Monday, April 23, 2012

4 things before I fly off

To Osaka!! For a week!! I'm going with my secondary school friends Ripple, her husband and baby Miley (omg I'm so excited about cuddling Miley wtf), Wongsie and Charlene!!

Ripple did all the planning and I didn't have to do anything but pay for tickets and accomodation. It was very shiok. :D

Anyway my flight is going off at 8pm tonight so I am left with like a short while to blog before I go!!

First things first!!

1) Flea

I'm super happy with how the flea went!! The first few batches were a bit frantic as people were rushing to snap up the cameras/phones/contact lens, but it was still managable. I sold off almost everything... Was left with 2 small shopping bags full of clothes which I donated to the Salvation Army.

I can't believe there were people who came in at 4pm to ask if the cameras are sold. -_- The girl who bought both cameras actually came with her boyfriend to queue the night before at 10pm (the sale starts at 12pm the next day), but she was asked to leave as the building needed to be locked up. She then arrived the next day at 5am. That is what I call dedication!! Congrats and hope you love the cameras!!

The queue was really quite long and I'm sorry that some of you queued for a long time but didn't manage to get loads of good stuff. I'd try to buy more things so I can organise another flea next time ok? LOL

Didn't take much pictures since I was quite busy that day so here is one I stole from Shuyin's instagram of me signing autographs. :D

Got no time!! I will upload more pics when I come back.

Thank you so much to Jipaban for organising!!

2) Renovation sponsors

I'm so happy and grateful to announce that I've got MOST of my renovation sponsored!!

The list is not confirmed 100% yet so I'd announce them later but I've been shown so many awesome products and services that I've never known before starting reno!! It's all very eye opening. :D

However, there are some products/services I still require so if you think that your brand could do with some advertising, you can email me!!

I still need:


MOVERS or Moving services



And the last one is a bit complicated... LODGING!!

As I mentioned the renovation took longer than I expected and the house is still in rubbles but Mike and I need to move out of our rental place by the 3rd. We will be homeless wtf...

Therefore I was wondering if there are SERVICE APARTMENTS or HOTELS/MOTELS in Singapore that could offer us a month's lodging in exchange for publicity! :D

I'm actually looking forward to this!! It's like a staycation lol.

So yes if you are interested please email me at xiaxue(at) I might take a bit to reply as I will be in Osaka.

3) New video!

I finally did a new Youtube video!! It's Katy Perry's Interview Magazine's makeup tutorial. Just watch!!

I know I take very long to do videos wtf... Editing and filming takes me like 3 whole days because I am really quite anal about trying to make it as perfect as possible (like I cut out all the "erms" and "so yeahhhhhs") and I'm not as adept on video editing as I am on photoshop.

Then I checked out my Youtube honors for the first time and felt even more guilty:


Show off?

Lol I find people who find it offensive that people "show off" on their blogs are very silly... If a blog is not for showing the world what I love, what makes me happy, and what I'm proud of then what is it for?

Recording down all my disappointments and sadness so I can look upon them and wallow?

Or so I can make YOU feel better about yourself? No thanks... It's to encourage me to do better!! And if you have the right attitude, it should encourage you to do better as well. :)

Anyway... Here are the more high res versions of the photos I took after the video:

4) Unleashed by Nat Ho

I'm sure a lot of you Singaporeans already heard! Nat Ho has released his debut single, UNLEASHED!!!

He actually slaved over his work for months on end. As you all know he used to be an actor but he has always wanted to be a singer... So he quit his acting work at Mediacorp and did this album entirely on his own. It took him so much hard work and money from his own pocket.

I think this sort of attitude is to be applauded. How many of you would not risk losing your day job for chasing your dreams?

And instead of going the "safe" route with a slow Mandarin ballad and an MV of him and a girl kissing under a dreamy looking tree he went all the way out with a fast song in English and a sci-fi futuristic MV.

And what has all these got to do with me? Well the story goes like this...

It was after a Blackberry event and Nat was there... After the event a big group of us had dinner together and I just casually mentioned it was my dream to guest star in an MV!!

Nat at that point was preparing for his album and he said ok, he will keep that in mind and ask me to be in his. I honestly thought he was patronising me but months later I got a call and he said he wants me to be in Unleashed!!

So here I am, in the MV as a Head Nurse!!

Is the MV awesome or what?!

Super proud of Nat and struck something off my bucket list at the same time!!

