Sunday, February 12, 2012



Oh you guys are gonna fucking hate this blog entry alright but I don't care.

So, I'm gonna be talking about Adele and her fats, which I have already bitched about on twitter because of the recent Karl Lagerfeld controversy, but someone told me to blog about it so I shall. With 140 characters limiting you it is not that easy to broach a taboo topic like that and fully explain your views.

But first, a disclaimer. Don't get so fucking sensitive - nobody hates fat people, ok?

I mean in any first world society, everyone is bound to have a relative or a friend who is overweight. It is IMPOSSIBLE to sum it all up and say "XX hates fat people!" when hello? My grandma is fat. Do I hate her? No, she took care of me when I was a child and I fucking love her, fats and all.

And I do have friends who are fat. Is it ok if I use the word fat? I'm gonna use it because "overweight" is way too long to type repeatedly. So yes, nobody hates all fat people, because why? Why should anyone's weight bother me? Unless they steal all my food it becomes an issue but otherwise it's not my problem.

There are plenty of fat and well-balanced (I mean mentally) individuals out there who have accepted their weight and have other priorities in life beside bothering about whether they can fit into a size S. Case in point: Moms who just gave birth and said "fuck it" to the scales. They need to eat in order to provide breast milk for their children. They have no time for the gym to lose pregnancy weight. If anyone says they are fat, they smile and say "Who cares about me? Look at my baby, isn't he beautiful?"

These people don't let their weight make them bitter and disgruntled. It is your life, if you decide weight is just a number, then live your life happily gobbling down Krispy Kremes, nobody cares.



As if the rest of us who care about our looks are shallow, miserable assholes who are worth nothing. You have YOUR priorities and I have mine - let me be vain and superficial in peace and I'd let you be fat and oily in peace, OK?! Quid pro quo!

Adele is exactly one of these hypocritical cunts and I really, really cannot stand her.

It is enough that a lot of fat people, in order to feel empowered about their weight and justify their laziness, decide to blame and hate on everyone else of a normal weight. We hear things that "Skinny bitch with no boobs and ass", "Real women have curves" and "she's going to the loo again? Must be to puke" jokes over and over again. We laugh at girls who eat salads.

On 9gag I constantly see them put a picture of a badly taken paparazzi shot of a supermodel at a beach looking a little too skinny, and compare it to a studio shot of a photoshopped, made up, plus-size model and the caption? "This is sexy (the fat one), this is SHIT (the supermodel)." The men say statements like "We love real women who will eat a cheeseburger."

No. Ineligible men love woman who have low self-worth because these are the only girls who will look at them. Girls who work hard for their appearance want rewards for it in the form of dating eligible men and they KNOW what they are worth. They won't give 9gag losers the time of day, so what do the losers do? Sour grapes of course. Have you ever seen a rich handsome man say "I'd prefer a fat chick who never dresses up and doesn't put makeup, over supermodels."? Have you? NO.

But yet all these "It's better to be curvy (read: fat) than to be skinny" sentiments are popping up everywhere.

It's spreading everywhere, like a disease.

I'm sorry, since when is having zero self control supposed to be something to be proud of?!

What, so skinny people have in easier in life - does that mean you can insult them all the time? What do you want? Would you like everyone to also overindulge in food and never exercise again to prove to you that looks are not important, character is? Shall we burn all treadmills?

It is basic human nature to hate on people who work hard.

In school, we hate on nerds who study hard for their exams. When the results come out and you fail college because you were out partying while the nerd goes on to become a lawyer, you yell and say the system is fucked up! It should not be the hardworking who can get better results but the naturally brilliant! Why, if both you and that nerd BOTH didn't study, you bet you'd get better results than him! SCREW THE SYSTEM, BILL GATES NEVER GRADUATED!!

And then later on in life you like a cute boy but he chooses a girl prettier than you, slimmer than you. She works out at the gym, watches her diet and she's got plastic surgery and wears makeup and pretty clothes all the time.

