Sunday, January 1, 2012

One drop locks up an ocean


First off, happy new year everyone!!

Today my advertorial will be on a product series that is already super well-loved!! Perhaps you already know what it is from the title?

Hint: It's for skin and will make your skin all bouncy and QQ!!

And since one drop locks up an ocean... It is also super hydrating...

That's right it's HADA LABO!!

Hada Labo arrived in Singapore just last year but it's already super popular... The SHA Hydrating Lotion (that's what we Singaporeans know as toner) is the no. 1 face lotion in Japan!

The star ingredient is their Super Hyaluronic Acid which can retain 12 litres of water with 1g, giving you bouncy awesome skin!

Also love that the Hada Labo skincare philosophy is PERFECT X SIMPLE - all unnecessary additives such as colourants and fragrance are omitted, leaving only the good stuff to ensure maximum effectiveness.

And guess what? I've actually been a Hada Labo user since my Tokyo trip with Cheesie in 2010! She also did an advert for them and I saw Hada Labo in a store and asked her, "Eh, really good not?" She said a resounding YES! and I've been using their moisturizer ever since.

And look at the Hada Labo products I got!! *lucky*

I know they look confusing coz of all the Japanese text, so I wrote out the functions of each one. 

Their stellar product has the words there proudly proclaiming that 1 is sold every 4 seconds in Japan. I'm telling you, this is an amazing statistic because the Japan market for skincare is crazy saturated! Whenever you see a product that says "xx sold every xx second in Japan" JUST GRAB AND BUY! Confirm good one!

The toner has a watery but gel-like texture that really quenches your skin's thirst and won't dry skin like some toners do. No smell either.

One drop locks up an ocean... So LOCK UP ALL THE OCEANS!! Yes I'm aware my picture says "unlock" wtf I got mistaken when I photoshopped it. (And that's a 9gag reference)

Check it out... On the left my sponsored product, on the right my own limited edition Minnie Hada Labo lotion bought in Otaru! YOU JELLY?? I wish Singapore has these pretty things sigh... At least we can still buy boring version Hada Labo. LOL

Their essence is also very popular, winning Women's Weekly and Her World beauty awards in 2011.

Texture is firmer than the lotion... I love this! Once it hits the skin you can feel it being absorbed. And it leaves a velvety texture!

Their Hydrating Milk (moisturizer) is one of my FAVOURITE skincare products. I love how hydrating it really is and it spreads easily and doesn't cause me any pimples like some of the more heavy oil-based moisturizers do. AND AND AND THE BEST THING???????

Please look at the picture. It comes in a squeezable bottle NOT A TUB!! You may think this is a very small thing but I really hate digging moisturizers out from tubs. It's so unhygienic to use your fingers and so troublesome to use a scoop. I love how convenient this is. GOOD JOB ON THE DESIGN!

Here's the milky texture. That small amount is enough for the whole face, believe it or not.

If you don't like the Hydrating Milk Hada Labo also came up with a SHA Hydrating Cream... The cream is light and non-greasy and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. WANT!!

Found another product I love. Their Hydrating Face Wash!! I don't know why and how but a very small dollop lathers sooooo much foam and as promised, not drying! Just clean.

Love my Hada Labo!

Are you thinking of giving Hada Labo a try but you don't wish to part with your money? NO WORRIES PLEASE THEY ARE GIVING IT OUT FREE!!! FOR REAL!!

Click HERE to go to their facebook page and just hit on Like to get a free sample!

Additionally, Hada Labo is giving out 31 days of Rewards this whole month! Just go to their facebook and for every single day for 31 days they will pick a lucky fan to win a daily prize. It could be bags worth $200 or dining vouchers worth $100 or Hada Labo products!!

Hada Labo is sold at Watsons, Guardian, FP, Sasa, Unity and major departmental stores.

Prices range from $13.50 - $34.90