Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ready for Bed as Soon as Possible

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Is how my face usually looks like after I put makeup on (plus photoshop). Foundation, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, falsies, eyelid sticker, lipstick and lipgloss. All the works!

I enjoy putting makeup on but the taking off is usually more troublesome. There is always a balance to strike - whatever makeup removal is thorough is probably also time-consuming and harsh on your skin or leaves it feeling oily!

If you are looking for a makeup remover more suited for you, here's something you can try:

Bifesta used to be called Cleansing Express, as many of you probably know as they are a very popular brand of makeup remover from Japan. It is actually Japan's no. 1 water based makeup remover series.

And yes, Bifesta ONLY sells makeup removers! Talk about specialized!

And here's all of their makeup removers in a row!! What's so special about them?

Bifesta is all about WATER!

Most people believe that water based makeup removers are less powerful than their oil-based counterparts, but oil based removers leave an uncomfortable residue and require an additional step of cleansing which strips moisture! The best of both worlds is of course a powerful water based makeup remover!

I've mostly been using oil removers. However, there are days when I feel my skin already feels very oily so water is a more suitable choice for those days!

And Bifesta is really gentle but powerful! Kaykay came over, saw my removers and told me that she has always been using Bifesta coz it is the "fastest" remover in the market. Minimum amount of wipes and she can get into bed after a tired, long day! No wonder their slogan is "Ready for bed as soon as possible"!

And I can personally vouch that the removers leave no sticky or oily residue, just a velvety feel. No need for washing your face with facial wash afterwards - if you really want to, just rinse with some water. :D

But the BEST part?


Each remover contains different ingredients so as to ensure the best skincare for you.

Moist: For dry skin - ceramide infused for moisturization.

Sebum: For oily skin - With green tea extract to tighten pores.

Bright Up: For dull skin - With saxifrage extract for skin brightening

Agecare: For more mature skin - with coenzyme Q10

I had a hard time choosing but in the end I decided Bright Up was my favourite as it can also remove dead skin cells and improve skin's luminosity!

Simple pumping onto a cotton pad

Hold it on your face for a bit and wipe off...

One easy swipe and my eye makeup gone!!

Another AMAZING thing about Bifesta?

Normally when you wipe once with a cotton pad the pad gets dirty and if you use that same pad to wipe another part of your face that face gets stained, right? But with their makeup remover, it simply doesn't happen! The remover catches on to the impurities, trapping them on the cotton pad so even with multiple wipes with the same pad you still get clean!

I even removed my false eyelashes without causing damage to my real or false lashes. You can even use Bifesta to clean off the residue glue on the lash band without misshaping your falsies coz its water-based and non-sticky.

Velvety clean :)

For ultra obstinate makeup, Bifesta also has a Eye Makeup Remover and it has super strong removal strength:

I've heard testimonials that this remover is super strong even on the most waterproof mascaras.

Remember to shake it before use! :D
Tested it on my most stubborn eyeliners and mascaras - it works very amazingly well.

And lastly if you wear lighter makeup, Bifesta also has an option for you!

Do you sometimes step into the shower after a day out and turned on the water only to remember you have not removed your makeup? It happened to me many times before, especially when I only have a bit of blusher or foundation on!

In that case it is best to have a bottle of Bifesta's Cleansing Liquid in the shower with you!

Simply massage the thick liquid on your face and rinse off with water.
With one step you remove makeup and cleanse without stripping away your skin's moisture. :)

All Bifesta removers have plus-ion Hyaluronic acid to give to your skin.

Want to find out more? Go to

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