What a good DEAL!


One thing Singaporeans love complaining about is that Singapore is BORING.

Well Singapore is actually not boring but loads of activities cost money and we are not known to be particularly generous when it comes to parting with our cash!!

And that's why if you are looking for some awesome fun that delivers more than what you paid for, you can check out DEAL.com.sg!

Gotta love DEAL.com.sg coz they give such crazy good discounts!! I think I will never ever book holidays/facials/you-name-it-services any other way again.

One of the best things about the site is when you are surfing it, even if you don't spend any money, just looking at the deals gives you so many ideas on what you can do with your free time.

For example...

How about going on a first date at Sentosa with the birds, dolphins, butterflies and fishes? $35 very affordable leh can spend one whole day there!!

Or be kiasu and make sure your Halloween is going to be fantastic and way above others? (Geddit? Coz it's on the flyer?)

Bored moms can bring their kids to bake and decorate cupcakes... This looks so fun!

Bored of how your cat looks? Why not shave him into a lion?


Anyway from DEAL.com.sg I bought a deal for a spa treatment at Eden Spa with my mom.

Here's what my deal says:

87% off 100 Minutes Clarins Slimming and Contouring Treatment + HerbalDetox Footbath + Lymphatic Drainage Head and Face Detox Massage @ Eden Spa at Purvis. Only $48 instead of $360

$48 is so worth it!! :D

On the cab on the way there. Eden Spa is at Purvis street, super convenient.

Just being in the clean, relaxed atmosphere of the spa made me happy already!

All sorts of aromatic scents

Mummy and I

Momo happily choosing her preferred treatment. She gets to choose between:

  • Triplex BodySculpt: 3-in-1 therapy that uses slimming massage techniques on the waist, hip and thigh; Stress-relieving and pampering massage on the rest of the body.
  • Waist-Shaper + Hip and Thigh Lift Combi: Best selling intensive treatments that target the waist, tummy, hip and thigh; Releases excess fats, & reduces stubborn cellulite.
  • Swedish Destress Massage: Improves blood circulation, increase flexibility, reduces muscle tension and aches; Deeply relaxing and pampering experience.

I chose the Swedish destressing massage and she chose the waist-shaper!

And check this out:

Soooooooooo many Clarins products!

The reason why I like Eden Spa is because they are the first and only spa in Singapore to exclusively use Clarins products in their massages and therapies!

Clarins products are quite expensive so it's super worth the $48 especially when I got my body oiled in Clarins' natural plant goodness. :D

As promised my spa treatment started with a relaxing footbath. Had a fun time doing this next to my mom as we gossiped away. :)

After this was the actual massage which was fantastic although I have no pictures of it...

My favourite part of the massage was when I had the 20 minute Lymphatic Drainage Head and Face Detox Massage - OMG I LOVE HEAD MASSAGES!!

So freaking awesome!!

After the massage I took a nice shower at their pretty toilet.

So happy I could spend time with Momo and also treat her to something she really enjoyed. :D

Want to get this deal?? Click HERE!!

If you noticed the rest of the deals I highlighted have a time constraint on them so if you missed them don't worry!! DEAL.com.sg has new deals every SINGLE DAY!!

So if you subscribe to them you will be sure to not miss any.

Have fun!

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