHA!!

Then something super OMFG happened:



The gyaru mom above said she saw the episode of me (and Cheesie) on NHK's Kawaii TV and she actually remembered us from the show! And she wanted a picture!

I am made! I am famous in Japan!! This is crazy! When Cheesie said everyone in Japan watches NHK I thought she was just exaggerating but it turns out it is true.

Our awesome cab driver from Park Hotel Otaru then told us he was going to bring us to see SNOW.

I thought he was going to bring us to a mountain top but he just took us a barely 5 mins drive away to the bottom of a slope where lo and behold:


Much dirtier than I anticipated but snow nonetheless in 26 degree weather. He said Otaru is so cold in wintertime and gets so much snow that in summer, it doesn't really get melted away.

I didn't believe him and thought maybe it's salt but I touched it and it IS ice!! Crazy!

Next we drive to the famous Otaru Canal:

I think Cheesie took all these. Gorgeous but lacking something...


I'm not the only self centered one!

Love this pic!

Along the canal were these little pushcarts selling touristy trinkets. I stopped when I saw this:

Let's start with the dude. Man, he looks like he walked out of a manga. Like some martial arts shifu!! People all think manga characters look so ridiculous but I feel when you go to Japan they really do exist wtf.

When Cheesie and I walked past him we heard sounds like bullets and jumped out of our skin but it's just this guy firing rubber bands at an aluminum tray!

He actually invented the "guns" themselves and they can fire like up to 15 rubber bands consecutively!! I found it so funny I bought one for Mike to play with. :D

And we also got handmade necklaces. They were not expensive either! Not 1,000 yen, less than that, but I forgot how much.

Next we went to walk around Otaru's town center or something...

I think this is their melon mascot

Visited their Hello Kitty store. :D

After that we saw a shop we HAD to go into.........

It had people roasting live seafood!

He is cooking scallops with all sorts of magical Japanese sauces 
and the smell was just wafting up our noses...

200 yen (SGD$3.33, USD $2.60) for a scallop is not expensive either! You can have your choice of all kinds of seafood, including live sea urchins cracked open before your eyes!

It's kind of gross coz they simply dig out the orange bits and you eat it... It's like eating innards raw.

But it's so delicious and creamy. Love it! Ok this bowl of sea urchin is from another dinner of ours but just to illustrate my point.

Lady cooking our corn!


Even though Cheesie and I were so full we couldn't resist, bought melon too. SO SWEET.

The shop had other customers too and among them were a group of teenage Japanese schoolboys.

I couldn't understand what they were saying but they kept going OISHI OISHI OISHI at everything and making very appreciative noises at their food lol

And guess what?

They asked if they could snap a picture with Cheesie and I!!

I cannot begin to explain how much it is of an ego boost that a bunch of teenage boys found 27 year old me attractive (enough for a photo) lolol. :D :D :D


Any way our happiness was very short-lived because shortly after the boys took the picture with us we continued eating and another group of men came into the shop.

This time round they were Taiwanese or China tourists and were a bunch of disgusting older guys all holidaying together.

They mistook Cheesie and I for Japanese locals and asked for pictures, which we truly didn't mind but they fucking put their hands on our shoulders and HUGGED US WTF!!!

We could hear the photographer saying in Chinese "Closer! Put your hand on her waist" and more degrading shit like that. They thought we couldn't understand them. It was so fucking disgusting, like getting molested, but I guess at that moment I just thought I'd tolerate through one picture and that's it - but they kept switching people to take photos with us one by one.

I didn't want to make a scene and Cheesie wasn't objecting (aloud) so by the time I wanted to yell at someone they were done and left and both Cheesie and I felt so violated.

The bunch of teenage boys were staring at the Chinese tourists the entire time looking really incredulous at how rude, rowdy, and classless they were. In contrast the Japanese boys took ONE picture with us, nobody touched us, and they were thanking us profusely afterward. The Chinese men just made sexual remarks, laughed and left. It really puts my race to such shame. :(

After that Cheesie and I had time so we went to talk around in the mall just beside our hotel!!

And they had neoprint machines so of course we had to take some. :D

No these are not neoprints but the lighting inside was so good and there was nobody waiting in line so we camwhored a little!

The machines are crazy!! They automatically make your eyes super ginormous. LOL


This woman is ridiculous I tell you. She brings a grand total of ONE pair of $20+ wedges to a 7 day holiday.

And nothing against budget shoes but anyone who had wedges like these before know that the above ALWAYS happens to wedges like these!!! And you don't want to be caught on holiday with broken shoes lol.

Anyway I kept asking her to buy a new pair but she didn't see anything she liked so she just kept either wearing my shoes or continue wearing hers.

If you look carefully at the bottom shoe she already stuck scorch tape around the entire wedge to stick the sole to the wedge.

I asked her why the hell she had tape in her luggage and she said she was scared this will happen. But why did she still bring this pair of shoes? LOL!! Alas, the mysterious mentality of girls. I think it's because she thought it matches all her clothing.

Fhl, the next day proved too much and the other sole also broke free from the wedge.

But obstinately enough Cheesie continued wearing them, until finally one of the straps also broke so she had no choice but to buy another pair at the mall. HAHAHA!!

My purchases of the day. I regret to say I didn't take pictures of the other purchases. The bunny Hello Kitty is limited edition from Hokkaido!

Cheesie said "I can't believe you bought Hada Labo in Japan just coz of the Minnie mouse." After a while she said "Actually I would do that too. *LOL*"

We ended our first day in Otaru by lounging in the posh hotel room in our bathrobe eating this:

A melon we bought in the day!



p/s: Cheesie's post on the Otaru Aquarium!

p/p/s: And of course special thanks to Park Hotel Group for their kind sponsorship of our fantastic accomodation! :D