Be a chio girl in an MV

If you click on the video on youtube you can see that comments aren't all that flattering.

Singaporeans are really such a horrible bunch. Instead of focusing on the big picture and applauding Nat for a well polished MV that he paid for himself, or for having the courage to chase his dreams, they nitpick on the dumbest little things...

Like how the sponsors are so obvious in the MV. I'm sorry, does it not cost money to create such a professional looking video? The costumes, the editing, the directing, the dancers, the music producers etc... ALL COST MONEY. So what's wrong with having corporate sponsors taking some of the burden? It doesn't affect YOU in any way... Nobody is asking you to pay money everytime you spot a brand logo... SO ANGRY FOR WHAT?! Please, be realistic!

And people saying he cannot sing... That his voice is all autotuned... That he is just a pretty face... Right there on the sidebar are related videos of him actually singing. Did you bother to click?

As for the people saying it looks too "kpop"... I don't even see how that is something bad?!

Someone asked on my formspring... Why is everyone gao poring Nat Ho?

For me, besides the obvious reasons I've already stated that 1) I am in the video and 2) I admire anyone who works hard to achieve their dreams instead of just talking 3) I genuinely like the mv and the song... I believe I speak for everyone by saying this: Because Nat is really, really nice!

He is really one of the most hardworking, humble, dedicated artiste I've seen. There are many times I've asked him for help for favours and he always responds above and beyond what I've asked for, even when he is very busy. And even though he is famous, he still does all the "sai gang" by himself like driving all his crew around.

I arrived at 7am for his MV's shoot and had to wait around for some time before my scene as some parts were delayed and he had to accomodate everyone's schedule. Nat kept apologizing to me like a hundred times. He himself shot from like 7am till like 3am or something... It's so much hard work and people can just click on the dislike button so easily. I find it so unfair.

When I was there filming some members of his fan club was there as well and they arrived since 7am and of course stayed the whole time to help out... Buying food for the crew, making milo for everyone and running errands. All of them did this out of their own goodwill because they loved Nat. I looked upon all these with wonder and a bit of jealousy because I wished I had fans who were so super nice too!! (I mean I possibly do have really nice readers and all but they really do adore him so much wtf)

And I just wondered... WHY? Why is everyone so nice to Nat? Other than his fan club, everyone worked till the wee hours of the night for him. I mean, what can possibly make people wake up at 6 in the morning and slave all day long just so he can fulfil his dream????

AND THE ANSWER - IT IS BECAUSE HE IS NICE. Of course, being handsome helps lol but he is really 很会做人 so if anyone deserves success... It is him!

Enough yabbering... Pictures from the Press conference! It was held at GV gold class!!

Qiu and I waiting for the Press conference to start

 What is Nat doing?!

 Oh he is proving he didn't photoshop lol

I was happy to attend with Qiuqiu and Sophie so when we went into the the theatre I just sank into one of the sofas there with them...

Nat's face on the big screen!!

But then Nat said I am to sit in with his panel wtf... I forgot he asked me!!


Excited Nat

And of course I couldn't take pictures during the press conference itself... Afterwards:

Nat with Sophie

And with me!!

Finally... Two pictures of me before I go shower and get ready for JAPANNNNNNNNN

The photos are huge lol. I love that purple headband thingy I bought from Topshop at $33!!

I know it's a bit pricey but it's so gorgeous and I cannot find these things anywhere!! Comes with purple feathers too AREYOUKIDDINGME

And the freaking My Little Pony cropped top from F21. Ahhhhhhh!! Can't take it anymore too I love all my gorgeous shopping.

Ok blog again soon and please click LIKE on Nat's video here!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I am having my FIRST ever flea!

As you guys know I'm moving to my new place soon. It is getting renovated right now and I thought it would be done by the end of March but I underestimated the time needed so I went to book tickets to go to Osaka from the 23rd till the 30th this month!!

And the rental for my current place is up so I have until the 3rd of May to vacant this place. *calms self down*

Anyway long story short I will be MOVING and I am clearing out items I don't wish to keep anymore!!!

Usually whenever I clear out my wardrobes I will put all the not-gross preloved items aside for my friends to pick out. The leftovers I will bring to the Salvation Army. However, this time round I'm not only clearing out clothes but also accessories, shoes, bags, hair stuff, makeup, skincare etc etc... When I tweeted about this many people asked if I could sell them the items for cheap so I decided to organise a flea!!

