Friday, December 30, 2011

Living your dream

Hello from Dallas, Texas!

I actually brought the photos taken during Napbas over here to edit so that I can blog something out while I'm on my annual trip to America to visit Mike's family but... I know you are sick of hearing this... My neck and right arm is hurting me more than ever. :(

I did acupotomy (it's like acupuncture but sorta different, google it) with Cheesie in KL because she had the same pains as me and swore it worked for her. The doctor was very confident that she could cure my pains and I expressed my doubts, saying "It has been hurting for a long time now."

She asked how long and I said erm... like 4 months? She scoffed and said she just cured someone who has been in pain for 40 years. On a side note I wonder why anyone who is in pain for 40 years would even be aware that he is in pain. I mean, after such a long time won't you just forget how being NORMAL feels like?

Anyway yes so after the acupotomy the pain in my neck went away but my arm still hurts a little when using the computer. Now the pain in the neck is back again wtf so I'm not gonna aggravate it by photoshopping pictures. When I get back to Singapore I'm gonna do that acupotomy thing again in KL and pray it works :(

So I'm just gonna blog something without posting (much) pictures!

First I'd like to talk a little more about the previous post about the angry Aussie bloggers. I cannot believe how nice I was to that crazy woman. You'd think that after my explanations she'd calm the fuck down but instead she got even more self-righteous and pompous. Talk about a giant stick in the ass!

And then she picked out the two most childish comments that my readers wrote for her and blogged it out, acting like she got bullied, conveniently, oh so conveniently, adding that she was sexually assaulted (by more than one person oh dear lord!), had a miscarriage, is medically unfit and obese blahitty blah blah.

HOW IS THAT RELEVANT? What, so you had tragic experiences means you can act like a fucking cunt?

I had an ex schoolmate who was really unpopular. She then told everyone she had leukemia and was expected to live for only 2 more years and she kept fainting during P.E. lessons. The teachers would scold anyone who is mean to her because they felt so sorry for a teenager with terminal cancer. BITCH IS STILL ALIVE TILL TODAY, 12 YEARS LATER. Well played!

Anyway at first this Melissa was all like OH EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO THEIR OPINION and when she had a tidal wave of hatred she shut off comments and deleted all comments that mentioned me (unless it's negative of course). Whatever. Your words don't mean shit when you keep flipping them around. You know roti prata, Melissa? You flip more than that can?

When Australian's hear "Best" they assume it relates to content. Apparently, it's different in Asia.

Redundant apostrophe FYI.

Can anyone give me an explanation of her above quote that is NOT deemed to be racist? What? It's Opposite Day in Asia and Best means Worst here? She's so annoying! I hope a wombat attacks her stupid face.


Also I'd like to say a LOUDDDD thank you to everyone who defended me. I read the comments on her blog (which became exceedingly dry and boring once she stopped talking about me *yawn*) and some are so touching I actually teared wtf. I LOVE YOU ALL!

So back to the main topic of this blog entry.

2 days ago I was randomly surfing through TV channels and saw something titled "Jeff Dunham" so I stopped at that, thinking I'd enjoy watching his comedy show.

As it turns out it is not his show but a documentary of his life.

In case you still don't know who he is, he is a famous ventriloquist and he is very funny!

He got really famous when one of his acts with Achmed the Dead Terrorist got viral on youtube and is STILL one of the top viewed videos ever.

You done watching the video? Welcome back.

As I was saying, Jeff Dunham's documentary. My interest wandered off so I just left the TV on but later on I heard the host talking about Jeff's childhood. And I was shocked to learn that he started being a ventriloquist at age 8!!

8! Can you imagine that? Being a ventriloquist was all he ever wanted to do (and only 'job' he did) and he knew what he wanted since he was so freaking young.

I guess I somehow always thought he started doing this in his mid twenties and immediately got recognised?

He is now 49 and he used all 41 years of his life to hone his skills till he is now arguably the most famous ventriloquist in the world.