What do you do? Instead of upping your game you bitch and moan, complaining that the girl cheated her way up the looks hierarchy. Stupid girl must spend all her time dwelling on her looks and must have no personality at all!

Why should men care about looks? What a shallow man, you say, conveniently forgetting you also liked him because of his looks.

Shouldn't they care about character, like in that Taylor Swift song? Can't he see you are his soulmate? If she didn't work out or had plastic surgery you bet you are even better-looking than her!!

Ah but here's the thing... She did work out and she did get surgery.

Surprise!! Other people are more hardworking than you! Instead of blaming the system, GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS AND DO SOMETHING.What is stopping you?

Are you afraid that if you studied hard your results are only mediocre? Are you afraid that after plastic surgery and losing weight you are still ugly and your dream boy still doesn't like you? So afraid and insecure that you'd rather never have tried hard before, than to try hard and fail? Well then fuck you, you have no rights to insult others who had the courage to try.

Back to Adele. I hate her because she is making this disgusting attitude more prominent than ever.

Let's look at some of her quotes:

It is disgusting how her quotes are being idolised by so many. People are all praising her, saying how BRAVE she is to dare to be different from the cookie cutter pretty stars we see nowadays, how she speaks out for fat acceptance, and how her music is not about looks but about, well, music.


Is she trying to say that somehow, if she were to show her boobs and her bum now (no thanks) that immediately her music will become a pile of shit?

If you are good, you are good. WHAT IS THIS CRAP? So what if Lady Gaga or Katy Perry makes music for 'eyes'?

Go do your own thing if you wish to be an unattractive singer - NO NEED TO INSULT OTHERS AND JUSTIFY YOURSELF! You are already making so much money and loved by so many, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT, ADELE?!

Adele's Asian incarnate

I really hate that she is always putting down other singers, prancing on her lofty high horse, like she is so much better.

There are people who idolise singers for their entire package including looks and styling, there are people who idolise singers just for good music - DON'T BLAME THE GAME ADELE, SUCH IS LIFE! Some people like looking at pretty things!

Talk about condescending... You think you are the first popular singer who is fat? THINK AGAIN! There were plenty before you, no need to speak as if you brought about a whole revolution! I don't know that much about English pop but Mandopop Singer Ocean Ou became popular when he never even showed his face. He was just a cartoon! And I don't hear him go on and on about how Andy Lau is ruining the industry by making music for "eyes". *roll eyes*

Ok you may think I'm over-reacting and over-inferring from that simple quote but here is more, and they prove my point on what a hypocritical, condescending, judgmental, insecure asshole she is:


Did anyone ask her to choose between weighing a ton and doing an amazing album or be skinny and do a shit album?

No, people were asking her to choose between weighing a ton and doing an amazing album OR weigh normal and do an amazing album - because taking care of your diet DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR TALENT OR ABILITY TO MAKE AN AMAZING ALBUM!

And I'm not even going to talk about that last sentence about how she aims to NEVER be skinny in life because that's just fucking illogical and rude to everyone who is skinny. Ridiculous!! I don't even... URGH!

Here is more!!!

"I’ve never seen magazine covers or music videos and been like ‘I need to look like that to be a success.’ I don’t want to be some skinny mini with my tits out. I really don’t want to do it and I don’t want people confusing what it is that I’m about."


Let's tackle the elephant in the room with every photo of her you saw so far, ok?

What do you see?


If she truly doesn't feel like looks or even a vague amount of sex appeal is necessary for success, why is she always covering her face up with shitloads of foundation, carefully applied eyeliner and false lashes that reach up to the heavens?

How many hours a day does she spend carefully teasing that bouffant on her hair so that it looks exactly 60s but not 'winehouse'? She doesn't care about looks, only music? Are you kidding me?

Why not just sing in concerts wearing PJs, Adele? Coz you are CONFUSING me now with your hypocrisy. Or better yet, why not just sing behind a curtain or inside a potato sack?