Just so happens the awesome peeps from Jipaban will also be having their midseason sale so I will be having a Moving Out Sale together with them!!

PLEASE NOTE!! The previous photo had a wrong postal code, I've edited the poster and this is the right address!!

It will be occurring this Saturday from 12pm - 6pm. 


Here's what I will be selling... You won't want to miss this:


 It breaks my heart but I am letting my LX3 go!!

It's still a fantastic camera but I have the GF3 now so I don't need 2 semi pro cameras. If you look carefully in between all the big diamantes there are little pink pearls... All the gems are real swaroski crystals and I estimate the cost of the crystals to be what... $300 at least? I spent 2 days blinging the camera myself.

This camera took a lot of fantastic pictures for my blog and I really, really loved it. Go google the specs yourself. It works perfectly fine and comes with a charger. However, obviously there are a few dings and scratches on it... One diamante is missing as you can see. I won't be replacing it because I'm too busy. You can examine it before buying. The cost of my camera was about $700+ when I bought it.

And I'm selling it for... $300.


I was sponsored the EP1 for an advert and I've been using it sporadically since! (Link for Advert)

It's also a really good camera and it's a DSLR! Please google for the specs yourself. The cost of the camera used to be more than a $1,000 and Olympus generously gave me the leather skin and strap and protective casing... I think these cost a few hundred.

The camera is so pretty and vintage looking!! If you don't like the brown you can peel the skin off, the original colour is white. The camera works fine.

I am trying my best to find the charger. I'm letting this go for the same price - $300. I can't seem to find the charger, so if really can't find it I'm gonna sell it for $250. I'm sure you can buy the charger yourself.

The cameras don't come with boxes or memory cards.


These are all the lens that sponsored me! I am already wearing as many as humanly possible but I don't like to open so many lens coz each pair can last like 6 months!! So I have all these leftovers... Some of them are designs or colours I don't like.

I picked out the ones I super love and the rest are for SALE!!!


I know this amount is extremely cheap but please read:

- These are geo lens/circle lens. You can visit to look at the designs if you like, but it's not guaranteed I have them.

- All the lens are in zero degrees as I have perfect eyesight. Please do NOT ask me if I sell them with degree - the answer is no.

- I am not an optician so I hold no responsibility if anything happens to your eyes. Please check the expiry date before buying. All the lens are 100% unopened and unused though, and nothing bad has ever happened to my eyes before and I've used these for years. 


This is my vanity table. I have A LOT of skincare products, because I get sponsored a lot of them and I personally buy a lot of them too!!

You can see I have a zillion masks too, mostly thanks to the 3 adverts I did for Lovemore. They are super generous and gave me like boxes upon boxes of masks with every advert!!

Shiseido (and ZA) are also super generous... Everytime I work with them they insist on giving me super a lot of goodies... ♥

However, I only have ONE face and even if I put the products on every night I cannot possibly finish using all of them before they expire... So it's time for them to go!!

I filled up an entire black trashbag full of skincare...

I've picked out all the products that I haven't opened or used. Just a disclaimer... Even though some of the products are sponsored, just because I am giving them away does not mean I don't like them or that I lied in my adverts about them being good. For example, Bifesta gave me 6 types of makeup removers for different skin types. I kept the best one for my skin... I let my family and friends pick whatever they want. Then the rest I am selling.

Most of the items are brand new. Some I might have opened and tested it before and found it not suitable. If you mind, then don't buy.

I've bundled my masks and are selling them at $2 for 5 masks. 

EVERY ITEM FOR SKINCARE IS AT $2 OR $5. Many of them are branded items too!


I know the picture looks very unappealing but honestly I cannot possibly take a photo of the clothes I'm selling. Too many!!

There are about 8 bags full of clothes... I estimate about 400 items for sale from my wardrobe. Some I cannot wear anymore after I lost weight. Some I just find don't match my style anymore. And so many of them are brand new! Some have tags and some don't, because I have a horrible habit of tearing away tags immediately and throwing away boxes (for skincare/makeup)

I don't have clothing sponsors so all of the clothes are bought by myself. Most of them are from F21.

These are the clothes I bought from BKK when I went there. I wanted to start up a online clothing store but in the end I didn't bother to. The dresses here are gorgeous and brand new... (Click HERE to see the green one on video)

And yes all the clothes are for sale at either $2, $5 OR $10!!!


