The Faces of Haters

It's freaking election time again in Singapore. I don't know what the dude at Hougang did to cause a by-election but WHY?? I thought we won't have to face this crap in Singapore for another 4 years.

Yes I support PAP but this time round I don't give a shit about who wins. Hougang was traditionally the opposition's territory and they can go ahead and keep it. I don't even know who is running for either party. And thus, I have not uttered a single word about this election at all.

I hate politics. I hate that I have an opinion and a party I support. I wish I was apathetic as I was before because elections divide Singaporeans more than ever.

The country is split into two groups that have so much disdain and disrespect for each other. All this vitriol and negativity will get us nowhere. I just want to like all my fellow Singaporeans again without them asking me who I support and judging my views, asking me to validate them, then thinking less of me afterwards... And have me thinking less of them in return.

I've blogged for 10 years and I've covered the most controversial topics. But NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, have gotten me as more hate as me supporting the PAP.

I also got some love for it of course, but usually mean comments die down after a few weeks... This lasted for a whole year, got me several hate sites and hate parody accounts. People wish death upon me and my family, threatening to hurt me if they ever see me. Wow... Even I am amazed by my resilience and courage lol.

Even so, I was still kinda surprised to see that Temasek Review, an extremist online publication biased towards the opposition, posted up 3 photos of Qiuqiu, Sophie and me taken during last year's rally on their facebook page, inviting their fans to write (mean) captions on us.

I don't know what is their problem because as I said I have not uttered a word about this election and the photos are 1 year old.

And the comments are so fucking NASTY.

By nasty I don't mean hurtful.

I mean just extremely distasteful, uncouth, and with absolutely no class at all. Even criticism can be insightful and witty but these are just written by the lowest of society - people with the IQ and sexual urges of baboons who barely mastered language. Most of the comments are about us being prostitutes.

I feel sorry for smart and nice people who support the opposition, I really do. Because most of the noises made by opposition supporters are done by these middle-aged angry uncles who are so bitter and self righteous.

They are so loud that they have inadvertently become the image of the opposition for me. I automatically assume that anything these assholes believe in is definitely wrong for society.

Don't believe me? Here, I have printscreened some of the worst comments:

First post, on me:

 Second post, on Qiuqiu:

These morons know nothing about Qiu so they keep presuming that she is either from China or some sort of super rich girl. Enough with the racist hate seriously!

I also dislike bangalas and I agree that there are too many foreigners in overpopulated Singapore but honestly I'd rather take PRCs than some of these true blue Singaporean fucktards.

At least the blue collar workers clean our toilets and are useful. What have these Singaporeans contributed except whining and inciting hate?

Not everyone who supports the PAP must automatically be a foreigner or a rich person.

Qiu comes from an extremely humble background. Her dad is a trishaw driver and she used to stay with her 5 sisters and parents in a 1 bedroom hdb since she was born until she moved in with her boyfriend. She still stays in a hdb now.

And I used to stay in a dingy 3 room flat in Teban gardens and had no aircon until I was 21 and bought my own. Sure I'm doing ok now but I'm nowhere near "rich".

We are definitely middle-class, born and bred in Singapore. WHAT NOW ASSHOLES? You gonna say we are paid or that we are mistresses of the Prime minister?!

Third post, of Qiu, Sophie and me:

Poor Sophie being dragged into the picture when she isn't even a PAP supporter wtf just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Now, I've always said I really, really detest men who write shit about girls online. 

There is really nothing that irks me more... Well maybe some things do but it's really high on my list.

Call me old fashioned but I always believe that men should be gracious and chivalrous towards women, treating them with respect and acting like they are fragile beings that need to be protected.

Men should always be working hard to provide for their families, and they shouldn't be WHINING and COMPLAINING all day long. They shouldn't be quarrelsome and petty. That's for women to do.

Maybe in today's equality driven society my ideals are a little hard to achieve but I believe that at the very least MEN SHOULD NOT BE INSULTING WOMEN ONLINE.

Seriously wtf?! Didn't their mothers teach them how to treat women?? What sort of asshole would hide behind anonymous masks and tell women they are fat or ugly or a whore, and say he doesn't want to fuck her... AS IF HE WOULD EVER HAVE A CHANCE TO. It's just so... URGH!!

Usually the men who write such comments get away with it because most girls don't bother to retailiate.

Usually those to write such comments to ME have the wits to do it anonymously.


Some of the assholes above who left comments about my friends and I have done it openly and shamelessly with their facebook accounts.

The smarter ones made their accounts private but the dumber ones didn't.

