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Quirky Kwerkee

One new post below this advert! :) Advertorial Look what came in the mail!! I'm gonna open my first box of KWERKEE !! You are probably wondering what Kwerkee is... Well, everyone knows Reebonz right? I did two adverts for them before, HERE and HERE ... Reebonz sells designer bags at very competitive prices and I know loads of girls LOVE them!! And now there is Kwerkee by Reebonz! If designer bags are not your cup of tea, how about out-of-this-world, unique, and yes, quirky lifestyle items? Just like Reebonz, Kwerkee is not like any usual online store. They hold extraordinarily discounted sales of up to 70% off for 2 or 3 days and you have to sign up with their website to get notified so you can participate! Ok let's open my Kwerkee box because I cannot wait to see what is inside!! Even Igloo is having fits of excitement!! The items are so cute!!! Let's take them out one by one... ♥ Hello Kitty mimobot ♥ 4gb thumbdrive!! I love h

Xiaxue the Cover Girl

Some of you may have already seen the following pictures because I've been asked to be on the cover of Lifestyle magazine for the National day issue!! And Lifestyle is actually the largest circulating magazine in Singapore!! *claws face* Don't know what I did to get so lucky. Actually when I was asked, I didn't even believe it was true until I went for the shoot and like a billion people fussed over me. Scratch that. Until the magazine ACTUALLY GOT PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTED I didn't believe it was true. I kept thinking someone will object to so controversial a figure on the cover... But there you go!! It's become fact now! ME!!! OK before I post scanned versions of the rest of interview + photoshoot pictures, I'd like to blog a bit more! Tolerate this please!! Or skip it if you are a rebel, I know I have no power over what you want to read. I WANT TO THANK PEOPLE!!! Tommy Wee , Handsome editor extraordinaire: Thank you for the chance, the choice, a

Sexy Look Noir

Advertorial This is my fourth advertorial for Sexy Look and Love More!! So far I can say that all my readers love their products because all I've heard are good feedback about these two brands! Personally I love using their masks! Having good skin is hard work, must remind myself to mask more! In case you haven't seen my previous adverts, Sexy Look and Love More are famous for their awesome masks!! Their products are wildly popular in Taiwan! So I've been sent a few more of their new masks the star of today's advert is the... ♥ Sexy Look Intensive Care Black Cotton Mask ♥ What's so special about these masks? Perhaps you already guessed from the picture? THEY ARE BLACK!! Unlike most black masks in the market which are colour-dyed, the Sexy Look Black Cotton Mask uses advanced technology to infuse activated carbon into the pure pulp cotton. The result? A thorough cleansing of your clogged pores with powerful absorbing ability! All your excess s