$2 for any 5. Please grab. All preloved, FYI. Same for hair accessories! Didn't take a picture.


Also selling my shoes!!

EVERYTHING at $2 or $5!!

My size is 5/36 but sometimes I buy shoes in bigger sizes. All the shoes in the front are brand new, never worn before! Some of them I wore maybe once or twice. Once again, if you are not comfortable with this, please don't buy.

Also for sale are my makeup!! All brand new items included many many eyelashes, foundations etc. $2/$5 for everything!!

Bags. Used and new... On sale for either $2 or $5.

I might be selling other items too... I haven't finished packing!!

OK so I think a lot of you are very excited... Except for the two cameras, nothing cost more than $10 each!! So how do you go about buying?


It's very simple. Just like any other flea market, you make your way there. First come first served.

- The sale is from 12pm - 6pm.

- Please queue up. There will only be a limited amount of people allowed into the warehouse at any time. One person leaves, next person can enter. So if you want the LX3 and you think it will be popular, then you better queue up early for it.

- Each person can only buy up to 10 items. You pick whatever you want, pay, and you have to leave. You can buy more by rejoining the queue.

- Please bring your own bags, no plastic bags will be given.

- The sale is CASH ONLY.

- I reserve the right to reject sales to you and ask you to leave should you annoy me. I know I sound very hostile but CMON. I've already gotten so many rude comments and questions from people.  Everything I am selling is EXTREMELY cheap. I've mentioned that I hate unabashed people, so if you ask me for a discount, ask me to give you freebies, insult my products or even ask me dumb questions, I'm gonna ask you to leave. Like if you say stuff like "Look at this dress it is a bit frayed can I have it for $1?". If you don't want to buy, other people want to. Let's not waste everybody's time.

- I regret to say I'd possibly be really busy that day so I cannot take photos with you guys!! Unless you pay $2 or $5. $2 for a photo of me with a chao bin $5 for a smiling photo. HAHAHA!! Just kidding lah no photos!! Sorry!! Next time, ok?

So here's the map!


This is supposed to be a fun, happy event but so many people already have pissed me off wtf.

I need to rant.

I've gotten emails from people asking me to reserve some contacts for them, or mail some to them, or begging me to send overseas. It's so annoying, why are there such self entitled people?!

NO. You want to buy, you make an effort to go there like everyone else! What makes you so special that I have to reserve or mail them to you?!

And then I posted up this photo of Junne and Shuyin who came over to have first pick of the clothes I don't want anymore.

To which some fucker decided to let me know that she thinks that I am treating my friends like beggers.

FUCK YOU. Many of my clothes are in mint condition or brand new and if I can't wear them or don't like them anymore what's wrong with letting my friends pick whatever they want? I'm sorry, but you must not have friends because everytime your friend is nice to you you think she is treating you like a begger.

AND THEN... As if all this is not enough, there are the fuckers who claim that just because a lot of the items I'm selling are sponsored, I am not entitled to sell them but should give them away, free.

PLEASE. I would rather burn all my stuff in a giant fire than to give them to YOU free. (You referring to the rude assholes, not all my blog readers).

Why should I give you anything for free? Honeycolor gave me the lens in exchange for a blog banner, tweets, and fb mentions. If I give them to you, what are you giving me in exchange? You think just because you read my blog I owe you? If you think that way, PLEASE FUCK OFF.

You read my blog, I give you entertainment in exchange for your one additional hit. I owe you NOTHING. If you find this an unworthy deal, please feel free to jump off a cliff and never grace this blog again. URGH!! Buay paiseh people make me so fucking mad!!!!!

I earned everything I am sponsored today with my WORK. I had to blog for my advertisers. You think what, photoshoots just mushroom out of nowhere? Pictures edit themselves? Fuck you if you think I should be giving stuff away free... Especially when I'm selling them at such a low price. $5 for a pair of contacts you cannot afford? I got force you to buy is it? I sell at $5 or $500... It is still NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS because you can make the choice not to buy it.

SHOULD Birkins be $30,000? They probably shouldn't... Maybe you can go to Hermes and tell them that just because they already earned so much from Taitais paying $30,000 a bag, they should give Birkins away free from now on.

Ridiculous! People are so ridiculous. I hope I encounter none of them on Saturday!

Ok rant over. I'd see the rest of you nice people over there that day! :D

Here's a chio photo of me:

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lilac/Lavender/Purple hair

Say hello to my purple hair!!