I mean, aren't you curious? Who are the men who write such comments and how do they look like?
And since they are so proud of their actions, I shall do them a favour and introduce them one by one on my blog here. I'm being so nice. I usually don't mar my blog with ugly things.

So men... You think you can get away with defamation online with no consequences? 

Maybe you will think twice before you call somebody a whore next time, huh?


All these information are readily available online. I did not hack their accounts or even snoop very hard. Their details and pictures can be found by ANYONE who clicks on their facebook profile upon seeing their comments on Temasek Review's facebook page which has over 10,000 likes.

I was asking my friends and Mike if I was being mean if I post pictures of them with their wives, friends or children. Everyone said no because the information is open and they chose to be open with it. Mike said it is as if I see someone walking around naked and I pointed at him.

Perhaps they aren't even embarrassed or ashamed but if they are, then they have to take consequences for their actions. It's not my business to protect their interest and honestly... I don't want it because they don't deserve it. Furthermore, I 100% believe that this is NOT the first time these men have left such comments on women who never did anything to them.

Sure my words have a lot of impact. But get this: I would NEVER have written anything about them if they didn't bully me or my friends first. Others may allow themselves to be trampled all over but NOT ME. They picked the wrong person to mess with.


Aaron is born 1980 and an avid fan of Man U. He is working with HSR International Realtors as a real estate agent! SINGLE TOO WHAT YOU WAITING FOR? Want him to help you find a house? Contact him here!

Aaron, Aaron... I've always wondered if people who call me fugly are bloody good looking themselves.

Moreover you even called both my gorgeous friends ugly, one of whom is the New Face winner.

So I thought you must look like Brad Pitt. But you look more like an armpit. You have severely disappointed me.

But thanks for confirming my theory that not only are the people who call me fugly not good looking themselves, they are mostly really ugly. This makes me feel a lot better.

As for the answer to your second question, I believe I speak for my friends when I say NO, OH HELL NO NOT IF YOU WERE THE LAST MAN ON EARTH.

Soon Chwee is another one of those guys who presumed that we were prostitutes because well, you know, PAP supporters all are prostitutes.

He is married with two cute kids. I wonder how he will feel like if in future men ask his daughter which part of geylang she works at?

In case you are wondering why he is so tan, he is a swimming instructor!

You DEFINITELY want a man like that teaching your daughter in a swimming pool.

His company Happy Swims is more than glad to accept your children in classes.

Thank you for calling me sexy and pretty *blush* I really hope I help your business in return!

Clement is also born 1980 like Aaron but he is married so stop clementring over him girls!!! HAHA ME SO PUNNY.

To be fair Clement's statement isn't that bad and neither is he calling me a prostitute. But it really irks me when stupid people call me dumb.

I'm ruining Singapore's future Clement?

And I suppose you think you are Singapore's best bet?

I'm sorry I misjudged you. You appear exceedingly smart, replying to your own facebook status. And I am so "dump" in contrast.

Isaac, born 1988, seems to be some sort of bodybuilder... He has so many ugly douchebaggy photos that I didn't know which one to pick.

He is also one of my favourites because he loves to use flowery language that seems to be beyond his linguistic ability so they all don't make any sense. I particularly love him saying PAP has an "excessively glorious nature" or that I am "elitist daft".

"Daft" seems to be his favourite word.

I imagine him constantly calling others stupid so one day he was like "UH IMMA FIND ANOTHER AWESOMER WORD FOR STUPID YO BRO WESTSIDE RESPECT" and he was like typing "tisauris" into google and google was like "It's 'thesaurus' you dumbass please do not breed".

He found a few good ones but "daft" is the easiest to spell so he learnt it by heart and used it happily ever after - as a verb, noun and adjective. How useful!!

I really wish to speak to him in real life and see if he talks like this!!

Jonathan is studying aerospace technology at Ngee Ann Poly. He loves manga!

STOPPIT stop saying I am attention seeking you fucking assholes!! I DID NOT POST THOSE PICTURES THERE!! THEY WERE TAKEN A YEAR AGO!! Usually I'm attention seeking yes very much so but in this situation what did I do wtf... Photos were not even from my blog but from Qiu's!!

Ok I shall calm down...

Dear Jonathan, how did you know I am desperately trying to improve my inner beauty?

I'd like to heed your suggestion of "eating makeup powder" but a few questions...

1) Do you have any suggestions of dosage? Is it before or after food? More effective in the mornings or night? Should I have it as a meal or a supplement?

2) What brand should I eat? I think Anna Sui probably smells the nicest, like roses, but it's quite expensive. Also, please specify - pressed powder, loose powder, 2 way cakes, mousse or foundation sticks? You are being awfully vague. Does the colour of the foundation matter?