Don't bullshit us Adele - you, like the rest of the famewhoring girls, want to just be pretty as well. It is just that

1) You are too fucking lazy and greedy and

2) the fat chicks everywhere are giving you so much praise for your "courage" and alternative views that you are just simply basking in it all, exploiting your "commonness" in exchange for popularity from people who feel they can identify with you.

Wow... So powerful! I feel like the entire female population just came collectively via our clits and gspots from her proud feminist statement.

Finally! A woman who is fat and says she represents the majority of us girls who are insecure about our weight!!

She even gives a middle finger to girls who want to be on magazine covers!!

Ready or not here comes the Hypocrite Of The Year!!!!!!!!!!!!



Homegirl says in so many quotes that she never cares to be on magazines covers, and here she is, eating, eating, eating, eating her words. NO WONDER SHE IS FAT!!

Does this look like the majority of girls to you? What now Adele, are we supposed to think your full lips, sharp nose, pretty eyes, and thick hair are totally normal? Way to make us feel secure, honey!

If she was so against mainstream media celebrating impossible standards of beauty, what the fuck is she doing on Vogue, looking like just any other celebrity?

You want to prove a point, Adele? Go on Vogue and be the cover girl with no makeup and a bikini showing off all your lovehandles and cellulite, please. THEN you can say you are proud of how you look like, ok?

If not, just STFU!!!!!!!!

And yes, about Karl Lagerfeld. I initially got over this whole Adele's-a-hypocritical-bitch thing but everyone on my twitter was insulting him for saying the following quote:

"The thing at the moment is Adele. She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice."

What? What did he say wrongly??? Isn't she too fat?

And it's not as if he's talking about Gisele Bundchen being too fat. Adele IS overweight, and unhealthily so. What wrong with calling a spade a spade?! And taking the full quote into context, he was actually saying that she is his favourite singer. It was 90% praise, 10% slightly insulting truth.

And what happens?

Everyone starts to insult him, saying he is a wrinkled orange old ass etc, hope he falls down on a spike and dies. Excuse me but you all are fucking hypocrites now, aren't you? So Lagerfeld cannot comment on Adele's looks but YOU can comment on his looks? FUCK OFF. How dare you be so morally self righteous? Lagerfeld's statement wasn't meant to be malicious, YOURS is.

I cannot understand why anytime anyone dares to say someone is fat, even if it is a neutral statement or with good intentions, all the fatties all the world unit in anger and lash out like mad. And they always reply the same things.

1) I can always lose my weight but you'd always remain (insert insult, mostly ugly or short in my case).

Erm but fact is you DIDN'T lost your weight. Once you do, instead of having people say you are fat, you will be praised and people will all say you are a determined, hardworking and strong willed individual. See, wouldn't that be nice?

Also, I am stating something that you entirely brought upon yourself whereas you are insulting something I am born with and cannot change. Is that fair?


No, looks are not everything. But they do affect A LOT of things and is undisputedly important in this world.

Have you noticed this? The only people in this world who always have people ask them to lose weight are those with good-looking faces. That's why people who care ask them to lose the weight because they have the potential to look gorgeous. Those who have ugly faces and are fat are generally left alone to do whatever they want.

(Except the morbidly obese, who are advised to lose weight for health reasons)

People take this "You are fat" thing WAY too seriously.

Case in point, check out this article presumably a fattie wrote about Gywneth Paltrow hating on fat people.

I found it when I was finding Adele quotes - and of course the author is a big fan of Adele's fat power movement. *rolls eyes*

If you don't wish to read the article I'd sum it up here.

Basically, a celebrity host called Ross Matthew is good friends with Gywneth Paltrow. He was putting on weight and when he saw Paltrow, she pointed at his tummy and said "What's going on here? I love you, get it together!"

That motivated him to lose 50 pounds so now he is really healthy and happy.

