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Wake up to beautiful lashes

Advertorial Do I look weird here or what?  It is because I am missing something... Figured it out yet? It's LASHES! I simply cannot do without them! There are many ways to get gorgeous, prominent lashes... Mascaras, falsies, extensions, perming, and even implants! Us girls will do just about anything to get our peepers to look brighter and bigger. ;) So today I will be talking more about eyelash extensions !! As the older readers probably know, I am a big fan of lash extensions and I have been doing them with the same beauty salon since 2005. I'm such a loyal customer!! This salon is Carragheen ! A little back story... Back in 2005 it was very uncommon for people to stick on falsies. If you do it people will think you are mad and have on way too much makeup. Falsies were mostly only used during photoshoots! Everyone used mascaras, but I always found mascara to be very time-consuming to put on... Not to mention the end result is highly dependent on

Sapporo and Otaru with Grand Park Hotel, Part 4

OMG I am so freaking tardy with my blog posts!!! I edited all these pictures a while back but didn't have the time (or diligence) to blog them out until now. Anyway, if you have been reading my blog you will know that a freaking year ago a while back Park Hotel very kindly flew Cheesie and me to both Hongkong and Otaru so we can stay at Park Hotels around the world! I already blogged 4 posts about this!! Post 1 Post 2 Post 3 Post 4 So this is the fifth!! The 3rd day we were in Otaru Cheesie suggested we take a train to Sapporo because it is actually very close to Otaru, so off we go! (Some photos courtesy of Cheesie ) Here's our attire of the day!! Cheesie has gone entirely into mode fashion (it's like black and edgy) now... She isn't into pastel florally stuff anymore and I'm so super sad about it. I kept wishing she will return to the shore but I accept now that she is gone, just like my fats. Fats, I almost died editing you out of all these pict