I guess I was so shocked because he is quite a good looking dude and honestly ventriloquy, before Jeff Dunham imho, has always been an uncool thing with a crazy creepiness to it, sorta like clowns I guess, but even scarier!

(Digressing, did anyone else watch the movie Dead Silence? That shit was fucking scary! Done by the creators of Saw, with a good twist but scary.)

So back to Jeff. I just didn't believe that any *normal* person would take ventriloquy up as a hobby. He doesn't seem socially awkward afterall, what would his friends think when they go to his room and see that instead of toy cars and balls it has an array of creepy puppets?

His parents actually bought him his first puppet and ever since then he has been collecting them. His documentary had footage of his collection of vintage puppets, it freaked me out, they were so ugly :X

When he was 12 he started attending the ventriloquy conventions out of state in Kentucky when he is from Dallas, Texas (where I am now, coincidentally!). I mean isn't that some hard work for a 12 year old boy? When I was 12 what was I doing? Wondering if the handsome boy in class liked me back. And there this dude was, competing with the pros after taking a plane. WTF.

Ever since he was a teenager he worked as a ventriloquist but never enjoyed real success from it (although he was earning a living) all the way until 2005.

That's almost 30 years of chasing his dream and never giving up, because he was a man who knew what he wanted! How could he even believe that a ventriloquist could become part of pop culture? It has never been done before; it is so antiquated. The mere idea of this a few years ago was laughable.

I'm so amazed by this story because so many things could have happened and he wouldn't have been the Jeff Dunham he is today.

At age 8 his parents might have never gave him a puppet, deciding on perhaps an air rifle instead.

At age 12 he could have been called a faggot by male classmates and given up.

At age 25 he might have thought "If I'm not famous by now I'd never be, I guess I'm just not good enough" and decided to not aim for fame anymore, just be content with performing for birthday parties. His wife might have thrown his dolls away. I would NOT stay in a house with creepy puppets!

Of course, not everyone who persists in pursuing their dreams will succeed. Besides perseverance and hard work you also need talent (which Jeff had) and luck. But without believing in yourself, all the talent and luck will bring you nowhere.

Well unless you are a supermodel scouted in a mall but I mean talents that cannot be seen unless you perform them ie being an inventor or singer or whatever.

Don't you guys hear stories like this and wonder what your life would be like if you had known what you wanted since a young age and chased all your life after your dream?

Jeff said that ventriloquy is a learned skill, just like juggling, and anyone who has a voice can do it. I wonder if this is true.

I also often wonder how my life would be like today if I didn't start my blog. Or perhaps if I started a few years later when it is more difficult to get noticed. Or if I chose to shut it down when the hate mail became too much.

I mean it's not like I knew it was my calling or anything, I just discovered I liked it and people seemed to think I do it well. And I was very lucky because I discovered it at age 18, which allowed me years to develop my skills.

Not like I'm Jeff Dunham or anything close, but similar to him, that one day in my life, like the day he received his puppet, I started my blog and it changed my entire life.

And what a great life it is!

This 2012, I hope everyone reading this blog will persevere in living their dreams no matter how impossible and tough it may seem, and may you make your mark in the world! 

To those of you with no big dreams, may you either find your calling or just be happy and contented with all the small little things in life. :)


p/s: Melissa leaves the most vomit-worthy comment, click on comments to read.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So many angry Australians



So last weekend was the Biannual Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011 and if you follow my tweets you'd already know I won for the Most Influential Blog and Region's Best Blog (again :p).

But before I blog about that event, today I received a barrage of intense hate tweets from a bunch of Australian bloggers, some of which (or is it whom?) seem to be genial mummy bloggers wtf and they all seem to be for some reason talking about herpes and kangaroos. -_-

I had no idea what the hell was going on until someone linked me to a blog entry by some Australian blogger who apparently dedicated a hate post towards me.

Normally I wouldn't really give a shit because it's just another typical blog post about someone who doesn't understand that most of my blog entries are not serious and takes every little single detail out of context to dislike me. But judging from the response it appears that most Australians who read her blog and have never read mine are taking her words to heart so here is a blog entry about this.

