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She makes me so happy!!

It's already 6am but I felt inspired to write a disgusting blog post about Igloo !! Who knew bunnies could be so awesome? It has been a few months now that I've had Igloo and she makes me so happy I can't even... Compared to nasty Pumpkin**, I'm just so super grateful that this relationship turned out this way. (**if you didn't know, bought a Yorkshire terrier, she didn't like me and I didn't like her, after 1 year of trying to love her, gave her away to responsible rich loving new owners, got scolded like mad by moralistic superior dog lovers who kept rubbing in my face how THEIR dog loves them.) I bought Igloo because she was so freaking cute when she was a baby and I had a bout of maternal instincts insanity. I thought for the rest of her life she'd have to live in a cage like most of the pet bunnies I've seen people have. But one fine day I thought to myself, "Hey, people have said that bunnies can be toilet trained so I'm jus

Love love love more!!

p/s: One new blog entry below this. :) Advertorial In case you are wondering why my title is so weird, it's because... this is the...  THIRD advertorial I did for Love More!! You can read advert 1 and advert 2 here and here ! Love More is famous for their masks, which are wildly popular in Taiwan and Sexy Look range is the no. 1 selling 3D mask there . For my first advert I blogged about the Love More Crystal Peptide Kiss Series Series (3D Duo Lifting mask) . Phew that name is long lol. Anyway the popular masks are back again!! Love More Purple Crystal and Peptide Moisturizing Mask And.. Love More Rose Crystal and Tourmaline Moisturizing Mask Love More White Crystal and Platinum Whitening Mask They are so pretty too! And these masks are all special because... They all come with a 3D ear hook for the 360 degrees lifting effect!  Awesome coz it can also firm up your neck, which is often neglected! And I don't know if it's my face that's fat o

I cut my hair + I am a proud homeowner!

I got two big things to announce!! And they are....... Oh you already know from the title. LOL Cant believe till this fucking day I'm still getting crazy comments from the previous blog entry, talking about how I'm jealous of Adele and how I put makeup too (? relevance?) and how I did plastic surgery. " Xiaxue you are just jealous because you can never win grammys! " - Not that I'd reject a fucking grammy if it's shoved in my face of course but wtf man... By that logic I should hate ALL past grammy winners, no? And don't say NEVER !! I'm still young! LOL The thing I cannot stand the most is how people keep bleating about how she has " real talent ". Excuse me? Know how to sing and write songs big fuck ah? Have you even seen Jay Chou fucking play two pianos at once, or seen me paint an awesome self portrait *ahem*??? Please, so many people have amazing talents. Even coming up with amazing styles like Lady Gaga is a talent, so stop saying


p/s: UPDATED BELOW! Oh you guys are gonna fucking hate this blog entry alright but I don't care. So, I'm gonna be talking about Adele and her fats, which I have already bitched about on twitter because of the recent Karl Lagerfeld controversy, but someone told me to blog about it so I shall. With 140 characters limiting you it is not that easy to broach a taboo topic like that and fully explain your views. But first, a disclaimer. Don't get so fucking sensitive - nobody hates fat people , ok? I mean in any first world society, everyone is bound to have a relative or a friend who is overweight . It is IMPOSSIBLE to sum it all up and say "XX hates fat people!" when hello? My grandma is fat. Do I hate her? No, she took care of me when I was a child and I fucking love her, fats and all. And I do have friends who are fat. Is it ok if I use the word fat? I'm gonna use it because " overweight " is way too long to type repeatedly. So yes, nobody

I love Juicy Skin!

Advertorial Tell you all something super stupid ok? The reason why the above pic is so teal themed is because I thought I wanted to start this advert by saying "I feel like a mermaid because I'm so hydrated" then I realised it is very lame LOLOL. So that's just a picture where I happen to be wearing blue-green stuff. Today I'd be reviewing a new line of skincare from Za!! I already love it before using it because... The products are the most gorgeous shade of pearly milky pink! :D Would look so good on any vanity. Say hello to Za's new skincare range - Za Total Hydration ! This range is specially formulated for ladies in their 20s (which, ahem, includes me even though I'm almost out of there). Actually I remember when I was a teenager and I started to get zits, my mom told me to start using facial cleansers, and she also bought me a milk moisturizer. When I was younger I never ever felt the need to moisturize, mostly coz I didn