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Qrop it!

Advertorial Look at this Vivi magazine I just bought!! I'm gonna be blogging today about one of the things on it, can you tell what?  Pardon the ringlight overexposure... Ok I'm sure most of you cannot read Japanese so can stop guessing now... It's about the QR CODE!! Here it is!! I'm sure many of you have seen these complicated square pixelly bits and wondered what it is. Now you know it's called QR code, and it is especially popular in Japan!! A QR code is simply like a bar code that you can scan with your phone and it will lead you to a website on your phone!! Don't try to scan this one, it's too blur wtf... Stupid camera. Anyway, most of us are using smartphones nowadays. So QR codes are a superb idea to very quickly get more information on a brand, person, etc... when you are on the go!! For example right... Let's just say I have a very complicated URL like . You are reading this article halfway and you

Askers vs Guessers - And a preview of Andara!

I'm on a roll with the wordy posts!! To balance it out I posted a photo of a group of girls in bikinis below. When you ask people what sort of people they don't like, usually the same crappy answers come out: Hypocrites and backstabbers. Sometimes people say cheaters or liars etc. Sure, I don't like those too... But what frustrates me the most, are when people are buay paiseh.  If you are not Chinese or Singaporean, you may not be familiar to that word. It is commonly used to insult someone here in Singapore, and another variation of that phrase is 不自動. Buay paiseh means "UNABASHED" in english. Rarely ever is "unabashed" used as an insult or lament about someone's character in English speaking countries. We don't hear people in movies or storybooks saying "I don't like her because she is unabashed". Why? That's because we are all split into Askers and Guessers . Asians are often complaining about angmohs visiting thei

Invisible and Visible Sympathy

Today's blog entry is going to be wordy and long. If you are the sort of person who hates reading and would rather be looking at pictures, then well... if you scroll down a little there is a photo of me with hipster glasses photoshopped on me. Also, I'd advise you to not procreate. So... Can you guess the topic yet from the title? It's about everyone's favourite Ugandan evil warlord of the moment, KONY!!! STOPKONY2012ASIFITCANBEANYOTHERYEAR!!111 Nah, I'm not gonna be one of those fucktards talking about how awful he is... Or how it is all a scam (well maybe just a bit of that). In fact, this entry isn't even going to be focused on him at all, but he is the trigger for this post. A few days ago I got very irritated by Invisible Children's campaign to make Joseph Kony as famous as possible so that somehow he will be arrested. I'm not too sure about the details of the campaign, because I simply was not interested enough to bother to find out more. B

How I lost weight

Ok everyone has been pestering me about this for weeks now so here is my blog post, finally. I started a formspring (please feel free to ask questions but I won't answer those I already answered before!!) and literally every other question is asking me how I lost weight. Anyway let's start with a little background. I've always been kinda chubby . Not super fat or anything... Just not skinny. I'm very short... Ok fine I've never said my height before on my blog but I'm slightly less than 150cm, ok? I actually used to be very self conscious about my height until I met Mike and he keeps telling me he loves short girls because petite girls are cuter!! So now I'm not so conscious anymore but not nearly confident enough to tell everyone my height lol. AND NO I'M NOT A MIDGET, STOPPIT. So as I was saying... I've never been skinny, all my life. Ever since I've reached my maximum height, I've always hovered around 43kg to the heaviest at 4

LEADERS Insolution

Advertorial Have you ever wondered.... Why the Korean celebrities all have such gloriously fair, smooth and translucent skin? Sure, a lot of it is genetics, but so much of it is because they are obsessed over skincare, and they have awesome skincare products there!! And one of the most popular brands is LEADERS Cosmetic Group ! They have owned and operated over 10 professional skin clinics across South Korea since 2001, and it's dermatologist teams researched and developed its professional skin care ranges which are used by many Korean celebrities!! And more than 800,000 masks are sold monthly, isn't that just crazy? Ok they all look so impressive with their lab coats lol... Anyway so yes today I'm gonna be blogging bout LEADERS Insolution masks!! There are so many types of masks to suit each skin type... All the masks are developed based on dermatologic theories and clinical experience of the medical staff of Leaders Clinic. They are non-irritating and made

Great Feet Feeling!

p/s: One new entry below this! :) Advertorial Pic is clickable! How many of us girls have wished for slimmer, more toned legs? I have, which is why in the above photo my legs are edited to death hahaha! Legs do all our walking for us all day long... and we subject them to cruel shoes... Like these... That arch them uncomfortably... Yet all the TLC we give to our feet? Maybe some moisturizing or the occasional reflexology or pedicure session. Compared to our face, legs get so little attention from us! I know, in order to get awesome legs so much work must be done. Exercising, dieting, getting a golden tan on them... Who has the time and energy? I don't even know what exercises there are to tone legs. Coupled with the fact that a lot of food we eat have high salt content, which causes bloating and swollen legs... Just give up and let the legs remain 'meh'. But what if there is a product that can help increase your blood circulation, reduce water reten