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4 things before I fly off

To Osaka!! For a week!! I'm going with my secondary school friends Ripple, her husband and baby Miley (omg I'm so excited about cuddling Miley wtf), Wongsie and Charlene!! Ripple did all the planning and I didn't have to do anything but pay for tickets and accomodation. It was very shiok. :D Anyway my flight is going off at 8pm tonight so I am left with like a short while to blog before I go!! First things first!! 1) Flea I'm super happy with how the flea went!! The first few batches were a bit frantic as people were rushing to snap up the cameras/phones/contact lens, but it was still managable. I sold off almost everything... Was left with 2 small shopping bags full of clothes which I donated to the Salvation Army. I can't believe there were people who came in at 4pm to ask if the cameras are sold. -_- The girl who bought both cameras actually came with her boyfriend to queue the night before at 10pm (the sale starts at 12pm the next day), but she was as

I am having my FIRST ever flea!

As you guys know I'm moving to my new place soon. It is getting renovated right now and I thought it would be done by the end of March but I underestimated the time needed so I went to book tickets to go to Osaka from the 23rd till the 30th this month!! And the rental for my current place is up so I have until the 3rd of May to vacant this place. *calms self down* Anyway long story short I will be MOVING and I am clearing out items I don't wish to keep anymore!!! Usually whenever I clear out my wardrobes I will put all the not-gross preloved items aside for my friends to pick out. The leftovers I will bring to the Salvation Army. However, this time round I'm not only clearing out clothes but also accessories, shoes, bags, hair stuff, makeup, skincare etc etc... When I tweeted about this many people asked if I could sell them the items for cheap so I decided to organise a flea!! Just so happens the awesome peeps from Jipaban will also be having their midseason sale

Lilac/Lavender/Purple hair

Say hello to my purple hair!! Well it's not really purple I was going for coz I wanted pale shade of purple... So I suppose it's Lavender? Why are purple shades so confusing? Who is going to be able to tell between lilac/lavender/purple/mauve/violet?! Anyway... So just a short post consisting of all the photos I took with the iPhone!! The first time dyeing the hair lavender was sorta a disaster. You saw a preview of it on the Phuket post... That was the first day after dyeing. Subsequently after one single wash all the ends faded to a hot mess of pink/grey/white and only the roots maintained the lavender shade. FAIL!! This is after my touch-up: The lavender really goes well with teal.  Loving the hair with either green or grey contacts! This one I also posted on POTM. If you are very free you can see the difference in editing. lol I also posted this one: With the caption: "Can't fit into any of my size 24 denim shorts anymore! What do I wear?! #hu