3) I notice that you are quite fat... Not in this photo but in your other photos. Is it because you also eat makeup powder? Because I just lost a lot of weight and I don't wish to go back to being fat. Also, you were being quite mean to me so I'm not quite sure if I should heed your advice as you do not appear to have much inner beauty yourself.

Please advise.

Simon likes Law and Order SVU and Desperate Housewives.

Hey Simon, are those ladies surrounding you also geylang chickens? Is your mother a geylang chicken? See, it isn't nice to assume. :)

But I don't doubt with your looks you are familiar with that profession. My only consolation is that you probably won't breed.

Tom got married to his wife in 1984, the year I was born. He has a son and daughter who can't be that far away from my age. And yet here he is, soliciting my friends and me online so openly... Just to be extra safe he wants to make sure we are over 18.

He looks like such a decent dad figure. And yet... Disgusting.

Stephan is born in 1976 and is married with kid/s without kids.

I'd like to thank his wife for uploading that hilarious photo of him... It is nice that he shaves his armpits. I also recommend stretch mark creams.

OK last one is my favourite!!

Here's a picture of Hong Xing with what appears to be his kid and wife.

He seems to have a slight obsession over prostitution and sex... I think he needs to see a psychiatrist. Whole day talking about "damage" and saying only the insiders will know... Yeah lah you super geylang expert nobody knows it better than you do, ok?

It appears he knows that I'm a blogger... I suppose he also knows I'm married, dating the same guy for 7 years, and do not have a history of posting slutty photos... Yet he still believes that I'm prostituting for money because "nobody reads her blog liao".

Oh no no no... You are wrong Hong Xing... A LOT of people read my blog. How many? You will find out soon enough. ;)

It's ironic isn't it? That you claim nobody reads my blog anymore but now people are reading it... And it's all thanks to you and your Geylang-expert friends that I even have fodder! In a sense you prevented me from a life of selling my body and I thank you for that.


Of course, not all the comments written about Qiu, Sophie and me on those posts are nasty. Some rare ones were in our defence. Thank you.

And for the rest of you who disliked me but yet...

"You really think I'm pretty?"


Anonymous said…
Same thing just happend to me sorta, a guy was calling a girls forhead big
so rude.
Hilarious!! I greatly enjoyed this blog. :)
Anonymous said…
Im not a Singaporean but i think all the fuss is bcoz they're afraid, considering u hv great influence, perhaps on the votes coz of u have huge number followers on ur blog. Im new here and i love reading ur blog btw. XD
Anonymous said…
hahaha, that's awesome! Those people deserved to be punched right in their throats. Epic blogpost is epic! :D
Anonymous said…
Wow! Just finished reading this post. These guys are so full of hate. I can't believe some of them wrote such means comments degrading women when they have daughters of their own. No ill will on their family. However, I hope karma will bite them one day. Whatever they spilled out they will take back 10 times.
Anonymous said…
HOnestly I think this could of ben handeled differently. Surely it was fair that they got what they deserved, but post their pictures can have consequenses legally. You could of blurred out names anc pictures and just responded to their posts.

Other than that I love your blog and you are a great inspiration. Beauty doesnt instantly mean you have a bad personality! :D! keep up the good work xiaxue!
Anonymous said…
nice. right back at them . love this.
Anonymous said…
LOL! i almost choked myself when i saw Aaron's photo! guys please take a look at yourselves in the mirror before saying nasty stuff. your manner is as miserable as your face! ugly inside and out they say!
bravo xiaxue!!!
Gabrielle Ang said…
You're awesome, girl.
Gabrielle Ang said…
Ugly men. I'm happy you did something about it. Anyway, the blonde hair's nice.
Lene said…
Ew. What an ugly misogynistic piece of shit he is! I'm sorry you are being harassed by such nasty people. I think it is hilarious that when the same tactics that they use against you happen to them, they cry BAAAAAAAAAAAAW!!! XD I doubt even hookers would want to hook up with them.
Anonymous said…
Awesome...everyone should knwo the world is round,wat u do to others it will get back to u...hhahhahaha nice one Xia Xue. its either do smart things or dun do it at all...stupid or wat sia!
Annie said…
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Oh good god, I almost barfed looking at the pic of the pregnant guy LOL TOTALLY EFFECTIVE BURNNNNN.
Anonymous said…
you are hilarious girl :)
Unknown said…
I think you really are a strong and honest person. I really enjoy reading your blog. By the way I totally love your pink hair Xia xue :)
Anonymous said…
WOW. You seriously kicked asses! <3
Anonymous said…
This has got to be a regular thing, you can call it the Cyber Bullying Response Initiative. Or something.
Alexa said…
You're so cool!!! Hopefully those nasty ppl didn't ruin your day! :)
Anonymous said…
I rarely bother leaving comments on blogs and would have never thought among the few, it would be on (Sorry, not a fan of profanities laden speeches).

