Chin fillers

Sorry for not blogging lately... This time round I have a totally legit reason which is that my arm has been freaking painful lately. I mentioned in the previous entry that I thought it's carpal tunnel because it started getting painful while I was using the mouse but apparently with carpal tunnel you don't get pain above the wrist and it's more numbness than pain, which I haven't experienced (numbness).

So this pain has been in my wrist, forearm, upper arm all the way up to the right side of my neck and it has been bugging me for like 2 weeks now.

I went to see a Chinese Medicine doctor and did acupuncture and a massage and all that happened is that the massage gave me a blue-black on my shoulder and the acupuncture made me bleed on the sheets (from the puncture point not my vagina I don't know why I'm specifying this).

Then I went to actually see an orthopaedic specialist which set me back $128 and he also doesn't know what's going on (he said it could be a pinched nerve on my neck) and said I would have to do a scan which costs $600+ to find out, which I declined to. I'm gonna see if it lasts for the next 2 weeks or something.

So now it still hurts and I presume it's just a very lasting muscle ache??! Are muscle aches supposed to last this long?! If I lose my arm I won't be able to photoshop anymore!!!!!!

Yeah so I've switched to being an awkward left handed mouse user and I didn't wanna use the computer too much especially not to photoshop so that the arm can heal...

But the newest Xiaxue's Guide to Life came out and I thought my chin looks super fantastic in it!

p/s: Clicknetwork is now back on Youtube!! Please subscribe to them!

And it's because I did chin fillers at Dr Georgia Lee's!!!

Fillers, in case you didn't know, are, erm... these... gels? Are they gels? Or some sort of liquidy thing that aesthetic doctors inject into your face. They are semi permanent and will go off after a while. How long depends on which filler you choose! They are used to fill wrinkles or fill up whatever part of you needs more volume (except hair LOL).

I've tried fillers on my lips, nose, laugh lines and this time round I thought I'd try them out on my chin!

Most people, when thinking about improving their appearance usually focus on eyes and nose but the chin is actually also super important!! It can change EVERYTHING!!

Anyway here are some before and after pics I took with the iphone. They are 100% not edited or photoshopped!

Awesome or what!

I never really thought of doing anything to my chin coz I thought my face was long enough as it is but it really made my face look sharper. :D

As usual, a disclaimer before you haters spill vitriol on me. Not encouraging anyone to do plastic surgery. If you are happy with your appearance, I am very happy for you that you choose to focus on the deep and raise above the superficial. But please don't give the rest of us crap for bothering about our looks - there are, afterall, whales to be saved. Focus the anger on whale killers. Or the rich. The new trend is to hate on the 1%.

I've also included two super cute gifs I found on tumblr to appease those who have been patiently waiting for me to blog.


LOVE... The world needs more love.

(Don't tell me to love my original face like a smartass please. I AM loving it, that's why I'm upgrading it.)

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