I'm not gonna link that hate post because I read the "About me" section of that woman and it's the fucking saddest thing I've ever read. And I don't mean like loser sad but like that woman had a super hard life and had depression so please don't leave mean comments for her. She's taking an immense amount of pleasure from the hits her blog entry gave her (like documenting every hour wtf) and spending hours on end searching for "xiaxue" on twitter and replying everyone who replied me. I honestly believe she is psychologically damaged. :X

That aside, I still have to defend myself so here goes:

Firstly, Melissa, thank you for spending so much time reading my blog. It is amazing that you went all the way up to my rambling and boring 2003 entries - that's roughly 1,200 blog entries spanning across 8 years - and managed to find a few that really pissed you off. Did you enjoy reading them? I'm honoured that at the very least I'm not boring.

Let's tackle the thing that pissed you off the most - which is the travesty that I won for the Most Influential Blog (and I presume also Region's Best Blog).

Well, what can I say? My readers nominated me and yes I do wish to win so I asked them to vote for me. They did. My victory came as a complete surprise to me because as I said, there are many other very worthy contestants this year.

But how dare you suggest that somehow Nuffnang chose me to win because of... money? I'm literally sputtering in indignation - what the fuck has money got to do with anything? I don't care about your hatred for me but don't use it as an excuse to attack Nuffnang.

And then you go on and on about how YOU don't do ads for your website. WHO THE FUCK CARES? Bitch please, you don't do ads because your ads earns you peanuts. If you could get money for your children's college education, you would turn it down? *ROLLS EYES* Are we supposed to respect you more as a blogger for that? Ridiculous.

Next you say this:

You'd be forgiven for thinking that someone who writes things like this and looks like this is a 15 year old girl, and I ought to really be more supportive of her 'efforts.

Except that this is a 28 year old married woman. Who confessed when she met her husband (IRL, they met online) for the first time, she was terrified he would have pimples. That she wouldn't be able to date someone ugly because her blog readers would turn on her.

(Cannot believe she found a problem with my Love Story entry)(And thanks for saying I look 15 I guess.)

Ok, so you are saying it's ok for 15 year olds to write crap, is that right? Well, I noticed that in the two choice blog entries you decided to quote me on, they were written in 2003. TWO THOUSAND FUCKING THREE. That's 8 years ago.

I was EIGHTEEN. A silly teenager.

So what's this about a 28 year old married woman crap? And are you blind or just have some sort of understanding disability? You actually quoted me on your blog post and yet you can still miscontrue what I wrote?

Quote from me:
"I don't want to date someone who is, for example, ugly, because I know he will be criticised to death by blog readers, and I don't think that would feel very good for him." - I didn't want to date someone ugly not because my blog readers would turn on ME but on him.

Next you say I have feuds with people over how "fake" they are. Excuse me but where is your proof? Childish. I don't have feuds with people over their fakeness or otherwise. And then you go on to list how "fake" I am.

Oh wow clever observation - even my nick is fake she says. I suppose YOUR real name is Melissa444?????

Cannot believe she just made a fuss about monikers for bloggers wtf?!

And I NEVER said I will encourage my daughter to do nose surgery. I said I would ALLOW it if she had my old nose. Fucking idiots are always misquoting me!! Super pissed off.

Next up is the little chunk I wrote about Australia. Thanks a lot for taking it out of context. As I said, I was a stupid hormonal teenager when I wrote that. Thank you for digging up stuff I wrote almost a decade ago to justify how I should not be the winner in 2011! It is very reasonable.

I wrote that entry because the guy I liked liked a girl who is studying in Australia. It was all just a joke to persuade him to give up that girl and since I knew nothing else about that girl I had to attack on the "studying in Australia" angle. OMG I cannot believe I have to explain that that childish paragraph was a JOKE! Blah blah herpes etc it's a freaking JOKE, OK! I'm sorry if any Australians are offended - keep in mind I was a stupid teenager when I wrote that.

