Igloo - my new pet bunny!


Sorry for the larger amount of advertorials than usual. It is Xmas time and everyone's favourite advertising period! And as you all know I'd be moving into my new hdb soon enough and I need money for renovation in case I can't get sponsors. :P

I don't know why I'm justifying why I'm earning money wtf. IT IS BECAUSE YOU PEOPLE ARE SO MEAN, GUILT TRIPPING ME!! I'm trying to blog more ok! There are tons of updates on my twitter and POTM but does anyone care? Nooooooooo

Anyway, a lot of you have asked me to blog about Igloo so here it is!!

I also shot a super cute video of Igloo but Cheesie's in Singapore and she's staying over at my place. She's an early sleeper so it's hard to for me edit videos while she's sleeping in my room - I don't think she'd enjoy me cooing over Igloo again and again at 4am - so I haven't finished editing it yet! (And I only edit stuff in the middle of the night, I simply can't do it in the afternoon)

So here are all the photos I managed to take of Igloo so far! Sorry about the quality, all taken with the iPhone. Some I posted on POTM before but I thought it would be nice to have them all together.

At Clara's house where I first met her!

Remember Clara, who is the owner of Fluffy, the bunny on my blog banner? I told her the moment Fluffy gets lop babies I want one!! Well his wife gave birth on Oct 13th and Clara waited till the babies were an ok age to get visitors... I was so anxious the whole 3 weeks!

Igloo has 2 other siblings and they are both brown like Fluffy. My friend Rykiel bought one of Fluffy's sisters! Igloo is grey-brown and the most niap one so I chose her. :D

Her mother is a broken orange Holland lop.

How can anything be so cuteeeeeeeee??


She looks really brown in some pictures!

Lying against Mike in this one.

Resting on Huiwen's belly

Spot the robot

Punk bunny

Baby carrot for baby bunny!

Sleeping on me!! Love her so much ♥

When I saw this picture after I took it I was like WTF WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR NOSE?? Turns out it's just wet from drinking water.

Eating a strawberry, leaves and all

OMG I just love this bunny so so much!!

I didn't want to bring up the sore topic of Pumpkin but yeah as you all know she made me have horrible feelings for the longest time. In fact, I'm completely turned off by dogs now. Don't wanna go on about that but yeah, when I first got Igloo I kept having panic attacks like "OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE WHAT IF I DON'T LIKE HER!!!!111" Like literally I couldn't breathe and all wtf

For the first time I understand why men have commitment phobia! At least with girlfriends you can ditch them but it's so taboo and cruel to ditch a pet. And no ditching means you got to take care of it for years even if you don't like them!

The first 2 days I got her I actually didn't even announce it coz of my anxiety but now I KNOW she is a keeper for sure!

Bunnies are so misunderstood. Everyone thinks they are jittery crap machines who are "useless" smelly pets that remain in their cage all day long, but it's so not true!!

I try to bring her out of her cage at least 2 or 3 times a day and she loooves it! I trained her to stand up at my tongue clicking sound to beg for food and she loves to snuggle on my belly to sleep. She loves ear scratches so she tries to nudge her ears into my fingers too!!

Before I got a bunny I never knew they do something called "binkies" when they are happy... It's when they hop and sprint around and sometimes twist their body in midair. It's very distinctive and Igloo always does it when we bring her out!! And in the last 2 days she's started to lick Mike and I a lot. Either we are very tasty or she likes grooming us! :D

Bunnies do crap a lot but their shit are usually these really hard pellets that are super unoffensive and not smelly at all wtf. When she's on the couch with me I put a towel there for her to pee on (which she really tries hard not to do so she will tolerate for at least 2 hours before she can't take it anymore) and I just pick up her poop pellets with my hands into a little plastic bag.

p/s: Mike came up with the name, says she looks like an igloo.

p/p/s: Will be posting the video soon! You guys will enjoy it. :)

p/p/p/s: All mentions of said previous dog will be deleted! GO AWAY!

p/p/p/p/s: OMG Blahpitty blah blah be a responsible pet owner do not just buy bunnies coz they are cute there are abandoned bunnies so adopt do not buy blah blah. You preachy people happy now?

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