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Bossini X Toy Story

Advertorial Something exciting is happening! Toy Story Land is opening in Hong Kong Disneyland ! ! Now I want to go there again - I love the Toy Story movies so much! The excitement has spread to Singapore and Bossini has collaborated with Disney to bring us super adorable Toy Story apparel. :D The Cantonese dub for Jessie the cowgirl in the Hong Kong version of Toy Story, Joey Yung 容祖兒, is fronting the campaign. Bossini X Toy Story collection will be launched on the 25th of November at all Bossini stores in Singapore - and prices range from $16 to $159. Both adults and children will be able to enjoy the collection! Here are some of the clothes + awesome collectibles: Alien hooded fleece shirt dress I'm gonna spend my December in wintry Texas so this is just perfect! Love the silly alien details and the furry hood + cuffs. It's comfy and the cowboy theme is so cute! Jessie felt print hoodie tunic Jessie is one of my favourite characters in Toy Story! She&#

Ready for Bed as Soon as Possible

One new post below this! Advertorial This... Is how my face usually looks like after I put makeup on (plus photoshop). Foundation, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, falsies, eyelid sticker, lipstick and lipgloss . All the works! I enjoy putting makeup on but the taking off is usually more troublesome. There is always a balance to strike - whatever makeup removal is thorough is probably also time-consuming and harsh on your skin or leaves it feeling oily! If you are looking for a makeup remover more suited for you, here's something you can try: BIFESTA! Bifesta used to be called Cleansing Express, as many of you probably know as they are a very popular brand of makeup remover from Japan. It is actually Japan's no. 1 water based makeup remover series. And yes, Bifesta ONLY sells makeup removers! Talk about specialized! And here's all of their makeup removers in a row!! What's so special about them? Bifesta is all about WATER ! Most people believe that w

My favourite contacts

People are always asking me what contacts I'm wearing in which photo. Finally I'm gonna do a review of my favourite lens! It's a difficult question because there are so many facets to a good pair of contacts. Criteria number 1 is obviously how pretty it looks and number 2 is comfort... Then it goes on to price, whether it enlarges your irises, whether it looks natural etc... Since most Singaporeans buy their contact lens from shops I shall also include some of the shop brands in this list! I shall also clarify that I hate black lens so none will be reviewed here. I typically like blue or brown lens the most. 1) Geo lens   (many hundreds of lens that are available online, including brands like Dueba or Beaucon etc. These lens are not usually sold in brick and mortar shops.) Comfort: Varied Safety: Dubious. There are duplicates from China which are very similar to the Korea/Jap stuff but I've never had infections before so yeah. Price: Cheap as fuck. Chea

Love Love More

Advertorial I've got good news for girls who want to make their skin as soft and as luscious as can be! Remember my previous advertorial for Love More ? Now they have sent me MORE awesome skincare products to try! Skincare junkies rejoice! The Love More Aqua Moisturising Series : These are all featured and recommended on popular Taiwanese beauty show 女人我最大! As the name suggests, the uniqueness of the Love More Aqua Moisturizing Series is moisture, moisture, moisture! The result? Flawless transparent skin + 100% moisturized skin + sebum balance. Keeping skin moisturized is super important especially when a lot of us spend most of our day in the aircon!! When skin is dried out, you not only get wrinkles and age faster, your skin also turns oily which can lead to acne. Step 1: Love More 24hr moisturizing Aqua Pump Also known as the toner! (In picture, the tallest bottle) Most toners in the market don't bother much with moisture level but the Aqua Pu