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The Faces of Haters

It's freaking election time again in Singapore. I don't know what the dude at Hougang did to cause a by-election but WHY?? I thought we won't have to face this crap in Singapore for another 4 years. Yes I support PAP but this time round I don't give a shit about who wins. Hougang was traditionally the opposition's territory and they can go ahead and keep it. I don't even know who is running for either party. And thus, I have not uttered a single word about this election at all. I hate politics. I hate that I have an opinion and a party I support. I wish I was apathetic as I was before because elections divide Singaporeans more than ever . The country is split into two groups that have so much disdain and disrespect for each other. All this vitriol and negativity will get us nowhere. I just want to like all my fellow Singaporeans again without them asking me who I support and judging my views, asking me to validate them, then thinking less of me afterwards

Andara Resort Phuket! Part 1

OMG I'm finally doing my Phuket trip blog entry!! All my other friends already did theirs wtf... I've been too busy. :( Cheesie's blog entry Qiuqiu's blog entry 1 , 2 , 3 (spoil market) Sophie's blog entry 1 , 2 Initially the previous entry was supposed to be about Andara/Phuket and the renovations bit was supposed to be a short update snippet but it turned out to be so freaking long so here is the entry proper!! Just a little background before I start!! I got invited to Andara Resort in Phuket back in 2010 , and it was so super fun!! It was truly the biggest "hotel" room I've never been it because it was a fully functional apartment with 3 freaking bedrooms !! So fast forward to 2012, the awesome peeps from Andara invited me to go again. This time round I thought it would be such a waste to go alone with Mike again and not utilize the rest of the bedrooms, so I asked if they wanted other bloggers to go as well!! And thus Andara ga