Friday, March 30, 2012

Qrop it!


Look at this Vivi magazine I just bought!! I'm gonna be blogging today about one of the things on it, can you tell what?

 Pardon the ringlight overexposure...

Ok I'm sure most of you cannot read Japanese so can stop guessing now...

It's about the QR CODE!!

Here it is!!

I'm sure many of you have seen these complicated square pixelly bits and wondered what it is. Now you know it's called QR code, and it is especially popular in Japan!!

A QR code is simply like a bar code that you can scan with your phone and it will lead you to a website on your phone!! Don't try to scan this one, it's too blur wtf... Stupid camera.

Anyway, most of us are using smartphones nowadays. So QR codes are a superb idea to very quickly get more information on a brand, person, etc... when you are on the go!!

For example right... Let's just say I have a very complicated URL like

You are reading this article halfway and you are late so you need to leave the house but you want to continue reading this on the phone and yet you don't want to write down my URL.

Lucky for you my website has a QR code!!

And here it is:

You whip out your phone... Scan this code, and totally fuss free and easy - you can continue right where you left off.


Now we come to the HOW.

I keep saying "scan", but HOW to scan?


Qropit is a free app that's available on both iPhone and Android. Simply search for Qropit on the app store and you can download it... For free!!

Why should you get Qropit?

1) Why not? Free leh!!

2) Get with the times! Qr codes are everywhere now, so you need a QR code scanner anyway - Qropit is super cute and easy to use!! See how I do it!!

Ok I see this ad in the magazine and I really want to get that, erm... bra.

So I Qropit!!

Very simple... click on the app and immediately get scanning!!

I might add that scanning is super easy and fast and fun!! Like how people in supermarkets scan their produce lol. And Qropit even lets you customise a sound when successfully scanned! DING DING DING!!

(OK I know this is not the same page as the bra ad but it's just an example -_-)

This is how scanning looks like on the phone!

And tadah, once scanned, this loads:

A website of gibbery words I cannot understand but I guess it gave me info on where to get that bra? LOL

3) Not only does Qropit allow you to scan codes... You can also CREATE codes, called Qrops, which is just smashing!!

I already put my blog's QR code above, but weblinks are not the only things you can create!!

Just log on to Qropit's website and hit on CREATE A QROP.

And you will see this super cute image... Inviting you to create any of the above Qrops!!

It can be a photo, a video, anything you wish to share!!

The ones I found extra interesting are Coupon and Contact Card!!

For businesses you can now run a print ad, for example, on the MRT. Invite people to scan your code to be entitled to a discount, and when they are at the shop, they can show their coupon to redeem!!

For the rest of us, we sometimes need to give out namecards but namecards are so small! You simply can't put enough information on there, so why not put a Qrop on the namecard?

Or on the About me/Contact me page of your website?

Creating my contact card!!

And tadah! When scanned this is what pops up when viewed on a computer:

Awesome or what? With all my links etc and with a photo too! :D

And best of all? On the phone?


It automatically asks if you want to store the Qrop as a CONTACT!!

Now you don't need to type everything in manually... It's just one click and everything is saved in the phone!! Super convenient wtf!! ♥♥♥ love it!!

4) Qropit has a Radar feature!!

You can view who scanned what nearby! So cool right? Don't worry, others cannot see what you scanned unless you linked it to your facebook and twitter specifically for sharing with others. The radar shows only scans but not tagged with their users' identity. :)

And you can see the "History" bit there? All your past scans are stored, so you can look at them again later if you want.

5) Qropit also provides analytics for Qrop owners.

You can track how much traffic you got from your Qrop.

You can see the gender of those who viewed your Qrops, their age, their countries, and even their types of phones. So cool!! And all this service is FREE!!

6) I don't think you need any more incentive to get Qropit but here is one more:

I did up a slideshow of a preview of the pictures I edited for my third Otaru blog entry with Cheesie!!!

You can also view a collection of my past Draw Something drawings!! Some are quite awesome if I saw so myself lol

You can only see it by scanning these codes...



7) Ok the last incentive is the freaking best........


Bitch please I didn't even know it came out already!!!

One 16gb iPad 3 will be given to a lucky reader who downloads, scans, and shares a QR code with Qropit by April 21st!!

Easiest peasiest contest EVER wtf. Remember to link your Qropit to your facebook or twitter! Only applicable for Singaporeans.

What are you waiting for??!!

Need a code to scan and share? How about this blog entry? :D


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