Thursday, November 24, 2011

My favourite contacts

People are always asking me what contacts I'm wearing in which photo. Finally I'm gonna do a review of my favourite lens!

It's a difficult question because there are so many facets to a good pair of contacts. Criteria number 1 is obviously how pretty it looks and number 2 is comfort... Then it goes on to price, whether it enlarges your irises, whether it looks natural etc...

Since most Singaporeans buy their contact lens from shops I shall also include some of the shop brands in this list!

I shall also clarify that I hate black lens so none will be reviewed here. I typically like blue or brown lens the most.

1) Geo lens  

(many hundreds of lens that are available online, including brands like Dueba or Beaucon etc. These lens are not usually sold in brick and mortar shops.)

Comfort: Varied

Safety: Dubious. There are duplicates from China which are very similar to the Korea/Jap stuff but I've never had infections before so yeah.

Price: Cheap as fuck. Cheap as $11 sometimes! Lens supposedly last for 6 months - 1 year.

Pros: Has the biggest diameter for lens, crazy variety for design

Cons: See safety. Troublesome to buy, got to buy online and they take time to deliver. Annnnd the lens come in the most unergonomic glass bottles imaginable with metal bits that WILL maim you as you try to open them.

There are so many of these Geo lens and some of them are so pretty it's impossible to just choose one! Since I'm lucky enough to be sponsored by I have tried many of the most popular designs and these are my favourites:

Dueba Puffy 3 Tone





If I *had* to choose the prettiest lens I've ever worn I guess I'd go with the puffy 3 tones. Everything about its looks is perfect: The colour is very vivid and interesting with a different colour nearer to the pupil. It has a limbal ring which is not too thick or black (I HATE those, it looks so harsh, and most Geo lens have that problem), and it's big but not ginormous.

However, the blue is not my favourite shade - it is a bit too aqua and I prefer a darker blue. The grey however, is just gorgeous and so is the brown and green. Also comes in purple and pink!

Only bad thing? These contacts tend to be a bit dry. I already have very dry eyes so I have to keep pumping eyedrops or my eyes turn red easily from these.

Geo Super Nudy


Super nudys are the bomb! Remember gyaru Maiko who interviewed me from NHK? She also wears nudys. Comfort not bad either!

Beaucon Jewels

Love the pink! And surprisingly these are very comfortable

And the EOS Adult series:


Brown and Blue. I love how they give a crystalline look! :D

2) Freshlook

Comfort: Average

Safety: Good. However, I find freshlook lens extremely difficult to remove, especially their dailies! I don't know why but they are so SMOOTH, cannot pinch off easily.

Price: High

Pros: Easily available at every shop.

Cons: Expensive, difficult to remove, diameter not spectacular.

Some time ago Freshlook asked me for an advert so I tried on all their colours. Even though their lens are costly compared to the other store-bought ones I wanted to buy more because some of the colours are so pretty!! I really love their Brilliant Blue, Turquoise and Honey. I actually wore the turquoise on my ROM day.

Brilliant Blue



Freshlook also has coloured dailies but the colours available are only blue (not the same as Brilliant Blue), hazel, green and grey. And all four are very small in diameter with very dull colours that can hardly be seen. Hopefully they come up with more choices! Their dailies are not as comfortable as Acuvue's.

3) Freshkon

Comfort: Meh

Safety: Good

Price: Average

Pros: Easily available

Cons: Lens are small in diameter and are quite drying

I haven't been wearing Freshkon for a while now although they used to be my absolute favourites before Geo lens came into the picture. The reason is that their diameters are just too small!! I'm old now, I need bigger irises to make me look younger dammit.

My favourite colours were the Baby Aqua and Perky Brown.

Baby Aqua (don't miss those gums!)

They smartened up and came up with a new line of bigger contacts recently though and they are quite nice!

"Dezigner" lens

No pics on me but I liked the blue! It reminded me of the Beaucon Jewel ones.

4) Spectacle Hut

Comfort: Good

Safety: Good

Price: Low if you buy more, buy 2 get 2 free!

Pros: Easily available, one of the cheapest available in shops.

Cons: Errr the owner is like a City Harvest fanatic. That's why disgusting Sun Ho is their ambassador. However, my disagreement with his megachurch is hardly a good reason to boycott his brand, which I quite like.

Spectacle hut actually came up with many different colours for their inhouse lens and some of them are quite pretty!!

Hazel something colour. It's quite unique, almost a yellow colour.

I like their Honey Amber, which is a lot like the Freshlook one.

A lot of you also commented that their Lilac Purple is pretty!

The one flaw about these lens is that their limbal ring is not that defined. I'm very anal about limbal rings! Too light and irises look small, too dark/thick and it looks juvenile!

Spectacle Hut also has dailies, in limited colours. The most obvious colour is "chocolate", which looks almost black. -_- And their dailies aren't even that comfortable or enlarging wtf.

5) Acuvue


Safety: Good

Price: Darn expensive


Cons: Lens come only in horrid "subtle" colours

The only lens I ever buy from Acuvue are their dailies because my eyes are really dry so they get red very easily and seriously, Acuvue dailies are the ONLY brand I can wear all day long with no discomfort.

I have perfect eyesight so why the hell am I still wearing lens if they hurt me? I'm vain, ok? Contacts are the most important part of my makeup!!

The saddest thing is these Acuvue lens are only available in brown and black and their brown is super not obvious:

 Doesn't look like I'm wearing anything...

However, these lens DO enlarge the irises even if they provide no nice colour so they are my choice for travelling or long days. I calculated and 1 pair costs like $2 or something... It's very expensive considering you only can wear them once. :(


Comfort: Even better than Acuvue dailies

Safety: Nothing safer

Price: Free!

Pros: See above

Cons: It's troublesome

Guess the contacts!!!!!!




HAHAHAHA... Simple, just use the lighten (dodge) tool and set the brush size to slightly smaller than the distance of the edge of your iris till your pupil. Leaving a limbal ring, lighten by going in circles till you get this effect!  :D

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