The ironic thing is that during the Nuffnang Awards I was actually spending the trip with Jessica and her boyfriend Sam who is Australian wtf. I have met loads of Australian friends and I like them.

Of the Aussie bloggers I especially love Chaigyaru and Superkawaiimama, both of whom are always really sweet and nice to me on twitter. I cannot believe that just during the awards I told Chaigyaru that the Aussie blogger community seems so awesome coz they are so supportive of each other and seem to genuinely love blogging - then this happens. -_-

So yes get this Australians - I LIKE YOUR COUNTRY!

But for the rest of you just irrationally pissed off that I won... All I have to say is...


Sorry I'm trying to be like real gracious and stuff but man that was so hard to resist.

p/s: Flying off to USA in two days with freaking two adverts to finish and I have to deal with this crap.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Igloo's diary

14/12/2011 - Mood: Confused

Dear diary,

Today was an eventful day. In the morning my human rushed into the room yelling "Oh my god I'm late for my hair dyeing dammit." and applied some sort of black ink to her eyes real quick. She then noticed me and I stood up. We have come to an understanding that when I stand, it means she ought to give me a treat. I am particularly partial to the apple ones. Delicious. However, she simply said "Awww... You cute, Igloolooloo" in a baby voice and went about trying to find what she called "panties" in her pile of fabrics on the bed.

Why are humans so furless? It could have kept them warm and covered their shame. My fur is luscious and fuzzy - and mind you I lick it clean all the time - but I guess sometimes it makes me too warm and I wish I could get naked like my human does. Little did I know that later in the day... Sigh.

Anyway so my human left me alone again. Later when she came back home she was not alone but with another human whom she called Momo, and my human is like her human. Momo was extremely excitable when she saw me. She waved 3 pieces of cloth in from of me and asked me if I knew what she got for me.

I could smell that the cloths are neither delicious nor bunny-related in any way so I couldn't be bothered. I'd like that apple treat that was promised earlier!

Momo then picked me up and did some magic with the pieces of cloth. She said she found them in Chatuchuk at a bunny shop for $1 per piece. I'm a little confused here but apparently the two of them got very happy, kept squealing, and took a lot of pictures:


Apparently this is a dress for bunnies. *rolls eyes*

Alright whatever, have your fun, just give me those treats NOW.

YES! APPLE TREATS. You can also see where I scratched my human's thigh right there. That's right, people think us bunnies are real weak but watch out! I could claw your eyes out if I wanted to.

I'm not sure about the pink with my fur...

Here's Momo squashing me up. P/s: Did you know that even though bunnies have a round bob for a tail our tails are actually long and skinny like a pig's although not curly?

And bless my ears, how much luggage does my human have?

They changed my "dress" into another one. My human says she is undecided which is nicer.

Hey, an artistic picture of me! Good job human.

I don't get why everytime I do this my human goes "Awwwwww". She practically wets herself when I use my paws to clean my ears. Like seriously? Get a grip, human!

Alright enough activity for the day, time to nap...


Here I am, lying in my human's arms to sleep. It's pretty awesome, she strokes my head and scratches my ears. When she's done I groom her in exchange - I'm fair like that.

Only thing I don't like? She keeps yakking nonstop to Momo who was sitting next to her apparently "altering her Nuffnang Awards dress". Like hello? Trying to sleep here and my ears are HUGE! I hear everything!

I could hear my human mumbling that she thinks she won't win at this year's Nuffnang Awards because she didn't put in enough effort to bribe for votes. About how she's fat. About how she doesn't really know which bag to match the dress. Yadda yadda...

I woke up when I could hear a third human. She also squealed when she saw me. Apparently my dress is a real hit with them. She is the human of my daddy, Fluffy. My human then explained to me that she is going overseas from tomorrow onwards so I have to stay with Daddy's human all the way till January 10th. My human got really emotional and starting hugging and kissing me and begging me not to forget her.

That's all for this blog entry. I dread to think what all the other bunnies will think of me when they see me in my "dress".

