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Best Photo-Editing iPhone Apps

This is a blog entry that a lot of people have requested from me!! I've already done at part 1 here , but yet with every photo I post people keep asking what apps I used to edit them. And to be honest newer and better apps have popped up so I've changed all my favourites!! As I mentioned in my previous entry about photo editing on the iPhone, I am a photography app junkie. I actually enjoy shopping for apps and I don't mind paying money for them at all. 99c is such a reasonable amount to pay compared to the thousands needed for photoshop, think about it. I support programs that are made affordable to the mass market, so I pay! It's a principle! If they make programs reasonably priced, people will pay instead of pirating . Also, I actually regularly go into the "newly released" section in the photography category just to try out new apps. Isn't that crazy? I actually wasted quite a lot of money buying and testing out shitty apps. :X But it is all wo

100 Years of Nestle

Advertorial Would you believe it? 2012 marks the 100th year that Nestle has been in Singapore!! A hundred years is an extremely long time, and I don't even know how Singapore looked like 100 years ago! But all I know is that throughout my entire childhood till now when I'm in my late twenties, I've been eating, drinking and loving Nestle products... They have shaped my life!! Although this is an advertorial I was asked to share my memories and nostalgia with Nestle, so bear with me because there are so many and I really want to share them all before I forget about them!! Tadah! I had loads of fun today shopping at the supermarket for my favourite Nestle products!!! Let's start with MILO!!! OH HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!! Did you guys know that Milo is not originated from Malaysia or Singapore where it is extremely popular but from Australia? However, there is a Milo factory in Singapore that is the largest protomalt factory in the world!! It isn't as popular o