Perfect teeth!

I've been home these few days but I haven't been blogging coz for the past few days my arm have been painful with what I presume to be carpal tunnel from excessive mouse use? (Thank god I'm not a man or I will be accused of excessive masturbation right now)

I've been trying to avoid using photoshop. :( I have salon-pas on my wrist and lower arm now. I've never had carpal tunnel pains that lasted for more than a day so I'm a little worried!

Nonetheless I thought it was time to show off my perfect smile now because FINALLY, my dental journey is DONE!!

As I mentioned before I've gotten Invisalign and about 1 month back it was finally finished!

Watch the Guide to Life on Invisalign:

("What is invisalign? I don't want to watch that video." Well then click here for my first blog entry on it)

Well actually it was finished about say, 4 months back. I started somewhere in October '10 after about 6 months, I was DONE!

I had perfectly straight teeth.

(Please see part 2 of my invisalign journey HERE where I straightened out my bottom row after a remarkable 3 months.)

Now if I were presented with that set of teeth at the beginning of my treatment the past me would have said HELL YEAH THAT'S AWESOME but at the end of my invisalign treatment my dentist asked me if I was 100% happy because Invisalign clients were allowed FREE REFINEMENT!!

That means that if you are not happy with what Invisalign did for you, they can further rectify whatever you need done.

At that point I had tasted glory and I wanted MORE!! Why stop at perfectly straight teeth? I told my dentist I wanted my mouth area to be pushed in even more (it's jutting out kinda like a horse I suppose) so he said ok and Invisalign sent me another 10 aligners!

So those 10 aligners took another 3 months.

My aligners at the beginning of invisalign and after:

Top row. Note how much the teeth got pushed inwards! :D

Bottom row. Crooked no more!

And at the end of it I had super gorgeous teeth but for ONE thing:

I have a very gummy smile and very small, short teeth!! When I smile a lot of gum can be seen.

So my dentists from Orchard Scotts Dental said I could do GUM RECONTOURING SURGERY!!

Well it sounds very scary with the word surgery and all but it's actually a very simple procedure!!

My dentist used this amazing laser machine that somehow just burns off excess gum. Dude... It's not even painful. I actually fell asleep. And it took only about 1 hour plus!

Surprisingly enough when I posted on twitter that I did this gum surgery I got a lot of hate for it. o_o

Wow seriously? It's GUM surgery yo. How intolerant can people get? What others do to their bodies, be it plastic surgery, tattoos or excessive makeup, that's THEIR business and none of yours. As long as they not not hurting others, let them be!

I better not go off on a tangent here. Anyway, I am really, really impressed and happy with the gum reduction!! The difference is DRASTIC. The recovery was about 1 day of mildly sore gums. And it's not even that expensive at about $1,000 to $2,000++! If I knew I would have done this LONG ago.

Watch the surgery done here:

So yes now that my gummy smile is gone, the last step is... Teeth whitening!!

The process itself was not that bad but man, I realllllllllly hated the feeling after the whitening when my teeth got all sensitive! That uncomfortable feeling lasted for 1 day. :(

However, after the whitening my dentists all came into the room to look at the results and they all smiled at me and said my teeth were SUPERRR white and the results were even better than they expected!

The colour match was off the charts for normal teeth and went into veneer white. :D

My F4 Hair dentist even said my teeth were whiter than his now LOL... So it's all worth it!

Ready to see?

Awesome right? NO PHOTOSHOP!!

I am so loving my smile now!

Awwww would you look at that?? I can see 10 teeth now when I smile! I used to be able to see only 6! ♥

I'd also like to end this blog entry by saying how much I LOVE my dentists from Orchard Scotts Dental, Dr Ronnie Yap and Dr Jerry Lim!! They are both such nice guys (and cute too wtf) and very patient and professional!!

And they are always smiling so much. Now that I think about it I think it's because they are showing off their awesome teeth. It's a walking ad for them correct or not? LOL

I've looked forward to every dental visit with them and I'm even a bit sad now that it all ended. I introduced Cheesie to them too so she is also getting invisalign with Orchard Scotts Dental! :D

And a few other personal friends are also getting invisalign there! :D

If you want to improve your smile, be it straightening or gum recontouring or whitening or even just a simple cleaning, you can call go to their website HERE or call them at +6567329939.

Please don't direct your questions at me. I'm not a dentist afterall so I'm not qualified to answer. And I don't know the costs, please just call them!

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