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Nokia Lumia 800


Last week I had a lot of fun coz I attended three Nokia events!!

It is for the launch of the new Nokia Lumia 800 and I can tell that the peeps from Nokia are really excited about this phone because it is the first Nokia Windows phone!

They really went all out! There were 2 roadshows last Saturday and Sunday along Orchard Road, and a big launch last Wednesday. Rozz and Paul Foster were the emcees. From fashion shows to DJ showdowns to, well, me, they really spared no expense to introduce the new Lumia to Singapore!

I even saw the ads for the Lumia on my google adsense at the sidebar wtf. I was damn shocked like HOW DID GOOGLE KNOW?

Here are some pictures:

Rozz and I chatting

Models! And check out the pink style cube at the back!

Three local designers were asked to showcase clothes themed to the Lumia.

The winning team is Feist and Heist! That's the designer, Min, on the right. She's super talented or what? I love how she took the Nokia Lumia "tiles" (I will explain later) and applied it on the accessories. The square rings and bangles are so cool Rozz requested for some from her.

Inside the style cube you can have the first sneak peak at the Nokia Lumia 800, which comes in Black, Pink and Blue!!

What I love are the matching earphones, exactly the same hue as the phone! Now THAT's style.

Also in the Style Cube are tons of accessories, wigs and makeup booths to let people have a makeover!! Can you believe this photo is taken with the Nokia Lumia? Freaking awesome 8mp Carl Zeiss lens!

Check out this happy little girl in a pink wig lol

Love the cheerful colours

Rozzie, Jade Seah and Min

Rozz and I!

On the launch day itself a GINORMOUS FOUR STOREY replica of the Nokia Lumia was erected at Clarke Quay...

The structure had "tiles" inside to mimic the phone's cute interface.

Pic taken during the rehearsal. Can you spot me?

On the actual day I was supposed to live-tweet and my tweets will go up on the giant screen there!

The models were rehearsing their walk in front of me and who can resist taking a picture like a lao tiko? LOL nice stems.

The turn out was fantastic on the actual day... So many people watching! Stressed!!

DJ Koflow was spinning and local band Sixx also performed. Koflow actually did a remix of the classic Nokia ringtone and made it awesomer! LOL

Me stepping out of my cube after live tweeting.

And doing an interview afterwards. Not relevant to the phone or event but I look chio in this picture CAN OR NOT???

Enough with the event pictures!! How's the phone?

Honestly, I must say I was quite skeptical when I got the phone but after using it I'm impressed!!

The windows platform is very easy to navigate and use and surprisingly simple and uncluttered.

The speed is amazing and it doesn't lag plus web browsing is a breeze because of the big screen and super fast loading speed.

Mine is black because the pink ones were not ready yet

As you can see the phone's main interface are these "tiles". I LOVE THEM!!

Why? Because the tiles are totally customizable. You can choose your favourite colour out of ELEVEN colours and make your background either black or white, which makes look at your phone a joy. (Obviously I chose pink :D)

Plus you can choose whatever important application you want on the tiles. Do you see the tile with my picture on it and the one with Mike's?

Well that's the best thing about the phone. You can set ANYBODY's personal "tile" there which makes it the best phone to stalk people imho. For example, the moment I open Mike's "tile", I see his latest facebook updates, latest pictures uploaded. I see options to call him, message him, email him, msn him, or even write on his facebook wall. Cool right?

The "people" tile there also lets you see all the latest updates from your friends whether via msn, facebook, twitter etc... You just need to sign in and it's all in ONE PLACE!! It's really social!

And coolest of all the moment you turn on the phone the tiles are always flipping to show off newest information and pictures. It looks so pretty. :)

Taken with the Nokia Lumia 800

The awesome 8mp camera means you never have to bring a camera out again.

Many apps like Youtube, Whatsapp, Angry Birds, Twitter etc are all also available for the Windows Platform.

Apparently the phone also has a talking GPS system to help you while you drive! Talk about combining all gadgets into one!

And the most amazing bit about the phone? I randomly found this out that day when I was just messing around with it:

Check this out:

I take a picture of this random card from the event.

