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Napbas 2011

Finally I'm blogging about the Napbas like a century after everybody else! Unfortunately I was a little overwhelmed during the event and didn't take many pictures. I lied. I took many pictures with people who wanted pictures with me, just not with my camera. :p WHAT? It's the ONE time in 2 years where I am like a star at an event ok?! Want to be a bit happy about it cannot ah?! So back to me saying I didn't take many pictures... Fortunately I have friends who did take a lot of pics so I can steal from their blogs!! Namely Qiuqiu wtf, who is actually a master at photoshop. She edited me so well that I didn't bother to liquify anything about myself from the pictures she edited, plus on top of good aesthetic sense she edits like 200 pictures within a few hours. Every single person in her pics are edited because she is that nice. -_- Well I can just retire now and let the young people take over. I cannot do this photoshop crap anymore, my neck and arm muscl

A cavernous vagina

I've always liked Tina Fey and when I knew she wrote a book called Bossypants I immediately wanted to buy it, only to go to Borders (I actually made the effort to walk there from Ion) to find it bankrupt and non-existent. To add insult to injury there is a very sad-looking and by far the most derelict John Little I've ever seen in its place. Are you kidding me? At least put a F21 there or something to compensate me for my long, yes I'm spoiled , and unfruitful walk. (To be fair to this John Little I later realised that it sells really cheap items which explains its lack of looks, which is fine by my books. Which I didn't have because Borders is bankrupt. Ba dum tss! Punny!) I contemplated turning around to Kino to buy it but was too lazy and asked Mike to download it for me instead. But after downloading it I didn't bother to put it into my phone and thus didn't bother reading it. Ok I'm getting to my point. I saw it at the airport two days ago and bo

2012 is awesome so far

In another 2 days' time my holiday in USA will be over and I'd be on a freaking 20 hour plane ride back to Singapore! I've been having fun here and I did so much shopping!! Just a note: This blog post is entirely about shopping so I'm not sure if the straight men will find anything of value here (not that they usually do but this is less than usual). If you just want to read on to then comment "Geez what a shallow bimbo, I'd never date a girl like that." and proceed to have sex with your hand I also won't object, anything that makes you feel better about yourself I guess. Hey, I'm happy! You should be happy too. :D So yes! I bought loads of clothes at Abercrombie's outlet mall for teens/kids. Their size 12/14 (or M/L) fits me well (I'm not trying to say I'm skinny, the sizes are really quite big) and all the clothes were either $9.90 or $15.90 with an additional 30% off storewide. I went mad. I bought 4 pairs of floral shorts for m