However, GOOD JOB for this AWESOME post. Putting up the faces of people beside their nasty comments and giving a brief summary on their backgrounds is definitely a good way (IMO) to remind that people (in general) need to be mindful of the things they say and do to others.

This instant karma/ bitchslap that you delivered might hopefully serve as a reminder to do unto others as you would have others do unto you. So if they don't like others to do that to them, then they shouldn't be doing it to you or anyone!
Anonymous said…
This post is very cool! I loved your response to them!
I'm from Brazil (yes! You have readers here too!)
Anonymous said…
Its "Bengali" not "bangala" I am a bengali and I used to really like your blog but now I don't I agree that some of the workers are really pedo-ish and illiterate but not all of them are like that so don't say that u hate "bangalas" u racist fuck. I got really hurt by that comment.
PS if you're referring to them it "Bangladeshi" because they are from Bangladesh and not India. I am from India. I actually liked u a lot. now i dont.
Justine said…
@ Anonymous from 5:26 PM, August 26, 2012:
There is no set of rules for the Internet. Posting photos that were displayed publicly is not illegal. If the owner didn't want people to see his photos, then he should have made them private. It's his fault the photos were put on Xiaxue's site, not hers.

You go, Xiaxue! Tell those assholes what they deserve! They're just lowlife douches who can't be happy in life, so they have to make others miserable too. Put them in their place!
Anonymous said…
I read this post after watching the "On The Edge" episode on Cyberbullying.

Was appalled by what the men posted. Many of them have already shut down their facebook accounts. Am glad that you gave them a taste of their own medicine. I hope they learn their lesson and not post comments that they do not have the guts to stand by. I hope their children will learn from their dads' mistakes and not repeat them.

Hearty congratulations on your pregnancy, Xiaxue! You have a blog with very lovely design details :-)

Take care!
Anonymous said…
I'm not from Singapore and I am not familiar with Singaporean politics but can certainly write what you feel and you are funny while doing it!! I don't know the repercussions of this post but I am assuming it made these guys' lives a living hell. Makes it even funnier. They deserve what they got. Lol.
cLr said…
OMG I love the part about the makeup powder. These people have got to be ridiculously ignorant. Or they are "dafts" as one of them said. Just because they don't agree with your political views they think they have the rights to call you names and try to tarnish your character by saying you are a prostitute. They must have no life.
Anonymous said…
oh , the haters are #%#%%$&%^*@#@%#
Anonymous said…
Fantastic post but I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic?
I'd be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Thanks!
Also visit my blog panic attack
Anonymous said…
While it is right that you should fight back, I think you are really fucking with the little kids. If your site is still up in 10 years those kids will get bullied in school for being associated with such nasty words (prostitute etc). It's not their fault they have douchebag fathers.

Spare a thought for those kids. There is already too much bullying going on, and this will just add to their cyberbullying in future.
Jon said…
Hi Xiaxue!

I've never read your blog before, and always assumed that it was what I heard it was - a waste of time, bimbotic ramblings, etc etc, but nothing could have been further from the truth. After reading some of your posts it was obvious that they were not written by a mere ah lian. Insightful and logical, (and with a greater grasp of the english language than 90% of the internet!) is how I would describe you and your posts.

And and and... I don't really know where I'm going with this post, but I just wanted to let you know that I admire your courage and I admire you. I think there isn't much left on the internet that is positive and I wanted to give you some encouragement! Because all this hate will wear you down sooner or later, but don't give up! Always know that even if all your readers turn against you, you've still got momo, mike and the not so important, me! Also, I think you look great, and I was slightly heartbroken when I found out you were married. And I'm not writing this to get in your pants. I am not trying to praise you in order to have some slight chance at having sex with you. I just wanted to let you know you're fantastic and you made my day - this was also partially motivated by your readers are mainly just "likers", not "commentors" (thousands of likes and only 27 comments? show the girl some love, even if its just to tell her you like the pink hair or the background picture).

Anonymous said…
I clicked on link to "Jonathan Ironaddict Lui" and saw he is in a group called "If she puts you in the friend zone, you put her in the RAPE zone!"

What the fuck people?!?
Anonymous said…
Aaron Heng chased father with a chopper. Later pleaded insane and got off scott-free. Dig his dirt!

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