And guess what? Just from that picture, the Nokia Lumia can TRANSLATE THE TEXT!!


Granted it's not very accurate but this is my first try ever and the card I'm holding is very small!

If you are looking to buy a new phone maybe you can give the Nokia Lumia 800 a try!

Check out their facebook page HERE.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Igloo's Video + My Sims Social house!

Don't know if you guys noticed the change in the "Latest Video" tab up on top there but I have a new Youtube video!

As promised I edited the Igloo video and I must say I really love this one! She's super cute!

The peeps from Clicknetwork also shot a video with Igloo and it's gonna be more informative and detailed than mine. I think it'd be out next week. They also managed to capture shots of Igloo doing happy binkies (that's when bunnies hop and twist in midair to show joyfulness, it's awesome to behold) so I can't wait till it comes out!

Here are some of the photos my DSLR takes at the start of each video. I apologize for the same stoic expression throughout, that's my face as I press the record button.

Also, as the title suggested, I decided to 
show y'all my Sims Social house!

Click to enlarge

I know barely anyone can be bothered about Sims Social (it's a game on facebook!) but I spent quite a lot of time decorating it so I MUST SHOW IT OFF!! :D

I spent my initial 20 sims cash on my character's pink hair and bought some coz there were some quest items I just couldn't get wtf. Had excess so I bought the flowy couch thing. I won the blue gazebo from one of the two free Winter Garden Mystery box lah! So lucky one!! :D

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Make a Special Change for a Special Day!


The holidays are coming up!! This is the time of the year when we get invited to loads of parties and everyone is trying to look their best.

Us girls always want to doll up for Xmas/NYE and thus we put on new clothes and shows and put on extra makeup... But it is true that most of us cannot be bothered to do much to our hair!

This was how my hair looked like last Xmas... I just curled it and let it be. And that's what I do most of the time anyway. It's nice... but so boring!

It's time to...

"What should I do with you for Xmas this year?"

If you are thinking of a new hairstyle for the holidays, fret not! Liese just came up with a new Lookbook filled with easy-to-do hairstyles just for Xmas!

Liese teamed with Tokyo's top hair designer Takahisa Okamura to come up with a series of hairstyles for the Xmas season.

Check out the "Making of" video here with the chio Japanese models!

And this is the style I chose:

It looks so cute on the model, Yu Hirukawa, I just had to do it on myself too! I'd show you guys how, it's really simple!

Let's start:

Spray some Liese Juicy Shower on those strands! The Juicy shower instantly boosts the moisture level of your hair and smoothens out frizz and makes your hair silky soft so it's easier to style.

It smells really nice too - great for if you want to meet someone new before the year ends!

Comb through your hair to get rid of the kinks

Take out two thick clusters of hair from your hair parting and separate the rest
by putting them behind your shoulders

Now for some Liese Designing Jelly

The Designing Jelly is special because it does not have the sticky wax feeling or stiff gel look!
The texture is watery therefore spreads easily and I was surprised to find that it is really not sticky! Amazing! For this style you don't need a very strong wax/gel either, just as extra security in case you want to dance the night away. :)

Btw all of Liese's styling products are numbered according to their holding power so the bigger the number the stronger the holding power. For this look I chose Designing Jelly in 04 Move and Flow because I want to create a pouf on my hair later.

Apply the Designing Jelly then tie a super high ponytail. Create a loop like this instead of pulling the hair ends out!

Fan out the hair and secure with loads of bobby pins!

For girls with shorter hair you can still create a big pouf, just curl your hair first!

Curl the strands around your face.

Last step... Select either a giant bow or flower accessory to pin onto your hair.



What do you girls think? 

I'd definitely be recreating this look for my next romantic date with Mike. :D

If you are interested in creating the other looks please check out Liese's facebook page at

Liese is also giving away their most popular products! Just go to their Facebook page and write on their wall which is your favourite Liese styling/treatment product and you might win! 5 sets to be given away!

Good luck!