Well it's not really purple I was going for coz I wanted pale shade of purple... So I suppose it's Lavender? Why are purple shades so confusing? Who is going to be able to tell between lilac/lavender/purple/mauve/violet?!

Anyway... So just a short post consisting of all the photos I took with the iPhone!!

The first time dyeing the hair lavender was sorta a disaster. You saw a preview of it on the Phuket post... That was the first day after dyeing. Subsequently after one single wash all the ends faded to a hot mess of pink/grey/white and only the roots maintained the lavender shade. FAIL!!

This is after my touch-up:

The lavender really goes well with teal. 

Loving the hair with either green or grey contacts!

This one I also posted on POTM. If you are very free you can see the difference in editing. lol

I also posted this one:

With the caption: "Can't fit into any of my size 24 denim shorts anymore! What do I wear?! #humblebrag #Actuallyimpleased #youcandoittoo #thinspo"

Oh man the comments I received on facebook were nasty! I mean most people were nice but there were also a lot of people saying that...

1) I OBVIOUSLY photoshopped the picture - and the know-it-alls were examining the picture and talking about how my arms/legs don't match with the stomach...

2) That I was just wearing a big pair of shorts which were not size 24... OBVIOUSLY.

3) Most ridiculous of all... That the girl in the picture is not even me because there is no head.

Well just to clarify... No, the photo is not edited. I'm really quite surprised people even thought so given my history of honesty. I don't do stuff like that just to get unwarranted praise.

Besides... If you look at the lines of my wardrobe next to my waist, you can tell the lines are straight. Proof enough.

The shorts in the picture were not specifically size 24. I said size 24 simply because prior to taking this picture I tried on all my size 24 Forever 21 shorts and they were all too big for me. And this pair of shorts, from Colza, is the same size as my F21 size 24 pairs. So yes technically its sizing is size 24.

Here's another pic that I took. Squint all you want for the photoshop proof!

And these are my size 24 shorts. 

Before you go off about how I'm probably anorexic... I'm not.

I'm very short with small bones. My hips are very narrow. That explains why the shorts were all so loose... I had neither the ass nor the waist to support them.

I'm just a tad sad because I have to give away ALL of my favourite denim shorts after my weight loss. If I wear them with a belt I look like I'm wearing diapers. Not that I'm not happy I am slimmer ok! I am! I just loved my shorts!!

I didn't lose that much weight on my legs/arms/face... Most of the weight was gone from my butt and stomach!

Btw a lot of you are still asking me. I've stopped my diet pill and I'm maintaining my weight now by eating less than I used to. I used to eat like an unrestrained pig. Now I try to eat less carbs with perhaps 2 meals a day - 1 and a 1/2 if I can help it. No it isn't really a torture because my appetite has really dropped and I get full easier now. And I feel healthier too :D

Also to answer the most popular question on my formspring now... What is the measurement of my waist if I cannot fit into size 24 shorts?

At the smallest of my waist it is 21.5-22 inches.

I don't know why so many of you are making such a big deal of this... There are so many freaking skinny Singaporean girls around and I'm hardly even close to their standards. I'm not saying I aspire to be, I'm just saying my size is pretty average among the girls I see on the streets... If you want to bug someone for their weight bug Qiuqiu please, she is 173cm and 47kg!! Ok I'm joking don't bug her she eats like a pig and just can't get fat.

Enough with the weight!!

Pictures taken today:


Totally matchy with my hair!!

I'm so gonna get boxed for saying this but I bought it just yesterday at H&M... It's supposed to be for kids aged 8-9. :X

It works well as cropped top. I never used to wear cropped tops coz I had a tummy but now I love them!!


LOOK, MEGAN FOX ALSO DOES IT, hate on her instead:

She stole her fiance's 8 year old son's tshirts to wear lol.

CMON! I've been pudgy all my life. I have to reject French fries. It's a sad existence. Just let me milk this skinny thing for a bit.

Igloo giving me licks on my thigh. Ticklish!!

LOL Igloo's such an attention seeker.

Crochet shorts from H&M kids too, for 11-12 year olds. :X

Blurry pic taken with the lousy front-facing camera

Loving Camera 360's filters!! Looks so dreamy!!

That's it for this blog entry!

I totally understand if you guys decide to hate me for this one. "Stupid cunt with the kids clothes. Bet she has no boobs. And her head is so fucking big on her small body. Hideous." There, I helped.