What a sweet story, right? Considering that Gywneth is close friends him, she only wanted the best for him and gave him tough love. It made him a better person and now he is healthy and happy but ALL THE FATTIES ARE NOT!
How dare Gywneth be so fucking rude? Here's what the author responded:

"The best way to respond (to someone saying you gained weight like Gywneth did) is to attack, letting your full-on CUNT rage: "Yeah, I have been eating too much fried chicken lately. I'm starting to look like the chick your boyfriend is boning behind your back. That must suck, to feel like you're too skinny and flat-chested to keep a man interested."

If someone (Goop) had come up to me, pointed at my stomach and said “What’s going on here? I love you. Get it together,” I would have started crying, and then punched her in face.

You just don’t say that crap to people, honestly. I’m a raging bitch, and even I think that’s wrong. I mean, sure, maybe it was the “wakeup call” Ross needed to get healthier (although in my opinion, he really wasn’t all that heavy to begin with), but Gwyneth didn’t say it to him because she wants him to have a better life. She said it to him because his weight offended her deeply, as all of our peasanty lifestyles offend her."

WHAT THE FUCK MAN!! Talk about taking things out of context and being easily angered!!!!!!!

Is it fair that fat people can say things like that Gywneth Paltrow is too skinny and flat chested to keep a man interested? Or to punch her for pointing out that you put on weight? So ridiculous!

And the worst part is that she presumed Gywneth only had evil intentions. No, asshole, someone with evil intentions would say "OMG you gained so much weight you look like a pig that is so fat no other pigs would fuck it." , not "I love you, get it together."

I'm gonna conclude this super long blog entry by saying that fat people need to stop being so fucking sensitive. Sure, a lot of people use the F word to insult you. Remember you brought your own weight upon yourself, you have nobody to blame but yourself and mostly importantly, you have the ability to stop it anytime.

No, I am not saying it is alright for skinny people to insult fat people. It is NOT alright. And it is NOT easy to lose weight. It is unfair, and it is cruel.

But I'm just saying, people won't stop using your weight as ammo against you because it's the easiest way to attack anyone. The only way you can stop it is to actually lose weight.

But keep in mind, a lot of times, people asking you to lose weight just either care about your health or think that your weight is stopping you from getting the most out of life. Don't lash out like a hyena just out of instinct. They don't mean to be malicious.

If you wish to remain fat and is happy being fat, then don't bother about what people say. If you are NOT happy being fat, please do something about it instead of hating on the fact that society in general favour slim and healthy people. This is never going to change, not unless suddenly slim people cannot conceive and only fat people can. It's against nature's will to be attracted to the obese.

Also, fuck Adele. What a cunt.

p/s: My weight is irrelevant but yes, call me fat if you wish, I'm ok with that!

UPDATE: Newest issue of Vogue March 2012 is out!!

Oh honey, thanks so much for proving me right. Here you are looking like a skinny mini with your tits out.

Also, I love how all the dumbfuck haters are commenting about MY weight and how I also put on a ton of makeup (therefore I'm also a hypocrite!). And then they say I am jealous of Adele coz she has talent and I have none, or that I'm just jealous she is more famous than me. Erm........

How is MY weight, appearance, fame or talent relevant to this blog entry?!?!? Yes I'm neither fat nor skinny, but my weight has nothing to do with my opinions.

And one last point. I notice a lot of you people have taken offense at my statement about how fat people are responsible for their own weight and have the ability to lose it. You guys are saying it's genetics, it's a disease, etc. Well, I beg to differ. I believe that with determination, ANYONE can look slim or at least healthy. Sure, it's harder for some people.

But those who say it's impossible are just making convenient excuses. If obesity is something that you cannot change, why do we not ever see fat poverty-stricken African kids? Or in Singapore, why do we not see fat bangala construction workers? I do believe that there are people who have bulky body types like Kenny Sia who always runs marathons and works out but still looks stocky. However, these people look fit with muscles, so nobody will say they are fat. You don't have to agree with me, but that's what I believe.